Finding a Company's Competitors in Mergent

Mergent can be used to find information on a company's competitors, including public and private companies. This guide is designed to illustrate the steps involved in finding a company's competitors.

1) Articles and Databases (NSU Libraries Web Site)

The Mergent database link is found under the Business and Technology subject heading on the Library's Articles and Databases web page:

2) Mergent Homepage

Select Advanced Search:

3) Industry Codes

Select Industry Codes:

4) U.S. Public and Private Company Competitors of Rollins, Inc.

Next, we will begin the process of searching for U.S. public and private company competitors of Rollins, Inc. (a pest and termite control services company). Remove the checkmark for International Company Database, add a checkmark for D&B Private Company Database, and leave the checkmark for USA Company Database:

5) Primary SIC

For this example we are searching SIC code 7342 (Disinfecting and Pest Control Services). Select Primary SIC and enter 7342 in the search box. Click submit:

6) Number of public and private companies in SIC 7342

The search retrieves 272 companies in the set. To see them, select View:

7) Competitors list

Below is the top of the list of competitors of Rollins, Inc. (using SIC 7342):

For additional help in finding information on companies and industries, please contact the Subject Librarian for Business & Technology.

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Last Updated: August 8, 2017