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The following Websites are intended to assist teachers, school library media specialists, and others as they prepare observations of Oklahoma’s Centennial celebrations. This does not include all the many projects and activities from around the state. To learn more about these, go to the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department Website to order maps, brochures, etc.

Oklahoma’s Official Website ( )

Includes a section, “ Oklahoma’s Statewide Newsroom” ( that links to activities such as the Centennial Poster Contest. This site also links to various government agencies.

Watch this You Tube video , which includes Sandi Patti singing “Oklahoma Rising”. For the words to this song, link to

The Moore America lists who rode on the floats during the 2007 Rose Bowl Parade.

Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma

Join your fellow Oklahomans as we read the 2007 winner, Fire in Beulah, by Rilla Askew. She will be visiting libraries throughout the state. Check with your own public library about a possible visit.

Land Run Monument

If you plan a trip to Bricktown in the downtown Oklahoma City area, you should include a stop at this monument.

Oklahoma’s Centennial Postage Stamp

Visit the Website of artist Mike Larsen at

Our territorial capitol plans many activities including Constitutional Convention Exemplifications,
“A Dramatization of Oklahoma’s First Constitutional Convention” on April 14 th and Oct. 20 th at the Scottish Rite Temple.

Oklahoma Authors and Illustrators and Literary Events:

Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers

Oklahoma Center for the Book

Resources about Oklahoma Poets and Writers

Oklahoma Authors/Illustrators (opens in Microsoft Word document)

Oklahoma Reading Assoc.

Sequoyah Book Awards – Begun in 1959, this is one of the oldest children’s choice awards in the country.

Molly Griffis Oklahoma Authors List

Friends of Oklahoma Libraries (FOLIO) Literary Landmarks

Oklahoma Library Legends

Oklahoma Department of Libraries

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Oklahoma Authors/Illustrators

Books Written and/or Illustrated by Oklahomans

From Oklahoma State University’s Curriculum Library

Updated 3/30/06

Adams, Adrienne. Arion and the Dolphins: Based on an Ancient Greek Legend. 1978. j398.2 A547a

-----. The Baby House. 1955. jE Sim

-----. The Boy Jones. 1943. jF Gor

-----. Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella. 1963. j783 A211b

-----. Cabbage Moon. 1965. jE Wah

-----. The Easter Bunny that Overslept. 1987. jE Fri 1987

-----. Fairy Tales Told in Scotland. 1963. j398.21 H388sc

-----. Going Barefoot. 1960. j811 F533g

-----. The Great Valentine’s Day Balloon Race. 1980. jE Ada

-----. The Halloween Party. 1974. jE And

-----. Impunity Jane: The Story of a Pocket Doll. 1954. jF God

-----. Izzard. 1973. jE And

-----. Jorinda and Joringel. 1968. j398.21 G864I

-----. Mouse House. 1957. jF God

-----. Painting the Moon: A Folktale from Estonia. 1970. j398.2 W824p

-----. Poetry of Earth. 1972. j808.81 A211p

-----. Snow White and Rose Red. 1964. j398.21 S674

-----. Thumbelina. 1961. jF And

-----. The Twelve Dancing Princesses. 1966. j398.21 A211t

-----. Two Hundred Rabbits. 1968. jE And

-----. The Ugly Duckling. 1965. j398.2452 A544ua 1965

-----. The White Rat’s Tale. 1967. j398.21 S334w

-----. The Wounded Duck. 1979. jE Bar

Anderson, LaVere. Allan Pinkerton: First Private Eye. 1981. jF And

-----. Quanah Parker: Indian Warrior for Peace. 1970. j921 P242a

-----. Sitting Bull: Great Sioux Chief. 1970. j921 S623

Anderson, Peggy Perry. To the Tub. 1996. jE And

Ashabranner, Brent. Always to Remember: The Story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. 1988.

j959.70438 A819a

-----. An Ancient Heritage: The Arab-American Minority. 1991. j973 A819a

-----. Children of the Maya: A Guatemalan Indian Odyssey. 1986. j975.931 A819c

-----. Dark Harvest: Migrant Farmworkers in America. 1985. j331.5 A819d

-----. Chief Joseph, War Chief of the Nez Perce. 1962. j921 J83d

-----. The Choctaw Code. 1961. jF Dav

-----. Gavriel and Jemal: Two Boys of Jerusalem. 1984. j956.94 A819g

-----. Into a Strange Land: Unaccompanied Refugee Youth in America. 1987. j921 A819I

-----. Morning Star, Black Sun: The Northern Cheyenne Indians & America’s Energy Crisis. 1982.

j323.1197 A819m

-----. The New Americans: Changing Patterns in U.S. Immigration. 1983. j325.73 A819n

-----. People Who Make a Difference. 1989. j920 A819p

-----. To Live in Two Worlds: American Indian Youth Today. 1984. j301.4314 A819t

-----. The Vanishing Border: A Photographic Journey Along our Frontier with Mexico. 1987.

j979 A819v

Ata, Te. Baby Rattlesnake. 1989. j398.2 A862b

Beard, Darleen Bailey. The Flimflam Man . 1998. jF Bea

-----. Operation Clean Sweep. 2004. jF Bea

-----. Twister. 1999. jE Bea

Beebe, B. F. African Elephants. 1968. j599.6 B414a

-----. American Desert Animals. 1966. j591.5 B414a

-----. American Wild Horses. 1964. j636.1 B414a

-----. Animals South of the Border. 1968. j591.97 B414a

-----. Coyote, Come Home. 1963. jF Bee

Bickham, Jack M. All the Days Were Summer. 1981. jF Bic

Blue Eagle, Acee. Echogee, the Little Blue Deer. 1971. jE Blu

Constant, Alberta Wilson. Does Anybody Care About Lou Emma Miller? 1979. jF Con

-----. Miss Charity Comes to Stay. 1959. jF Con Historical Collection

-----. The Motoring Millers. 1969. jF Con Historical Collection

-----. Those Miller Girls. 1965. jF Con Historical Collection

-----. Willie and the Wildcat Well. 1962. jF Con Historical Collection

Corbin, William. A Dog Worth Stealing. 1987. jF McG

Doner, Kim. The Buffalo in the Mall. 1996. jE Gri

-----. Green Snake Ceremony. 1995. j299.7 W335g

-----. White Bead Ceremony. 1994. j299.7 W335w

Duvall, Deborah. The Opossum’s Tale. 2005. j398.245 D983o

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Poems of Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1965. j811 E53a

Fall, Thomas. Canalboat to Freedom. 1966. jF FaL

-----. Dandy’s Mountain. 1967. jF FaL

-----. Edge of Manhood. 1964. jF FaL

-----. Goat Boy of Brooklyn. 1968. jF FaL

-----. Jim Thorpe. 1970. j921 T518j

-----. My Bird is Romeo. 1964. jF FaL

-----. The Ordeal of Running Standing. 1970. jF FaL

-----. Wild Boy. 1965. jF FaL

French, Dorothy Kayser. The Mystery of the Old Oil Well. 1963. jF Fre

Gardner, Martin. Calculus Made Easy. 1998. j515 T476c 1998

-----. 536 Puzzles and Curious Problems. 1967. j510.7 D845f

-----. Martin Gardner's New Mathematical Diversions from Scientific American. 1966. j510 G218m

-----. Mathematical Puzzles. 1961. j510 G227m

-----. The Numerology of Dr. Matrix. 1967. j793.7 G227m

-----. Puzzling Questions about the Solar System. 1997. j523.2 G228s 1997

-----. Relativity for the Million. 1962. j530.1 G227r

-----. Science Puzzlers. 1960. j507.2 G277s

Gibson, Arrell Morgan. The Chickasaw. 1991. j970.1 H161c

-----. Harlow's Oklahoma History. T His O Har

-----. The History of Oklahoma. T His OK U of O wkbk

-----. Oklahoma : A History of Five Centuries. 1965. j976.6 G448o

-----. The Oklahoma Story. 1978. j976.6 G448

Gilbert, Barbara Snow. Broken Chords. 1998. jF Gil

-----. Stone Water. 1996. jF Gil

Gilbreath, Alice. The Great Barrier Reef: A Treasure in the Sea. 1991. j574.9943 G466g 1991

Giles, Janice Holt. Johnny Osage. 1960. jF Gil

-----. Savanna. 1961. jF Gil

Griffis, Molly Levite. The Buffalo in the Mall. 1996. jE Gri

Guthrie, Woody. Bound for Glory. 1968. j921 G984b

-----. This Land is Your Land. 1998. j782.42 G984t

Hamilton, Carol. The Dawn Seekers. 1987. jF Ham

Harris, Marilyn. The Conjurers. 1974. jF Har

-----. The Runaway’s Diary. 1971. jF Har

Heck, Bessie Holland. Cactus Kevin. 1965. jF Hec Historical Collection

-----. The Hopeful Years. 1964. jF Hec Historical Collection

-----. Millie. 1961. jF Hec Historical Collection

-----. The Year at Boggy. 1966. jF Hec Historical Collection

Hendrick, Mary Jean. If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo. 1993. jE Hen

Hill, Weldon. Lonesome Traveler. 1970. jF HiL Historical Collection

-----. Rafe. 1966. jF Hil

Hillerman, Tony. The Boy Who Made Dragonfly: A Zuni Myth. 1972. j398.2 H652b

Hinton, S. E. The Outsiders. 1995. jF Hin 1995

-----. Rumble Fish. 1989. jF Hin 1989

-----. Taming the Star Runner. 1989. jF Hin 1989

-----. Tex. 1989. jF Hin 1989

-----. That Was Then, This is Now. 1971. jF Hin

Hoig, Stan. A Capitol for the Nation. 1990. j975.3 H719c

-----. The Cheyenne. 1989. j970.3 C531h

Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane. Buffalo Days. 1997. j978.638 H871b

-----. Celebrating Hanukkah. 1996. j296.435 H869c

-----. Celebrating Kwanzaa. 1993. j394.268 H871c

-----. Cherokee Summer. 1993. j970.3 H869c

-----. Hoang Anh: A Vietnamese American Boy. 1992. j921 H678h8

-----. Mardi Gras: A Cajun Country Celebration. 1995. j394.25 H871m

-----. Pueblo Storyteller. 1991. j978.9 H869p

Jones, Weyman B. Edge of Two Worlds. 1968. jF Jon

-----. The Talking Leaf. 1965. jF Jon

Keith, Harold. The Bluejay Boarders. 1972. jF Kei

-----. Brief Garland. 1971. jF Kei

-----. Komantcia. 1966. jF Kei

-----. The Obstinate Land. 1977. jF Kei

-----. Rifles for Watie. 1987. jF Kei 1987 Newbery

-----. The Runt of Rogers School. 1971. jF Kei

-----. Sports and Games. 1960. j796 K28s

-----. Susy’s Scoundrel. 1974. jF Kei

Klimowicz, Barbara. My Sister the Horse. 1971. jF Kli

Laune, Paul. Buffalo Bill: Boy of the Plains. 1948. j921 B929s

Lepthien, Emilie U. America the Beautiful. 1991. j978.3 L611a

-----. The Cherokee. 1985. j970.1 L611ch

-----. The Choctaw. 1987. j970.1 L611c

-----. Sea Turtles. 1996. j597.92 L611s

-----. The Seminole. 1985. j970.1 L611s

-----. Walruses. 1996. j599.74 L611w

McEntire, Reba. Reba: My Story. 1994. j921 M141c

McGraw, Eloise Jarvis. The Golden Goblet. 1961. jF McG

-----. Mara, Daughter of the Nile. 1985. jF McG

-----. Moccasin Trail. 1952. jF McG

-----. The Money Room. 1981. jF McG

-----. The Moorchild. 1996. jF McG

-----. A Really Weird Summer. 1977. jF McG

McReynolds, Edwin C. Historical Atlas of Oklahoma. 1965. j911.73 M876h q

-----. Oklahoma : A History of the Sooner State. 1954. CML 976.6 M174o

-----. Oklahoma : The Story of Its Past and Present. 1961. T His O Uni

Mantle, Mickey. The Education of a Baseball Player. 1967. j921 M292m

Marriott, Alice Lee. American Epic: The Story of the American Indian. 1970. j970.1 M359a

-----. American Indian Mythology. 1968. j299 M359a

-----. The Black Stone Knife. 1957. jF Mar

-----. The First Comers: Indians of America’s Dawn. 1960. j970.1 M359f

-----. Indian Annie: Kiowa Captive. 1965. jF Mar

-----. Indians of the Four Corners: A Book About the Anasazi Indians & their Modern Descendants. 1952.

j970.3 P977m

-----. Indians on Horseback. 1948. j970.1 M359I

-----. Kiowa Years: A Study in Cultural Impact. 1968. j970.3 K56m

-----. Oklahoma : The Story of Its Past and Present. 1961. j976.6 M174o

-----. Saynday’s People: The Kiowa Indians and the Stories They Told. 1963. j398.2 M359s

-----. Sequoyah: Leader of the Cherokees. 1956. j921 S479m

Momaday, Natachee Scott. Owl in the Cedar Tree. 1975. jF Mom

Moroney, Lynn. Baby Rattlesnake. 1989. j398.2 A862b

Morris, John W. Geography of Oklahoma. 1977. j917.66 M876o

-----. Historical Atlas of Oklahoma. 1965. j911.73 M876h q

Moyers, Bill. Facing Hate. 1991. VT 179.8 F

-----. The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis. 1988. j973.927 M938s

Myers, Anna. Graveyard Girl. 1995. jF Mye

-----. The Keeping Room. 1997. jF Mye

-----. Red-Dirt Jessie. 1992. jF Mye

-----. Spotting the Leopard. 1996. jF Mye

Penney, Grace Jackson. Moki. 1960. jF Pen

Rawls, Wilson. Summer of the Monkeys. 1976. jF Raw Sequoyah

-----. Where the Red Fern Grows. 1961. jF Raw

Regan, Dian Curtis. Jilly’s Ghost. 1990. jF Reg

-----. The Kissing Contest. 1990. jF Reg

-----. Liver Cookies. 1991. jF Reg

-----. Princess Nevermore. 1995. jF Reg

Rhynes, Martha E. Ralph Ellison : Author of Invisible Man . 2006. j818.09 E47r

Rottman, S. L. Hero. 1997. jF Rot

-----. Rough Waters. 1997. jF Rot

Ruddick, Bob. Max and Me and the Time Machine. 1983. jF Gre

Rushmore, Helen. Cowboy Joe of the Circle S. 1950. jF Rus

-----. The Dancing Horses of Acoma, and Other Acoma Indian Stories. 1963. j398.2 R953d

-----. Ghost Dance on Coyote Butte. 1971. j398.3 R953g

-----. Old Billy Solves a Mystery. 1974. jF Rus

-----. The Shadow of Robbers’ Roost. 1960. jF Rus

Sattler, Helen Roney. Baby Dinosaurs. 1984. j567.9 S253b

-----. The Book of Eagles. 1989. j598.91 S253b

-----. Dinosaurs of North America. 1981. j567.9 S253d

-----. The Earliest Americans. 1993. j970.01 S253e

-----. Fish Facts & Bird Brains. 1984. j591.5 S253f

-----. Giraffes, the Sentinels of the Savannas. 1989. j599.7357 S253g

-----. Hominids: A Look Back at Our Ancestors. 1988. j573.3 S253h

-----. Jar and Bottle Craft. 1974. j748 S253j

-----. Jewelry from Junk. 1973. j745.59 S253je

-----. No Place for a Goat. 1981. jE Sat

-----. Pterosaurs: The Flying Reptiles. 1985. j568 S253p q

-----. Recipes for Art and Craft Materials. 1987. j745.5 S253r 1987

-----. Sharks, the Super Fish. 1986. j597.31 S253s

-----. Stegosaurus: The Solar-Powered Dinosaurs. 1992. j567.97 S253s

-----. Train Whistles: A Language in Code. 1985. j625.165 S253t 1985

-----. Tyrannosaurus Rex and His Kin. 1989. j568.1 S253t

-----. Whales: The Nomads of the Sea. 1987. j599.5 S253w

Sears, Paul McCutcheon. Barn Swallow. 1955. j598.2 S439b

-----. Downy Woodpecker. 1961. j598.2 S439d

-----. Firefly. 1956. j598.2 S439f

-----. Tree Frog. 1954. j597.8 S439t

Smith, Lane. Glasses: Who Needs ‘Em? 1991. jE Smi

-----. Halloween ABC. 1987. j811 M568h

-----. The Happy Hocky Family. 1993. jE Smi

-----. James and the Giant Peach: A Children’s Story. 1996. jF Dah 1996

-----. Math Curse. 1995. j510 S 416m

-----. Squids Will Be Squids: Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables. 1998. j398.2 S416s q

-----. The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales. 1992. jE Sci

-----. Summer Reading is Killing Me . 1998. jF Sci

-----. The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. 1989. jE Sci

-----. Your Mother Was a Neanderthal. 1993. jF Sci

Stroud, Virginia A. Doesn’t Fall Off His Horse. 1994. jE Str

-----. The Path of the Quiet Elk. 1996. j299.7 S925p

-----. The Story of the Milky Way: A Cherokee Tale. 1995. j398.2 B887s

Thomas, Joyce Carol. Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea: Poems. 1993. j811 T458b

-----. Cherish Me. 1998. j811 T458c

-----. Gingerbread Days. 1995. j811 T458g

-----. The Golden Pasture. 1986. jF Tho

-----. I Have Heard of a Land. 1998. jE Tho

-----. Marked by Fire. 1982. jF Tho

Tilghman, Zoe. A Boy of the Powhatans. 1953. jF TiL

-----. Katska of the Seminoles. 1954. jF TiL

-----. Oklahoma Stories. 1961. j976.6 T572o

-----. Stories of Oklahoma. 1954. j970.1 T572s

Wallace, Bill. Beauty. 1988. jF Wal Sequoyah

-----. A Dog Called Kitty. 1980. jF Wal Sequoyah

-----. The Final Freedom. 1997. jF Wal

-----. The Pick of the Litter. 2005. jF Wal

-----. Totally Disgusting! 1991. jF Wal

Wimmer, Mike. All the Places to Love. 1994. jE Mac

-----. Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt! 1991. j921 R781f9

-----. Flight: The Journey of Charles Lindbergh. 1991. j921 L742b9

-----. Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth. 1998. j811 R974b

-----. My Teacher is an Alien. 1989. jF Cov

-----. Staying Nine. 1988. jF Con

-----. Train Song. 1990. jE Sie

Wise, Lu Celia. Mini Myths and Legends of Oklahoma Indians. 1978. j976.6003 W812m

-----. An Illustrated Book of Indians in Oklahoma. 1971. j970.466 W812i

-----. Indian Cultures of Oklahoma. 1978. j976.6004 W812o

-----. Indian Values Past and Present. 1978. j976.6004 W812i

-----. Oklahoma’s Blending of Many Cultures, Illustrated in Oklahoma Art. 1975. j976.6 W812o q

-----. Oklahoma’s First Ladies. 1983. j976.605 W812o

-----. Oklahoma’s First Ladies: Activity Coloring Book. 1983. j976.605 W812o

Wright, Muriel Hazel. A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma. 1965. j970.1 W952g

-----. The Oklahoma History. 1955. j976.6 W952o  

Created by Mary L. Williams Curriculum Materials Library Staff
001 Willard Hall, Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

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From the Oklahoma State University Curriculum Library

Their curriculum list

Updated 5/19/05

Allen, Rodney F. Civics: The United States and Oklahoma. 1990. T Civ Wal A428c

Antle, Nancy. Beautiful Land: A Story of the Oklahoma Land Rush. 1994. jF Ant

Bailey, Bernadine. Picture Book of Oklahoma; 1952. j917.6 B154p

Baird, David. Story of Oklahoma. 1994. j976.6 B163s

Bass, Althea. The Arapaho Way: A Memoir of an Indian Boyhood; 1966. j921 S974b

Bauer, Marion Dane. Shelter from the Wind. 1976. jF Bau

Beard, Darleen. The Flimflam Man . 1998. jF Bea

Bernard, Richard M. The Poles in Oklahoma; 1980. j976.6004 B521p

Bicha, Karel D. The Czechs in Oklahoma; 1980. j976.6004 B583c

Bieri, Alvena. Romancing Oklahoma: A Celebration of Time and Place 1990. j813.08 B588r

Blakey, Ellen Sue. A Panorama of Oklahoma; 1990. T His O Wal B637p

Blessing, Patrick. The British and Irish in Oklahoma; 1980. j976.6004 B647b

Bond, Carol Mowdy. All Hands on for Oklahoma!; 1992. CML 976.6 B711a

Booker, Jim. Trail to Oklahoma; 1979. jF Boo

Brown, Kenny L. The Italians in Oklahoma. 1980. j976.6004 B878i

Bruchac, Joseph. Jim Thorpe’s Bright Path. 2004. j921 T519b

Buntin, Phillip. Color Oklahoma Characters: Poster/Coloring Book. 1999. j920 B942c

-----. Oklahoma Symbols Coloring Book. 1999. j976.6 B942o

Buchanan, James Shannon. A History of Oklahoma. 1939. j976.6 B918h 1939

Camp, Carole Ann. Sally Ride: First Woman in Space. 1997. j921 B544c

Capitol Idea: The Oklahoma Learning Machine . 1999. M394 E17 C243 ID45 CR-ROM

Carpenter, Allan. Oklahoma : From Its Glorious Past to the Present. 1965. j976.6 C295o

Chapman, Berlin B. The Founding of Stillwater: A Case Study in Oklahoma History; 1948. j976.6 C466f

Cherokee Strip Adventure . 1993. VT 976.6 C

Christensen, Bonnie. Woody Guthrie: Poet of the People. j921 G984c

Constant, Alberta Wilson. Miss Charity Comes to Stay; 1959. jF Con

Davis, Russell G. The Choctaw Code. 1961. jF Dav

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Dear Oklahoma City, Get Well Soon: America’s Children Reach Out to the People of Oklahoma . 1996. j976.638 D285

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English, Billie Joan. Oklahoma Heritage; 1989. T His O Hol E58o 1989.3

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Exploring Oklahoma with Children: The Essential Parents’ Travel Guide . 1995. j917.66 E96

Fisher, Aileen Lucia. Cherokee Strip; 1956. jF Fis

Franklin, Jimmie L. The Blacks in Oklahoma. 1980. j976.6004 F832b

French, Dorothy Kayser. The Mystery of the Old Oil Well. 1963. jF Fre

Garst, Shannon. Will Rogers, Immortal Cowboy. 1950. j921 R731g

Gibson, Arrell Morgan. The History of Oklahoma; 1985. T His O UofOk

-----. The Oklahoma Story; 1978. T His O UofOk

Giles, Janice. Johnny Osage; 1960. jF GiL

-----. Savanna. 1961. jF GiL

God’s Drum Featuring Te Ata . 1995. VT 921 A862g5

Hale, Douglas. The Germans from Russia in Oklahoma. 1980. j976.6004 H161g

Harcourt Brace Social Studies. Oklahoma : State Activity Book. T SocSt HBJ S797 gr.4

Harmon, Elva A. Reading for Young People: The Southwest; 1982. CML 016.979 H288rs

Heck, Bessie Holland. The Hopeful Years. 1964. jF Hec

-----. Millie. 1961. jF Hec

-----. The Year at Boggy. 1966. jF Hec

Heinrichs, Ann. America the Beautiful: Oklahoma. 1989. j976.6 H469a

Henry, Marguerite. Black Gold. 1957. jF Hen

Hesse, Karen. Out of the Dust. 1997. jF Hes

Hill, Weldon. Lonesome Traveler; 1970. jF HiL

-----. Rafe. 1966. jF HiL

Hinton, S. E. The Outsiders. jF Hin

-----. Taming the Star Runner. 1989. jF Hin

Hooker, Forreestine. Civilizing Cricket; 1927. jF Hoo

Jones , Frances . A Circle of Love: The Oklahoma City Bombing Through the Eyes of Our Children. 1997. j976.38 O41j

Keith, Harold. The Obstinate Land. 1977. jF Kei

-----. The Runt of Rogers School. 1971. jF Kei

Kirschstein, Carolyn. Hooray for Oklahoma 1889. 1989. jF Kir

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j976.638 L218g

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-----. Oklahoma Timeline: A Chronology of Oklahoma History, Mystery, Trivia, Legend, Lore, and More. 1994.

j976.6 M3655o

-----. Oklahoma ’s Unsolved Mysteries (& Their Amazing Solutions): Includes Scientific Information. 1995.

j001.94 M365o

McCaughrean, Geraldine. Stop the Train! 2003. jF McC 2003

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Myers, Anna. Red Dirt Jessie. 1992. jF Mye

-----. Spotting the Leopard. 1996. jF Mye

Naff, John D. Guidebook for Geologic Field Trips in North Central Oklahoma. CML 550.9766 N146g

Native American Resources in Oklahoma: A Source Book ; 1980. Soc G 72

Native Americans in Oklahoma . 1981. Soc E 100

The 1994 Literary Map of Oklahoma . 1994. Poster 1378 (guide j917.66 O41c)

O’Donnell, Nancy. Oklahoma Past and Present: Blackline Masters 1985. T SocSt SCO O26o

Oklahoma . 1981. K 917.66 O

Oklahoma [map].1983. MA 917.66 O

Oklahoma : The Study of Our State. T Soc St SCO O26okl

Oklahoma Aqua Times [kit]. 1993. K 333.91 O

Oklahoma Authors [game]. 1976. G 809 O

Oklahoma Celebration of Literature . 1983. CML 015.976 O415

Oklahoma Celebration of Literature . 1983. POSTER 920

Oklahoma Center of the Book. A Companion to the Literary Map of Oklahoma. 1996. j917.66 O41c

Oklahoma Heritage Association. Oklahoma Map Series: Famous Oklahoma; Excitement; Farm & Ranch; Forts, Military History...; Ghost towns, Mining Camps...; Historic Homes & Buildings; Indians; Mineral Wealth; Natural History; Sports History; Trains, Planes & Riverboats; Outlaw & Lawman. 1989-90. MA 912.766 O

Oklahoma Run Game . 1988. GA 976.6 O

Oklahoma: The Sooner State [puzzle]. 1989. GA 976.6 OK

On to Oklahoma . 1989. M394 E17 O582 OK55

Pierson, Don. Lee Roy Selmon, The Giant from Oklahoma. 1982. j921 S468p

Prout, Vera J. The Race for Land. 1954. jF Pro

Quimby, Myrtle. The Cougar. jF Qui

Rand, Jacki. Wilma Mankiller. 1993. j921 M278r

Raven, Margot. Angels in the Dust. 1997. jE Rav

Rawls, Wilson. Summer of the Monkeys. 1976. jF Raw

-----. Where the Red Fern Grows; 1961. jF Raw

Reedy, Jerry. Oklahoma . 1998. j976.6 R327o

Regli, Adolph. Partners in the Saddle. 1950. jF Reg

Requiem for the Heartland: The Oklahoma City Bombing . j364.164 R427

Robinson, William. Where the Panther Screams. 1961. jF Rob

Rohrs, Richard C. The Germans in Oklahoma. 1980. j976.6004 R739g

Rosser, Linda Dennedy. Christmas in Oklahoma, Past and Present. 1982. j394.269766 R828c

Rumford, James. Sequoyah. 2004. j921 S479a

Rushmore, Helen. Cowboy Joe of the Circle S. 1950. jF Rus

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