Library Guide for History 4653 (Africa in the Modern World)

The NSU John Vaughan Library provides access to many books and databases which may be useful for researching topics related to the modern history of Africa. This includes both primary and secondary material, as well as professional and scholarly resources.

To learn what the library has in terms of paper and electronic books, please consult the online library catalog. In addition, WorldCat can be useful for identifying books not owned by the NSU library system. WorldCat is best described as an international library catalog (see sample database search screen below).


Most books found on WorldCat can be obtained free of charge from other libraries.  To request a book from another library, please go to the Interlibrary Loan Department web page.

The NSU Library web site provides access to a variety of indexes and full text article databases.  Two useful full text journal article databases for the modern African political leader assignment are ABI/Inform and Academic Search Premier. ABI/Inform and Academic Search Premier index a mixture of scholarly and popular publications, including journals and magazines. In addition, the Library web site provides access to a variety of fulltext newspapers, including NewsBank, ProQuest News and Newspapers, and Newspaper Source Plus.

Below is a list of books in the reference collection that cover African history, politics, cultures, peoples, etc.:

  • Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience (Ref. DT 14 .A3474356)
  • Almanac of African Peoples & Nations (Ref. DT 15 .Y35)
  • Atlas of Africa (Ref. Atlas Case G 2445 .F72)
  • Countries and Their Cultures (Ref. GN 307 .C68)
  • The Cultural Atlas of the World: Africa (Ref. DT 20 .A46)
  • Dictionary of African Historical Biography (Ref. DT 352.6 .L56)
  • Dictionary of Black African Civilization (Ref. DT 352.4 .D5213)
  • Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara (Ref. DT 351 .E53)
  • Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology (Ref. GN 307 .E52)
  • Encyclopedia of the Peoples of the World (Ref. GN 495.4 .E53)
  • Encyclopedia of World Cultures (Ref. GN 307 .E53)
  • Europa World Year Book (Ref. JN 1 .E85)
  • Historical Dictionary of Civil Wars in Africa (Ref. DT 21.5 .A76)
  • The Traveler's Africa: A Guide to the Entire Continent (Ref. DT 2 .A45)
  • Understanding Global Cultures (Ref. GN 345.7 .G36)
  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (Ref. GN 333 .W67)

  • Below is a list of books in the reference collection that provide biographical information on some of the assignment's political leaders:

  • Chambers Biographical Dictionary (Ref. CT 103 .C4)
  • Dictionary of African Historical Biography (Ref. DT 352.6 .L56)
  • International Who's Who (Ref. CT 120 .I5)
  • Political Leaders of Contemporary Africa South of the Sahara: A Biographical Dictionary (Ref. DT 352.8 .P63)
  • Who's Who in International Affairs (Ref. JX 1995 .W489)
  • Who's Who in South African Politics (Ref. DT 779.954 .G37)
  • Who's Who in the World (Ref. CT 120 .W5)

  • Finally, Biography & Genealogy Master Index is a comprehensive index of biographical resources.

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