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Finding Articles on SWOT Analysis in ABI/Inform Global

This guide is designed to help users find articles on SWOT analysis in ABI/Inform Global.

Open the ABI/Inform Global link below:

To begin, select the "Advanced Search" option by clicking on the "Advanced Search" tab near the top of the screen.

Screencap of ABI Inform Global home page, with Advanced Search circled


Since ProQuest's ABI/Inform database recognizes the term SWOT analysis as a valid subject heading:

  • Change the drop-down menu adjacent to the top search box from "Anywhere" to "All subjects & indexing--SU"

  • Type "swot analysis" in the search box

  • Run the search.

Advanced Search form: swot analysis in the search box; drop-down set to All subjects & indexing--SU


The search results will include citations and full-text articles that have been indexed using this subject term, and which should be largely focused on the topic.

Results list from the swot analysis subject search


If you want to retrieve a larger number of items related to SWOT analysis, but which may not be as narrowly focused as the items retrieved using the search above, re-run the search by entering the term "swot analysis" in the search box after changing the drop-down menu option from "All subjects & indexing--SU" to "Anywhere." Since the topic is entered as a keyword phrase, and not as a subject, be sure to include quotation marks around the phrase "swot analysis" in the search box.

Advanced search form with "swot analysis" in the search box and drop-down set to "Anywhere"


Although the number of items retrieved when using this latter approach will increase, some of the items in this larger set may not be as useful as those found in the subject search.

Results list from the "swot analysis" search


Contact the Subject Librarian for Business Administration:

Maria Souliotis,