Finding a Public Company's Sales by Major Business in Value Line

Value Line (On campus) / Value Line (Off campus) can be used to find a public company's sales percentage by major business. This guide is designed to illustrate the steps involved in finding this information.

1) Articles and Databases (NSU Libraries Web Site)

The Value Line database link is found under the Business and Technology subject heading on the Library's Articles and Databases web page:

2) Value Line Homepage

The Value Line landing page defaults to Research Hub. Select Custom Report:

3) Ticker Symbol

Type the appropriate company ticker symbol into the "Enter ticker" search box. In this example we are searching for PepsiCo, which has a ticker symbol of PEP:

4) PepsiCo, Inc. Business Profile

Below is PepsiCo's business profile, which includes the company's sales percentage by major business in the Business Profile section:

For additional help in finding information on companies and industries, please contact the Subject Librarian for Business & Technology.

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Last Updated: August 8, 2017