Searching for Company Ratios in Mergent

The Mergent database provides extensive information on company financials, subsidiaries, capital stock, executive officers, SEC filings, company news, annual reports, equity and corporate bond portraits, industry reports, information on competitors, company ratios, and much more. This guide is designed to illustrate the steps involved in finding company ratios.

1) Articles and Databases (NSU Libraries Web Site)

The Mergent database link is found under the Business and Technology subject heading on the Library's Articles and Databases web page:

2) Mergent Homepage

The following search on Rollins, Inc. illustrates the use of Mergent for finding company ratios. Enter the name Rollins in the Company Search box as illustrated below:

3) Rollins, Inc. Link

Click on Rollins, Inc.:

4) Company Financials

On the Rollins, Inc. Business Summary page, click on the Company Financials tab:

5) Ratios Link

On the Rollins, Inc. Company Financials page, click on the Ratios link:

6) Ratios Page

Below is a section of the Rollins, Inc. ratios page:

For additional help in finding information on companies and industries, please contact the Subject Librarian for Business & Technology.

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