Searching for Competitors of a Company in NetAdvantage

NetAdvantage, a Standard & Poor's database, includes the S&P Bond Guide, Corporation Records, Dividend Record, Earnings Guide, Industry Surveys, Mutual Fund Reports, The Outlook, Register, Stock Guide, and Stock Reports. NetAdvantage is also useful for helping to determine a company's primary competitors. This guide is designed to illustrate the steps involved in identifying a public company's key competitors.

1) Articles and Databases (NSU Libraries Web Site)

The NetAdvantage database link is found under the Business and Technology subject heading on the Library's Articles and Databases web page:

2) NetAdvantage Homepage

To illustrate the use of NetAdvantage for finding information on a company's competitors, the following search will look for the key competitors of Rollins, Inc. Enter the name Rollins in the Company Name search box as illustrated below:

3) Company Profile Page

On the Rollins, Inc. Company Profile page, select Competitors(All):

4) Competitors

The names of the key competitors and links to S&Ps in-depth analysis of the top public company rivals is found on the next screen:

For additional help in finding information on the competitors of companies, or for other assistance in researching companies and industries, please contact the Subject Librarian for Business & Technology.

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