History 3823 (History of the Far East)

Online Resources

Academic Search Premier
To see all the search options, change the search screen to "Advanced Search." This database provides access to scholarly journal articles, although not all of the articles are scholarly. Academic Search Premier can also be used to find statements or speeches from some Asian political leaders. For example, to find a speech try entering the name of the person in one search box and the word "speech" in another search box. Articles published by some leaders can also be found in Academic Search Premier, such as by Ali Bhutto Zulfikar. Academic Search Premier also indexes Vital Speeches of the Day, which can be a source of primary source material for individuals such as Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. This database includes many scholarly journals and some primary sources.

Biography & Genealogy Master Index
Retrieves citations of biographical resources, such as for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. This is not a full text database.

Historical Abstracts with Full Text
History of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present, including indexing of historical articles from more than 1,800 journals back to 1955. Full text coverage of more than 349 journals and more than 120 books. Historical Abstracts can be useful for finding primary source material from some Asian political leaders (Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, for example). This database is a source of scholarly journals and some primary sources.

Literature Resource Center
Useful for retrieving biographical snapshots. For example, after logging onto the database select "Person Search," enter "bhutto" to search for biographical information on Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan, click on the name on the next screen, and then select the "Biographies" tab.

This database can be used to find full-text news sources talking about an individual.

Searching for an Article in Full-Text on Different Database

E-Journals by Title can be useful for finding many full text journal articles, if the online resource that you are using provides the citation without the full text.

Books Available through Interlibrary Loan or at the NSU Library

WorldCat can be used to find books written by or about someone. For example, books written by Zhou Enlai can be found by typing enlai zhou in the author search box. To find books written about Zhou Enlai, select "Advanced Search" and type enlai zhou as a subject. In either case, the last name should be entered first, and capitalization is not necessary.

The NSU Library catalog can be used to find books in the Library collection. Unlike WorldCat, the person's first name then last name is typed into the search box using the NSU Library catalog when searching either as a subject or author. In addition to searching for books by, or about, an individual, the Library catalog can be used to find collections containing some primary source material.

If a needed book is not available at the NSU Library, it can be obtained free of charge through interlibrary loan. This also applies to any articles that the Library does not own in paper copy or online.

Selected Print Resources for Biographical Information

Encyclopedia of World Biography (Ref. Ref. CT 203 .E56)
Volume 17 is the name index to the entire set.

Who's Who in the World (Ref. CT 120 .W5)

The Library's first floor reference collection contains a number of regional biographical resources. For example, Political Leaders of Modern China: A Biographical Dictionary (Ref. DS 755.3 .P64), and Biographical Dictionary of Republican China (Ref. DS 778 .A1B5). Biographical resources for many other Asian countries can also be found in the reference collection close to these resources on China. In addition, publications covering various geographic regions of Asia will include information on some twentieth-century Asian political leaders. For example, Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia (Ref. DS 805 .J263) includes brief information on Eisako Sato.

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