Searching for Articles in the Historical New York Times Database

This tutorial will discuss ProQuest's Historical New York Times database, which is a subset of the ProQuest News and Newspapers database. The tutorial will describe the historical database, cover basic search tips, and conclude by commenting on the availability of the New York Times in the John Vaughan Library collection.


  • On the NSU Library web site the Historical New York Times is part of a set of ProQuest databases, which includes ABI/Inform and the New York Times .
  • The Historical New York Times database provides full text coverage of the newspaper from 1851-2007.
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers differs from the New York Times database, in that the Historical Newspapers subset covers the time period of 1851-2007 and the New York Times provides coverage of more recent articles.

Selecting the Database

There is more than one possible approach to beginning a search on the Historical New York Times database. The most direct route is to point your browser to the Historical New York Times.

You may also select ProQuest News and Newspapers, which is a gateway to both historical and more recent New York Times articles. If you select this option and then want to search the "Historical New York Times," change the selection to that option toward the bottom of the screen.

Searching the Database

There are numerous search options on the advanced search screen, all of which are available by making a selection from the drop-down menu to the right of each search box. One of the most effective approaches to narrowing the search results is to change the drop-down menu opton to abstract, followed by entering a keyword that you are searching in the appropriate box. If your subject is comprised of a phrase, such as Abraham Lincoln, enter the phrase in quotation marks ("Abraham Lincoln") to further focus the search results. The search can be further narrowed by entering one or more additional keywords in the remaining search boxes. Limiting your search by date with the use of the "Date Range" option can also narrow the search results. In addition, keywords and phrases can be combined using the three traditional boolean operators (and, or, not), which are options found to the left of the search boxes.

New York Times on Microfilm in the John Vaughan Library

The New York Times is also available in full text as it originally appeared when printed in the newspaper, on the second floor of the Tahlequah campus Library. If you want to see what the original newspaper looked like at the time it was published, take a look at the New York Times on microfilm. Copies of microfilmed pages can be made free of charge on second floor microfilm machines.

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