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Searching for a Company's Key Ratios in Morningstar

Morningstar provides financial data and reports on thousands of investments, spanning mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds.

Morningstar can also be used when researching a company's key ratios. The following instructions demonstrate a search for the key competitors of Rollins, Inc., a pest control company. 

Follow the link to Morningstar:

Morningstar Homepage

  • Enter "Rollins" in the Company Search box
  • Select Rollins, Inc. from the results dropdown. 

Morningstar homepage searchbar with results dropdown for keyword rollins

Rollins, Inc. Morningstar Report

  • Selecting Rollins, Inc. will open the company's Morningstar report. 
  • Beneath the report heading, there is a chart showing Rollins, Inc.'s share prices. 
  • In the row of buttons to the right of the chart, select "Key Ratios." 

Rollins, inc morningstar report with share price chart with a key ratios button highlighted

Rollins, Inc. Key Ratios

  • Summaries for Rollins' key ratios appear under the "Key Ratios" button.
  • For a full report on Rollins, Inc.'s key ratios, select the link labeled "Full Key Ratios Data."

summary graphics of Rollins, inc. key ratios with highlighted link to full key ratios data

Rollins Full Key Ratios

  • Scroll to the bottom of the new page for comprehensive data on Rollins' key ratios. 

full report of rollins, inc. keys ratios