External Environment Assignment Resources

  • Online Papers on Workforce Challenges and Issues in the Global Marketplace

  • An Emerging and Critical Problem of the Science and Engineering Labor Force
    Trends in the science and engineering workforce.

    The Multiplier Effect
    Article on risks to U.S. standing in technology and science.

    NASA: Major Management Challenges and Program Risks
    Challenges in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.

  • Career Guides

  • Career Guide to Industries (Ref. HF 5382.5 .U5C316)

    Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance (Ref. HF 5381 .E52)

    Occupational Outlook Handbook (Ref. HF 5381 .U62)

    Vocational Careers Sourcebook (Ref. HF 5382.5 .V5V64)

  • Online/Print Statistics and Information Resources

  • American FactFinder

    CIA World Factbook

    Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics: Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, and Other Labor Data (Ref. HD 8064 .H38)

    International Programs (U.S. Census Bureau)

    International Labour Organization

    International Marketing Data and Statistics (Ref. HA 42 .I56)

    International Financial Statistics Yearbook (Ref. HG 3881 .I6365)

    Key Indicators of the Labour Market (Ref. HD 5701 .K49)

    National Center for Education Statistics

    Oklahoma Governor's International Team--"Dedicated to a stronger Oklahoma in the global economy"

    Pew Research Center

    State Occupational Outlook Handbook (Ref. HD 5723 .S85)

    Trade Directories of the World (Ref. HF 54 .U5T76)

    U.N. Demographic Yearbook (Ref. HA 17 .D45)

    U.N. Industrial Development Organization's International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics (HC 10 .I673)

    U.N. Statistical Yearbook (Ref. HA 12.5 .U63)

    U.N. World Economic and Social Survey (Ref. HC 59 .A169)

    UNESCO Statistical Yearbook (Ref. HA 154 .S797)

    U.S. Census Bureau's Economic Census

    U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States

    U.S. Dept. of Commerce's Survey of Current Business

    U.S. Small Business Administration

    World Chamber of Commerce Directory (Ref. HF 294 .W75)

    World Tourism Organization's Yearbook of Tourism Statistics (Ref. HC 10 .I673)

    World Bank

    World Trade Organization

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