Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Resources

Web Resources

Current Supreme Court Justices
Find A Case (Federal and state case law. Coverage from 1900 for the U.S. Supreme Court, 1930 for the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals, and 1950 for the Federal District Courts)
FindLaw: Cases and Codes (Thomson Reuters)
Guide to Law Online: Oklahoma (The Library of Congress)
Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties (Kappler)
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (University at Albany, Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center)
National Center for State Courts
Thomas (The Library of Congress)
U.S. Code (Cornell University Law School)
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
VineLink (National Victim Notification Network)

Professional Organizations

ABA Committee on Paralegals
American Association for Paralegal Education
American Bar Association
National Association of Legal Assistants
National Federation of Paralegal Associations

Print Material in the NSU Tahlequah Campus Library

    Black's Law Dictionary (Ref. KF 156 .B53) Standard single volume law dictionary.
    Corpus Juris Secundum: A Complete Restatement of the Entire American Law as Developed by All Reported Cases (Ref. KF 105 .C648)
    Historic U.S. Court Cases (Ref. KF 385 .A4J64)
    Oklahoma Decisions (Ref. KFO 1247 .O4) "Cases decided in the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Appeals, and Court on the Judiciary."
    Oklahoma Law Finder: Your Coordinated Research Guide to Oklahoma, Federal and General West Publications (Ref. KFO 1261 .W47)
    Oklahoma Session Law Service (Ref. KFO 1231 .O474)
    Oklahoma Session Laws (Ref. KFO 1220 .O38) "Official publication of the Laws and Resolutions enacted and approved" by the Legislature. Includes changes and corrections.
    Oklahoma Statutes (Ref. KFO 1230 .A22) State statutes non-annotated.
    Oklahoma Statutes Annotated (Ref. KFO 1230 .A2) State statutes annotated. Includes General Subject and Popular Name Index.
    Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History (Ref. K 50 .O96)
    United States Code Annotated (Ref. KF 62 .A3) U.S. statutes annotated. Includes General Subject and Popular Name Index.
    United States Reports (Ref. KF 101 .A15) U.S. Supreme Court cases.
    United States Statutes at Large (Ref. KF 50 .U5) U.S. statutes non-annotated.
    Vernon's Oklahoma Forms 2nd ed. (Ref. KFO 1268 .V47)
    Words and Phrases (Ref. KF 156 .W6712) Definitions of words and phrases used by state and federal courts.

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