Library Guide for POLS 4213 - Political Parties (Presidential Politics Assignment)

The NSU John Vaughan Library provides access to many books and several databases which can be useful for the presidential politics assignment.  The most efficient approach for discovering what the library has in terms of paper and electronic books is to consult the NSU Library catalog. There are a number of approaches that can be taken when searching for books in the catalog that deal with presidential campaigns and elections, and one of the best is to select "subject" as the search category. Once "subject" has been selected, enter a valid subject heading to complete the search.  This could include any of the following word subjects, which would be entered into the subject search box:

  • Presidents United States election
  • Political oratory
  • Primaries United States
  • Voting research United States
  • Presidential candidates United States
  • Elections United States

For example:


Searching by keyword can also be useful as a supplement to subject word searching.  When searching multiple keywords it may be best to use the "Advanced Keyword" mode. For example, if you are interested in finding books on the 2000 presidential election, enter president (or presidential), election, and 2000 in separate search boxes on the "Advanced Keyword Search" screen.


If you are interested in finding books on a particular candidate or president, say President Clinton, one approach would be to select subject as the search category and enter either Clinton Bill or Clinton William as the search term.  When searching personal names as a subject in the catalog, always enter the last name first in the search box.  Actually, if you were to run a search on Clinton William the catalog would refer to, and link to, books cataloged under Clinton, Bill

Regardless of which topic you enter into the catalog, it is possible that paper book and/or e-book citations will be retrieved.  If you have not found the desired book material in the library catalog, please feel free to contact either the Political Science resource coordinator (see below) or the Library reference desk (ext. 3240).  Additionally, for books not owned by the NSU Library you may wish to search WorldCat, which is best described as an international library catalog.


WorldCat can help identify books owned by other libraries which can be borrowed for you, free of charge.  To learn about interlibrary loan services, stop by the reference or circulation desks in the Library, or take a look at the Interlibrary Loan Department web page.

The NSU Library web site provides access to a variety of online databases which can be used to find periodical literature.  Some of the most useful periodical indexes for this topic include America: History & Life, OmniFile Full Text Mega, Academic Search Premier, and Newsbank.

America: History & Life can be particularly useful for finding scholarly U.S. history journal articles on presidential primaries, elections, party platforms, and candidates throughout American history.  However, when using America: History & Life it is important to know that this is not a full text database.  Some of the articles indexed by America: History & Life will be found in the periodical collection on the second floor of the library, or interlibrary loan services may be needed to obtain the material. Social Sciences Full Text will also be useful for finding scholarly articles on U.S. elections and presidential politics.  On the other hand, Academic Search Premier and Newsbank probably will be most useful for finding magazine and newspaper literature on more recent candidates, party politics, and elections.  Many of the articles found on these last three databases will be provided in full text format, although some search results may still require the use of interlibrary loan or second floor library material.  If a search of these or other library databases does not find the needed articles, contact either the Political Science resource coordinator or the library reference desk for assistance.  There is a great deal of information available on any presidential campaign, and a librarian can help identify the needed resources.  Also, remember that the Library can borrow material from other libraries if a needed full text item is not found in the Library or on a database.

Finally, the Library can help find needed audio-visual material to support a presentation.  For example, the Library collection includes some videos, on VHS or DVD, which may be useful..  Also, the Government Publications office on the third floor of the Library (L309) can provide a variety of election maps, posters, etc., which may be useful.

Below is a list of reference books which should be useful for this assignment:

Almanac of American Presidents, From 1789 to the Present (Ref. E 176.1 .A626)
America at the Polls: A Handbook of American Presidential Election Statistics, 1920-1964 (Ref. JK 524 .G6)
America Votes: A Handbook of Contemporary American Election Statistics (25 vols.) (Ref. JK 1967 .A8)
American Political Parties: A Selective Guide to Parties and Movements of the 20th Century (Ref. JK 2261 .W88)
The American Presidency in Political Cartoons: 1776-1976
(Ref. E 176.1 .A656) May be useful as source of A/V material.
The Book of Presidents (Ref. E 176.1 .T226)
Campaign '76: A Reference of Official Vote Returns (Ref. JK 1968 1976 .M54)
The Disputed Presidential Election 2000: A History and Reference Guide (Ref. JK 526 2003)
Encyclopedia of the American Presidency (4 vols.) (Ref. JK 511 .E53)
Encyclopedia of Third Parties in the United States (Ref. JK 2261 .K78)
Facts About the Presidents: A Compilation of Biographical and Historical Information (Ref. E 176.1 .K3)
A Guide to Political Platforms (Ref. JK 2261 .C48)
Guide to the Presidency (2 vols.) (Ref. JK 516 .C57)
History of U.S. Political Parties (4 vols.) (Ref. JK 2261 .S35)
National Party Conventions, 1831-2000 (Ref. JK 2255 .N373)
National Party Platforms, 1840-1976 (2 vols.) (Ref. JK 2255 .J64)
The People Speak: American Elections in Focus (Ref. JK 1967 .P39)
Political Parties & Elections in the United States: An Encyclopedia (2 vols.) (Ref. JK 2261 .P633)
Political Parties in America (Ref. JK 2261 .P636)
The Presidency A to Z (Ref. JK 511 .P775)
Presidential Elections Since 1789 (Ref. JK 524 .C65)
Presidential Also-Rans and Running Mates, 1788 through 1996 ((Ref. E 175.1 .S695)
The Presidents: A Reference History (Ref. E 176.1 .P918)
The Presidents, First Ladies, and Vice Presidents: White House Biographies, 1789-1989 (Ref. E 176.1 .D55)
The Presidents of the United States, and Their Administrations from Washington to Nixon (Ref. E 176.1 .A75)
A Statistical History of the American Electorate (Ref. JK 1967 .R87)
A Statistical History of the American Presidential Elections (Ref. JK 1967 .P4)
U.S. Presidential Candidates and the Elections: A Biographical and Historical Guide (2 vols.) (Ref. JK 528 .H38)
The Vice Presidents: A Biographical Dictionary (Ref. E 176.49 .V52)
The Vice-Presidents and Cabinet Members: Biographies Arranged Chronologically by Administration (2 vols.) (Ref. E 176 .V48)
The Vice Presidents: Biographies of the 45 Men Who Have Held the Second Highest Office in the United States (Ref. E 176.49 .W34)
World Book Election 2000 (Ref. JK 526 2000b)

Below is a list of documents available in the Government Publications Department (third floor of the Library). These items were selected by the NSU Government Publications Librarian, as possible resources for this class. Samantha Clifford (918.444.3246), Government Publications Librarian, would be glad to help identify additional government resources on presidential elections.

Presidential Elections, 1789-1984 (I 19.111:US 5627)
Presidential Elections, 1789-2000 (I 19.111/A:998/P 92)
Presidential Election of 1988 (I 19.111/a:38077-BP-NA-07 M-00)
Presidential Elections, 1972-1984 (I 19.111/a:38077-BH-NA-63 M-00)

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