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Guide for Finding Author Biographies

This library guide will cover the topic of searching for author biographies, with an emphasis on historians. While both online and print resources will be discussed, it should be emphasized that some author biographies will be found primarily in print material.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index (link is below)

Gale's Biography and Genealogy Master Index is a primary online tool for identifying sources of biographies, including famous persons, literary authors, historians, and others.

Several approaches can be taken when using the online version of Biography and Genealogy Master Index. A simple and effective approach is to use the default basic search screen, as seen below:

Basic Search screen for  the Biography and Genealogy Master IndexThe Biography and Genealogy Master Index provides citations only. These citations point to where the biographies can be found. The NSU Library owns many of the print resources listed in the Index. Most of the print biographical resources owned by the NSU Library are found in the reference collection, but some may be found in the circulating collection. The NSU Library catalog can be consulted to find out if the NSU Library owns an item which is cited in Gale's Index. If the Library does not own a particular item, a request for a free copy of the biography being sought can be placed with the Interlibrary Loan Department (see the link below).

Below (left) is an example of a search entry in the Biography and Genealogy Master Index online, using the famous Civil War historian Bruce Catton as the subject of the search. As can be seen below, if a searcher is not certain how the name may be indexed in the database, the name can be entered into the search box with the "Name contains" option selected. However, for this illustration let's assume that the commonly used, full name is known. Select the bullet next to the search box labeled "Start of Last Name" and type catton bruce. Since the "Start of Last Name" selection has been made, the author's last name should be entered first. Also, since the database will accept the entry with or without capitalization, the name is entered in all lower case. Next, click "search."  Basic Search for "Bruce Catton"Result screen for the "Bruce Catton" search.


On the right here is the result of the search on Bruce Catton. Probably all of the selections except William Bruce Catton (1926- ) will lead to biographical citations dealing with this famous Civil War historian.


To illustrate what the citations will look like, let's choose the largest set of 39 entries. Below is a partial listing of the set of 39 biographical citations. As can be seen below, the listed items are citations only, and contain no full text. However, as is many times the case, the NSU Library owns all of the publications shown in the below partial list.

Partial bibliographic listing of the Bruce Catton search resultBiographical Resources

While hundreds of resources are covered by the Biography and Genealogy Master Index, this database does not cover all possible biographical resources. Additional primary indexes include:

Biography Index (Ref. Index CT 220 .B5)
Current Biography and Current Biography Yearbook (Ref. CT 100 .C8)
Directory of American Scholars (Ref. LA 2311 .C32)
Literature Resource Center database
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Ref. DA 28 .O95) 60 volumes + Supplements
Who Was Who (Ref. DA 28 .W65) - Primarily covers the U.K.
Who's Who (Ref. DA 28 .W6) - Primarily covers the U.K.
Who's Who in America (Ref. E 663 .W56)
Who's Who of American Women (Ref. CT 3260 .W5)

Suggestions for Locating the Biographies of "Difficult to Find" Authors and Historians

Finding biographical information on some authors and historians can be very challenging, especially if they are new authors or have published very little. However, below are suggested resources which may help find some biographical information about these types of authors.

Search WorldCat (link is below) in an attempt to determine something more about their field of study, by identifying any additional books which they may have published.Search America: History & Life  (link is below) and Historical Abstracts (link is below) in an attempt to learn more about their research interests, by searching for any journal articles that they may have published on North American history.
Search their name in an internet search engine, in an effort to learn where they may be teaching, or where they may have taught in the past. Also, sometimes living authors and historians own personal web pages where they list information about themselves, and sometimes the higher education institution where they teach will provide information about an author on the institution's web site.
Finally, visit with a librarian. Many times a librarian can help locate difficult to find author information.

Contact the Subject Librarian for the Department of History: SophiaBeverley Threatt (