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Finding a Company's Competitors in Mergent

This page will show you the steps to find a public or private company's competitors in the Mergent Online database.  In this example, perform an advanced search for the private and public competitors of Rollins, Inc., a pest and termite control services company: 

Open the Mergent Online link below:

After Mergent Online opens, select the tab at the top of the page marked "Advanced Search:" 

Mergent Online homepage

Advanced Search

  • In the center of the the advanced search page, there is a group of checkboxes under the heading "Select Target Universe." At the bottom of the page there is a tabbed box containing checkboxes for more search filters.
    • Under Select Target Universe, check the box next to "USA Company Database (Active)" as well as the box next to "D&B Private Company Database."
    • Uncheck the boxes for "USA Company Database (Inactive)," "International Company Database (Active)," and "International Company Database (Inactive)."

mergent advanced search, target databases circled

  • Select the "Industry Codes" tab in the box at the bottom of the page. 
  • Check the add button next to "Primary SIC." "Primary SIC" will appear as search filter beneath the box. 
  • For this search, type "7342" into the search bar and click "submit." 

primary sic advanced search

  • In this search, the results bar to the right of the submit button displays 911 matches. Select "View." 

picture of primary SIC search bar

  • The results will show a list of companies with an SIC number of 7342.

Advanced search result for company SIC number 7342