Library Guide for POLS 4273 - Black Politics

The NSU Library provides access to many books, periodicals and databases that can be useful for researching topics associated with Black politics in America.

Books dealing with this topic may be found in the Library's reference collection (first floor), in the main collection (third floor), and as e-books through the library online catalog. The following call number areas are particularly useful if you are interested in browsing the main collection for paper books on this topic: E 185, JK 1924, and BL 2525. The most comprehensive approach for discovering what the library has in terms of paper and electronic books, however, is to consult the NSU Library catalog. One approach that can be taken when searching for books on this topic is to select subject as the search category on the online catalog. Next, enter a valid subject heading (or string of valid subject headings) in the search box. For example, the words african american politics are valid subject terms (see below).


Searching by keyword can also be useful.  For example, it seems likely that some relevant books will have the words black and politics in their titles. To best utilize this approach, click on the Advanced Keyword link found in the upper right hand side of the basic catalog search screen. Then, toggle the Any Field options to the left of the top two search boxes on the next (advanced) screen to read Title. Next, type the words black and politics in the two search boxes (see below).


If you are interested in finding books dealing with a particular politician, say Barbara Jordan, one approach would be to select subject as the search category and enter Jordan Barbara as the subject term.  When searching for personal names as the subject in the library catalog, always enter the last name first in the search box (see below). 


At the time that this tutorial was written, the library catalog would retrieve one book on Barbara Jordan when using the above search. When using the catalog to find books that deal with a specific biography or biographies in general, also try using the subject heading: African Americans-Biography.

The NSU Library web site provides access to a variety of online databases which can be used to find periodical literature.  Some of the most useful periodical indexes for this topic include America: History & Life, OmniFile Full Text Mega, Academic Search Premier, Newsbank, and Historical New York Times. Biography & Genealogy Master Index is also useful for identifying the citations of publications that provide biographical information.

Finally, the Special Collections Department on the second floor of the Library can help find resources on many topics related to Oklahoma politics and politicians. Also, below is a selected list of reference books which may be useful for this assignment.

African American Almanac (Ref. E 185.5 .N34)
African American Biographies (Ref. E 185.96 .H38)
African-American Century (Ref. E 185.96 .G38)
African American Lives (Ref. E 185.96 .A446)
Almanac of American Politics (Ref. JK 1012 .A44)
Black Elected Officials: A Statistical Summary, 1993-1997
(Ref. E 185.615 .B59)
Black Heroes (Ref. E 185.96 .B53)
Contemporary Black Biography (Ref. E 185.96 .C66)
Chronology of African American History (Ref. E 185 .H64)
Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights (Ref. E 185.61 .E54)
Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History (Ref. E 185 .E54)
Encyclopedia of Civil Rights in America (Ref. E 185.61 .E544)
Great African-American Women (Ref. E 185.96 .L95)
Notable Black American Women (Ref. E 185.96 .N68)
Who's Who Among Black Americans (Ref. E 185.96 .W52)
Who's Who in American Politics (Ref. E 176 .W6424)

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