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User Services - Annual Report

1999 2000



User Services Staff 


Jeanette McQuitty


               User Services Technician         
Bonnie Tiner     


Resource Coordination
Jeanette McQuitty, Coordinator/
Administration/Criminal Justice


Sarah Brick Archer, Arts & Letters

Mike Shehi, Coordinator                                  
Gary Cheatham, Business & Industry/Political                           

Rita Goodman                                                     

Pat Merkley                                                     

Katherine Ott, Education/Psychology   

Fay Simms

Vickie Sheffler, Music

Delores Sumner, Geography/History

            Charles Veith, Math/Science

             Jim Winterbottom,  Optometry/Nursing/Health & Human Performance /Social Work/Sociology  

ILL, Document Delivery                           

Renee Ridge, Coordinator                               

Gina Champlain                                                                       

Karalyn Ingalls                          

        Special Collections

Delores Sumner, Librarian                       

       Government Publications  
         Jeanette McQuitty, Coordinator
         Connie Mnich     June-October    

Systems/Technology Support
Mike Shehi, Coordinator of Technology Sherry Rhoades, 
Helen Hill, Support Systems Librarian                                                                     


Sarah Brick Archer, Coordinator

Gary Cheatham, Coordinator

Jim Winterbottom, Coordinator

Helen Hill

Jeanete McQuitty

Sandy Medearis 

            Connie Mnich

Katherine Ott

Mike Shehi

Darren Tobey

Charles Veith                 


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