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MKT 3213 - Principles of Marketing

This guide is designed to help find articles on SWOT analysis. The discussion will include suggested databases, search approaches, and proposed terminology.

The NSU Library provides access to several online periodical indexes and full text databases that are useful for finding articles on SWOT analysis, including ProQuest's ABI/Inform, EBSCOhost's Business Abstracts with Full Text, and EBSCOhost's Business Source Elite. These databases are found under the "Business and Technology" heading on the NSU Library's Articles and Databases By Subject page. Below are individual icon links to each of these three databases, and an explanation of how each one can be used to find articles pertaining to SWOT analysis:

To begin, select the "Advanced Search" option by clicking on the "Advanced Search" tab near the top of the screen. Since ProQuest's ABI/Inform database recognizes the term SWOT analysis as a valid subject heading, change the drop-down menu adjacent to the top search box to "All subjects & indexing--SU", type "swot analysis" in the search box, and run the search.

The search results will include citations and full text articles that have been indexed using this subject term, and which should be largely focused on the topic.

If you want to retrieve a larger number of items related to SWOT analysis, but which may not be as narrowly focused as the items retrieved using the above approach, re-run the search by entering the term "swot analysis" in the search box after changing the drop-down menu option from "All subjects & indexing--SU" to "Anywhere". Since the topic is entered as a keyword phrase, and not as a subject, be sure to include quotation marks around the phrase "swot analysis" in the search box. Although the number of items retrieved when using this latter approach will increase, some of the items in this larger set may be less useful than those found in the first search.

The same search approach that was used in ABI/Inform can be run in Business Abstracts with Full Text. The difference between these two databases is that when searching for articles on SWOT analysis in Business Abstracts with Full Text, the drop-down menu adjacent to the search box will need to be changed to read "SU Subject."

In Business Source Elite, entering the term "swot analysis" as a valid descriptor on the advanced search screen retrieves more articles than found in ABI/Inform or Business Abstracts with Full Text. Although Business Source Elite retrieves a greater number of articles than those found on the other two databases, ABI/Inform and Business Abstracts with Full Text may provide useful articles not found in Business Source Elite. To search "SWOT analysis" as a valid subject heading in Business Source Elite, enter the following phrase: DE "SWOT analysis". We can confirm that DE "SWOT analysis" is recognized by Business Source Elite as a valid subject as a result of searching swot analysis in the database's "Thesaurus," which is linked from the database screen's upper left corner.


Finding the Full Text of an Article in Another Database

  1. An article which is not in full text on one database may be found in full text on another database. To find out if a different library database provides full text access to a needed article, search the periodical title (not article title) in the search box under the E-Journals by Title tab.  
  2. If the above approach fails to retrieve the article in full text on another database, check the periodical title in the NSU Library Online Catalog to see if the library owns a paper or microform copy of the item.  
  3. If both of the above options fail to retrieve the full text of a needed article, it is likely that Interlibrary Loan will be able to obtain a copy of it free of charge for you from another library.

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