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User Services



                                User Services Area Reports and Goals


                                                Government Publications

                                                ILL, Document Delivery


                                                Resource Coordination

                                                Special Collections

                                                Systems/Technology Support


                        Personal Activity Reports

                                                Sarah Brick Archer

                                                Gary L. Cheatham

                                                Rita Goodman

                                                Jeanette McQuitty   

                                                Connie Mnich

                                                Katherine Ott

                                                Renée Rae Ridge

                                                Fay Simms

                                                Bonnie Tiner

                                                Darren Tobey

                                                Charles R. Veith

                                                Jim Winterbottom




Projects included:

1)      Bar coding slides and other audiovisual materials in Reserve.

2)      New Shelving for OVERSIZE curriculum materials.

3)      Continuous shifting in Curriculum Materials to keep up with the influx of new materials.

4)      OK-share procedures and implementation.

5)      PPST setup in Reserve.

6)      Some shifting and shelf reading in Main and Y-collection.

7)      Cooperation with ILL and Reference in computer renewals and on-line holds, and

       inquiry responses.

8)      Sent overdue notices and invoices.  Processed fines on these.

9)      Special Borrowers  added to accounts receivable process so that Business Office collection procedures can be applied; revised Special Borrowers form for Internet compliance.

10)  Dealing with aftereffects or migration to UNIX.

11)  Streamlined statistics collection and presentation.


Our Avision@ projects have included:

1)      A circulation manual in notebook form in circulation

2)      Developing relationships with Cherokee Nation and EPIC for worker interns provided by their programs-one student during the fall/spring semester and two during summer 1999.

3)      Participating in Database Implementation Task Force.

4)      Participated in Electronic Reserve discussions and progress toward setup.

5)      Participated in Copyright compliance information sessions and discussions.

6)      Helped with special events and exhibits which Aboost= the Library, including exhibits, National Library Week, film disposal, new staff orientations, and Scholastic Book Fairs.

7)      Attended training sessions.

8)      Hired and trained new and returning student assistants.

9)      Continuous improvement of student/patron services and courtesies. 

Submitted by Fay Simms, Rita G. Mayes, Pat Merkley




After seven years of employment as the Government Publications Technician, Sherry Rhoads started a new job at the Department of Libraries in Oklahoma City in October 1999.  During that time her effort in moving the collection, reorganizing areas, and learning new skills,  helped make the collection more available and open to the public. Connie Mnich replaced her after working in Technical Services for almost twenty-two years.  The transition to Government Publications was accomplished with a minimal amount of training.   From October through December, Connie continued to do work for both areas.  She contributed 92 hours to Technical Services, as well as learning her new responsibilities.  The two student assistants were also replaced at the beginning of January.


A new look was given to the two web pages maintained by the department.  The opportunity to update the information and the design was in conjunction with the library switching to a new server at the end of April 2000.  A template provided by the American Library Association Government Documents Round Table/Government Information Technology Committee Workgroup combined with the previous web page provides the users with a wealth of new and easily obtainable sites.  Carol Miller was a valuable resource and did an exceptional  job with the layout and design of the pages.


Getting adequate equipment for the everyday operations and special projects in the department was supported by the library.  Replacing a broken cable connection to VTLS, a worn out printer and the technician=s computer, which was non-functional with Window=s NT, improved the workflow and the frustration level in the area.  A moderate supply list was requested since many items had not been purchased since 1994.  Additional improvements are planned for the coming year.


Some areas in the office were rearranged to provide a better workflow.  A backlog of continuations, periodicals and microfiche waiting for cataloging records is starting to be reduced.  Problems with loading the bibliographic records into VTLS has been resolved by Technical Services and they are now current.                  

Federal and state tax forms previously located in the lobby are now located outside the office on 3rd floor.  Assistance is still available at the Reference desk when needed. 


Additional workload statistics are now being logged.  Reference questions are being submitted monthly to be included in the User Services= statistics and additional changes to VTLS are being kept.

Federal Additions:                             

Paper                                       4,977

Microfiche                                3,530

Electronic                                      82

Maps                                            53

Federal Withdrawns:                                                 9,964

Paper                                       9,964

Microfiche                                     25

Electronic                                      25

Maps                                            99

Publication Sent to Technical Services for Inclusion

in JVL Main Collection:           659

Paper                                          577

Microfiche                                      82

AV/EL                                             0

Total Number of Federal Publications:

(May 31, 2000)                                                282,050

Oklahoma Documents Additions:                                  1,437

Paper                                            948

Microfiche                                     489

Electronic                                          0

Oklahoma Withdrawns:                                                    117

Paper                                             115           

Microfiche                                        2                         

Electronic                                           0

VTLS Processing of Government Publications:

Item Records Built                                                6,356

Item Records Deleted                                              922

Bib. Records Deleted                                              923

Items Checked In (Jan.-May)                                  918

Holdings Updated (Jan.-May)                                    57

Item Record Changed (Jan.-May)                            111

Marc Records Changed (Feb.-May)                          76


Procedures manual: An ongoing effort is being made to assemble a manual to encompass all areas and activities of Government Publications. 

Withdrawing: Continued the physical withdrawal of weeded documents.  A student has been hired to concentrate on that project during the summer.

Technical Services joint projects:  Due to personnel turnover in their area, barcoding the federal government paper collection and the project for check-in and barcoding of currently received serials and periodicals were put on hold for the year.  Resuming the joint project is tentatively scheduled for fall 2000.

VTLS maintenance: More attention is and will be given to the accuracy of the VTLS database since the new technician brings considerable technical knowledge to the department  A clean up project was started on the periodicals.  Notes and inaccurate holdings are being updated as new issues are received.  Analyzing the problems with Marcive temporary records will also be a priority.

Periodicals database: A current list of all periodical titles, formats, and retention has been compiled and is being entered into a database to facilitate better maintenance of the collection.  


Congressional collection: The entire paper collection was weeded during summer 1999.

Item selection update: Completed the Government Printing Office=s annual item selection update in June 1999.

Biennial Survey of Depository Libraries: Jeanette McQuitty completed the survey required by the government in November 1999. 

Shifting collections: The two new students hired in January 2000 completed two shifting projects in the Government Publications storage area during February and May.  The bound serial set, older census material and congressional records located in the Ahold@ had reached shelf capacity.  After the shifting was completed, the 1994 Congressional Record could be relocated from the Government Reference area and new bound serial set volumes could be added to the area.


Inventory of the Government Publications Periodicals collection including following retention decisions and possibly a compression project of the VTLS holdings records. 

Complete the initial barcoding project (Oct. 1992) from printouts previously housed in Technical Services. Problem solving and barcoding the federal poster collection still remain unfinished.


The Interlibrary Loan staff borrowed 962 titles and ordered 1,427 copies this year, for a total of 2,389 requests placed for NSU students, faculty and staff members. Items were obtained from the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, and the National Library of Canada, as well as all over the US. We supplied 1,531 loans and 1,691 copies to requesting libraries, for a total of 3,222 requests filled for other libraries this year. Items were supplied all over the world including to the National Library of Education in Denmark.

The Document Delivery staff supplied 27 loans and 643 article copies (5,450 pages) to NSU faculty and staff and Muskogee campus students. Of those, 3 loans and 29 articles (291 pages) were sent to the Muskogee campus. The Document Delivery staff was finally rid of the SearchBank Articles Print Station this year. Despite access to SearchBank now being campus wide, the Document Delivery staff still supplied  4 articles (574 pages) an increase over last years figures.

Interlibrary Loan again played musical technicians this year.  Jodi Jones left for a full-time position.  Amy Roberts, again filled in, but Personnel informed the library that we had to hire someone who was not currently a student at NSU.  An ad was placed and applicants interviewed and then Gina Champlaign was hired.  Gina also quit during a crucial time in ILL, leaving word that she needed full-time hours also.  The Interlibrary Loan Technician and student assistants tried to cover as best they could with help from Access Systems Librarian, Helen Hill.  A very capable worker in the form of Karalyn Ingalls was hired after the semester ended but she, too, will return to her real job as an elementary teacher when summer ends.  She will be sorely missed.  It is the opinion of the ILL Technician that our department will continue to play musical Document Delivery Technicians until the position, which has been upgraded to a full-time position, can be funded.

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery along with the rest of the library and the NSU campus had their computers system switched over to NT. The online catalog system (VTLS) also went to windows.  With a few minor problems, as with all new procedures, the upgrades went well and make work more efficient.

During this year, the ILL/DD unit continues to participate in the Oklahoma Dept of Human Services Work-Experience Program (WEP). The WEP program grew out of legislation requiring welfare recipients to go to work, and it requires welfare moms to work twenty hours a week while receiving state assistance. Our unit continues to employ student assistant Jennifer under this program.

The new Autographics IMPACT-Online web version continues to improve but as the holdings only include Oklahoma is of little practical use for a university ILL.  We get a few requests from our patrons; electronically submitted. Some of those go unfilled and must be re-searched again on OCLC. Many of the smaller state libraries use it to request our materials.

The brilliant mind of Helen Katherine Hill, once again, came up with a new procedure to cut down on the handwritten statistics that the Document Delivery Technician must calculate and record every month. It is believed that this will also cut down on duplication of some statistics.

Using the web page talents of Katherine Ott, who bravely volunteered, the ILL/DD department updated its link on the librarys web page, permitting patrons to not only submit their requests electronically but to also have it printout like the ILL Request form used by the ILL/DD department.  The paper ILL Request form is still the preferred method by the ILL Technician but with Katherines help and many talents, the bugs should all be worked out eventually and the paper version will one day be thrown away, excuse me, recycled.

 The ILL/DD student assistants finally received a newer computer.  They received the ILL Technicians old Gateway when she was upgraded to a new IBM 300GL .  The gateway is so much more efficient than the old 386 and saves so much time and frustration as it does not continuously freeze up. Jeanette McQuitty Day has been declared in ILL thanks to her efforts to replace the old computer. The ILL Technician is reported to be pleased with her new computer also.   


Submitted by Renée Rae Ridge with assistance from Karalyn Ingalls. 

   Reference Department Annual Report


         Reference Department Members

Sarah Brick Archer (Reference Coordinator: meetings and planning)

Gary Cheatham (Reference Coordinator: scheduling, Z/REF fund, and reference serials)

Helen Hill

Jeanette McQuitty

Katherine Ott

Darren Tobey (Reference Technician: student worker manager, second floor shelving and microform equipment coordinator, and meetings secretary)

Charles Veith

Jim Winterbottom (Reference Coordinator: technician coordinator)


         Personnel Changes

This year we welcomed Katherine Ott and Darren Tobey to the Reference Department.

  Jim Winterbottom accepted the responsibility of serving as the Reference Technician Coodinator.


         Theme for the Year: AProfessional Development@ (as part of Boundary Spanning)

This year the Reference Department pursued self-improvement.  Reference sponsored presentations and workshops focusing on practical applications designed to improve service and job performance.  This included: 

AEdgar and the Library Finance Web Page@ seminar, presented by Gary Cheatham 

  ATroubleshooting Web Workstations@ workshop, presented by Charles Veith

  AIntroduction to NT@ workshop, presented by Computing and Telecommunications

              AHow to Do Basic Legal Research@ seminar, presented by Park Medearis

APublishing, Presenting, and Poster Sessions@ panel discussion, coordinated by Sarah Brick Archer (panel members: Dean Foltin, Sarah Brick Archer, Gary Cheatham, Jeanette McQuitty, and Linda West)

         Collection Development and Reference Service Enhancements

-The following online databases were added:

America: History & Life

Electronic Library




            - InfoTrac received a facelift with a different search interface.

- Greater access to indexes was provided for remote users.

- Jim Winterbottom revised the Reference Department indexes page.

- The CD-ROM Network was dismantled.

- The number of Web workstations increased from 6 to 15.

- The Reference Department ordered a total of 81 titles/sets using Z/Ref funds.

- Two new laser printers were added to the reference area, bringing the total number of Web workstation printers to 4.

- The Reference Department conducted a comprehensive study of reference serials and standing orders.

- Reference Web-based products were evaluated, which resulted in replacing SilverPlatter products with WilsonNet.

- Gary Cheatham and Jim Winterbottom volunteered to weed the RAND collection in reference.  The weeding project is scheduled to be completed next year.

- Katherine Ott relocated the PDK Fast Back Collection (George H. Reavis Collection) to the reference vertical file.

- The Reference Department submitted a resolution concerning the need for an increase in traditional materials funds, including Z/Ref.

- Katherine Ott coordinated a major weeding project in Curriculum Materials.


         Reference and Interlibrary Loan

Katherine Ott created the interlibrary loan Web form, including: online form, WordPerfect file form, and index page.

        Policy Development

-The Reference Department approved the Library Internet Acceptable Use Policy, which was prepared by the Reference Department Internet Use Policy Committee.

- In an effort to provide Web services to patrons from the community, the Reference Department created guest logons and a policy for the public Web stations.

-A policy was created regarding outside class reservations and class use of public Web workstations.

- A policy regarding student worker use of information desk telephones was prepared by Darren Toby.

- Katherine Ott prepared a collection development policy for the Curriculum Materials Collection.

- A new photocopier refund policy went into effect.

          Reference Department Committees

-Electronic Classroom (Room 105) Committee (members: Sarah Brick Archer (chair), Gary Cheatham, and Jim Winterbottom)

-Internet Use Policy Committee (members: Sarah Brick Archer (chair) and Gary Cheatham

             Future Plans

- During the next academic year, the Reference Department plans to continue professional development with workshops/seminars, including one on using the Westlaw Web service.  Reference also will be learning and evaluating new Web-based products.

- Reference will continue examining its role through the university AStrategic Planning@ initiative.  The department=s goal is to continually improve reference services to all patrons.

- Contingent upon funding, the department may be shifting periodicals and/or reference material if new shelving is acquired

Additional Notes

- During October and November, Reference librarians substituted for Technical Services librarians at the reference desk on Thursdays.

- During the first part of both Fall and Spring semesters Reference experienced a shortage of student workers 

Respectfully submitted by Gary Cheatham (with contributions by Sarah Brick Archer)

Resource Coordination Annual Report

Resource Coordination–Coordinators are the link between the library and the university’s 6 colleges.  The following resource coordinators are responsible for collection development, instruction and research in the following program areas:  

Sarah Brick Archer                 Resource Coordinator for Arts & Letters  

Gary Cheatham                        Resource Coordinator for Business and Industry, and Political Science

Jeanette McQuitty                    Resource Coordinator for Administration and Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

Katherine Ott                           Resource Coordinator for Education and Psychology

Victoria Sheffler                       Resource Coordinator for Music

Delores Sumner                        Resource Coordinator for Geography and History                   

Charles Veith                            Resource Coordinator for Natural Science & Math

Jim Winterbottom                     Resource Coordinator for Nursing, Health and Human Performance  Optometry, Sociology and Social Work

Materials Selected

Selected books, audio, video, maps, microform and software purchased                         2,440

Gifts selected and added to the collection                                                                      2,702    

Serial subscriptions reviewed, including CD-ROMs, online access, microforms  3,018

  Total amount selected                                                                                $530,517

Approval books added to the collection                                                                        2,235

Total approval books                                                                                               $  87,227

Etter fund                                                                                                                $    6,000


Taught campus classes*                                                                                                    187

Outside classes                                                                                                                   53

Total persons                                                                                                                6,073  

*Classes included library instruction; 2 sections of LIBM 4611, Electronic Information Retrieval a one-credit hour class; approximately 1,000 students in College Strategies classes and MIS classes.

Program Reviews:                                                                                                              5

Resource Coordinators prepare bibliographies, including Living Literature conferences, fiction lists, company research, database searching, grant writing, career information and vocational guidance, consumer product and brand information and many more.  Webliographies in each program area are found on the library’s Web page, Information Resources by Subject Area

Resource coordinators participate in continuing education and training, publish books and articles, speak and perform at university functions, sponsor student organizations, serve on and chair library and university committees and serve on the Faculty Council.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS ANNUAL REPORT                                                                          

When Northeastern State University (NSU) American Indian students wants to learn more about their tribe or keep abreast of tribal news, where do they go?  When NSU students are researching their semester term paper topic, the subject being American Indian or Indian Territory history, where do they go?  The answer is Special Collections (SPC).  As Oklahoma and American Indian history intertwines, Special Collections holdings has the strongest collection relating to the historical period of the Five Civilized Tribes and the Plains Indians of Oklahoma.  Special Collections holdings is comparable to the Western History Collection, University of Oklahoma.  The American Indian student population is served not only by written materials but through contact with the SPC librarian who can interact with the American Indian students as she comes from their world and has the culturally appropriate knowledge of their background.  The NSU 1999 Fall enrollment of American Indians has the highest percentage 25.4%  in the United States.

On the historic campus of NSU, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Special Collections, department of John Vaughan Library, collects, organizes, and preserves materials on the history and culture of American Indians with emphasis on Cherokee history and Northeastern State University.  Special Collections is uniquely American Indian, because of its Cherokee origin and the significance that the materials have, to the history of the northeastern region of Oklahoma.  But the collection is not limited to American Indian materials; there is a wealth of Oklahoma history resources, that includes Civil War, outlaws, military forts, and others.

During the beginning of each semester, SPC facilitates access to information resources  through bibliographic instruction and teaching research techniques.  The usage of historical materials has been tremendously supported by the academic disciplines.  Some of the classes which utilize SPC are Cherokee Heritage, Cherokee Language, History of the Five Civilized Tribes, Social Work in Minority Population, Old South and many more that are offered through the Native American Studies Program.  

Academic services are also provided to external students from Cherokee Nation schools- Sequoyah High School and Job Corp.  These students study their tribal history, tribal and cultural differences. Other external students from Adair County, Bell School and Jay School takes advantage of SPC=s exceptional Cherokee collection.   Smithsonian, Washington, DC, is another SPC >s outlying connection. This Smithsonian connection encompass the departments of American Indian music and recordings, museum programs, photographs and summer research scholarships.  SPC has maintained personal association with fellow American Indians working within the museum.  The close communication has resulted in many of our NSU American Indian students receiving Summer research scholarships.  There are so many academic services but the most ongoing is to researchers.  These researchers are notable writers who have authored books and are available autographed and acknowledged in SPC. The following authors are only two of the many who utilized SPC.  William G. McLoughlin, author of Champions of the Cherokees and Cherokees and Missionaries. Fulfilling his requirements for a degree of Master of Arts, Clinton S. Crowe placed in SPC a copy of his paper A Civil War Within the Civil War: The Division in the Indian Nations.

SPC has available for American Indian students and  general public usage, a progressing   collection of American Indian language materials, whether it be dictionaries, tapes, testaments from the Bible, stories or almanacs.  Tribes are organizing language programs in response to the need for language retention.  Over the years, Special Collections has worked with various tribal language organizations, maintaining working relationships and gathering materials.  These ties are productive as SPC receives language materials which are not always available through publications.  Each year, Special Collections, in conjunction with Carol Young, Center for Tribal Studies, assist the week-long Oklahoma Native Language Use Conference. The association was formed to preserve, promote and enhance the use of tribal languages in Oklahoma.   We not only provide registration services  but maintain academic relationships to share our professional knowledge as a librarian, historian, and conference consultant.  Another conference which enhances the language collection in SPC is the annual Tulsa Sovereignty Symposium which includes a language preservation workshop for students and tribal organizations. 

Special Collections co-chairs the Symposium on the American Indian held annually on campus.  Our role, in addition to existing academic programs and ethnic studies, is to enhance these programs by inviting American Indian speakers, who are also role models, to explore American Indian issues and history.  The speakers, who have expertise in American Indian history and culture discipline, supplements NSU=s academic classes, history, sociology, art, music, Indian law, and many others.  Highlighted each year are American Indian musicians, composers and authors for their music and literary contribution.  A reception is held during the Symposium each year to honor the authors and specifically for interaction with students.  Their autographed  publications are housed in SPC .

Special Collections has the major role of providing an exhibit of books on Indian history and culture.  Special Collections invites book publishers to mail their publications, relating to American Indians, for display during the annual Symposium.  A provision includes the books, tapes, and other resources be donated to Special Collections after the week-long symposium.  The publishers discount catalogs are available and very popular with NSU education interns and teachers from our northeastern area.  Another mainstay during the Symposium is the videotapes.  Mike Allen, University Audio Visual Department, uses his expertise to tape and video speakers plus all events.  These are accessible to interested students and visiting scholars in Special Collections.

As faculty sponsor of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), Special Collections works closely with the NSU chapter, making yearly trips to the national conference.  Through its educational programs, AISES offers opportunities for American Indians to pursue studies in science, engineering, business, math, and other academic areas.  Annually, hundreds of American Indians over the United States receive scholarships, of which, an impressive number of NSU American Indian students receive these scholarships.  AISES is a great organization that promotes and actually furnishes career opportunities by having available, for the students, corporations, organizations, government agencies, and laboratories that extend employment.  Each year, Janet Bahr, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs,  receives my Special Collections conference report.

Special Collections is in partnership with education to better prepare, not only American Indian students but all students, towards attaining their highest potential.  

Submitted by: Delores T. Sumner

Journal 1999-2000

May 7              Answered a phone request from a Ms. Weaver, Weston, FL, regarding an obituary.  Was unable to locate obituary on Robert Coffer and requested more information from Ms. Weaver.                                                                                                                

May 12            John Chaffin from Locust Grove, OK, via phone requested information on                 
Cherokee legends (face in cliff).

                        Julie Scott, Park Hill, OK, (phone) wanted Creek poet, Joy Harjo’s address.

May 18            C.H. Parker, NSU, asked for a list of American Indian WWI veterans.

May 26           Wallace Coffey from Santa Fe, NM, requested dates for 28th Annual Symposium                                            powwow.

June 15            Steve Folsom, OSU, asked information on a microfilm held in SPC, “Indian
Affairs, U.S. Army and U.S. Dept. of War; U.S. Dept. of Indian Affairs.”

                        C.H. Parker, NSU, wanted photos of Seminary murals for restorers to refer to in                                              restoration process.

June 18            Patron had a reference question on Ned Christie books.  Will come to SPC to
                        review information.

Wayne Gibson, Orange, CA, sought information on John A. Bell.

June 20           Karen McManus from Benton, AR, sought copies of 1999 Symposium lectures for use in
                       her classroom.  She sent several blank tapes and SPC was able to copy the required 
                       lectures for her.

June 21            Wayne D. Gibson from Orange, CA, was sent information regarding John A. Bell.  A bibliography was also sent with the information.

June 22            Sandra Stroud from Chi Hullo Li, Talihina, requested resources on Choctaw                              
stories and/or legends.

June 28            Phone call from Wayne Gibson, Orange, CA, regarding John A. Bell.

June 29            Montgomery Wolf, Atlanta, GA, Atlanta historical organization, requested an                             
original copy of the “1838 Memorial of Cherokee Delegation."

July 5               NSU instructor, Andrew Vassar, researched information for his dissertation about Native American playwrights. 

Student worker, Cathy McCormick, received a thank you and additional email request from Wayne D. Gibson regarding research into his family history (Bells and Gibsons).

July 6               Oklahoma State University student, Steve Locy, wanted clarification about Special Collections Cherokee and Indian Territory collection.

July 7               Carolyn Polaske from Wallingford, CT, asked for information from Indian-Pioneer Papers on WPA Projects during the Depression and George Woodward.

Marty Hayes from New Dimensions, Arkansas, was seeking information on area festivals, at NSU and public schools.

July 8               Montgomery Wolf from University of Tennessee requested images of signatures from “The Cherokee Memorial to Congress.”

July 12             Yona Catron, graduate student from the University of Iowa, asked to spend research time in Special Collections working on her dissertation about Five Civilized Tribes freedmen, primarily oral history.

Christina Carvalho, Native American Connections (California), needed the name of a contact person for the inclusion of the symposium pow-wow in their published pow-wow listing.

July 14             Janice Burness, Kensington, CT, requested an obituary on John H. Burgess (d. March 11, 1922) from area newspapers.

July 19             Responded to a phone request from Janice Burness, regarding an obituary of John H. Burgess and any other articles with information about his shooting in March, 1922.

July 20             Answered a June 7 letter from Prof. Thomas D. Watts, University of Texas at Arlington, regarding “call for papers” at Symposium on the American Indian.  The symposium does not have a “call for papers.”

July 23             Special Collections area served as host for informal lecture and luncheon for Dr. Nancy Maryboy.  Dr. Maryboy is Cherokee and Navajo Indian working at the Dine’ College in Tsaile, AZ.  She discussed the Stargazer Programs and other projects affecting Native American women and the Cherokee weaving.  Center for Tribal Studies and Native Womens Cooperative also hosted the event.

                         Jack Dunham, Tulsa, asked for “new” information on Trail of Tears.

July 23             Special Collections answered a May 9 letter request from Vicki Rounsavall, Fayetteville, AR, concerning a family name (Dickinson, Dickerson, Dickesson).

July 26             Fay, a librarian at the Ballingham Public Library in Ballingham, Washington made an interlibrary loan request for information from the Tulsa Daily World, June 1942.

July 29             Frankie Dreadfulwater, Cherokee artist, made a phone request regarding marketing of artwork and possible art connections.

Joe Natale (Document Delivery, University of Connecticut) made an interlibrary loan request for a reel of microfilm of the Indian Citizen.                                                                                requested information via email on Native American adoption records and Cherokee orphanages.

July 30             High school student from Oklahoma City, asked for information on American Indian scientists for research project.  Librarian gave student the name of several including Fred Begay.

Aug 6               Researched and faxed information on Cherokees first alliance with Great Britain in 1730 for James Heap of Rich-Heap films, Dallas, Texas.  A movie about the Trail of Tears is being filmed in Dallas.

Park Hill patron requested help on researching names on the Confederate rolls in Cherokee County.

Aug 9               On request, mailed copies of the 1730 alliance with Great Britain to James Heap.  Faxed information did not copy well.

Margaret Rainey, Cherokee Election Board, Tahlequah, requested information and names on the Cherokee election commission prior to 1983.

Fay, librarian from the Ballingham Public Library, Ballingham, Washington, sought information on a comic strip found in the Tulsa Daily World, 1942.  A patron wanted a copy of the strip because of a character named “Merrily” who was her namesake.

Jennie Terrapin, Cherokee Cultural Center, requested information.

Aug 10             Visitor given a tour of SPC .  Shown the rare unique history of the Cherokee collection.

                        Shelly Haffner, Jupiter, Florida, sought information for a territorial tour including Seminary Hall, Thompson House and Special Collections.

Aug 10             Tenna Kane, Redding, CA, requested information on Cherokee flag, Cherokee Advocate, words from the Cherokee dictionary and the Anti-Horse Thief Association.

Aug 16             Sent a thank you letter to Ms. Sparks for the donation of her book, Manard: A Local History to SPC.

                        Sent thank you letter to Wayne Gibson for the donation of his article on John Adair Bell.

                        Email message sent to, regarding information on Native American adoption records or locations of Cherokee orphanages.  Sent several addresses and phone numbers on sources that may be helpful.

Aug 17             Janice Burness, Connecticut, wanted information on Caney Cemetery in Adair County.

                        Sent materials to Tenna Kane, Redding, CA, regarding Cherokee flag, Cherokee Advocate, some Cherokee words and the Anti-Horse Thief Association.

Aug 20 Fay,     Ballingham Public Library, was faxed information on the comic strip from the Tulsa Daily World with the character “Merrily.”  Received a phone call later stating the copy was okay except for the area containing the name of the comic strip and its author.

                        Marianne Carmichael, California, wanted permission to use Cherokee resources for her unpublished book illustrations.   Will be researching next week in SPC.

Aug 24             Researched Kiowa artists for NSU Public Relations for their upcoming ribbon-cutting “mural” project.

                        John Cox, Peggs, OK School principal, needed information on how to preserve 1900's newspapers.

Aug 25-27       Marion Carmichael, researched materials and illustrations in SPC for her upcoming publication for Cherokee children.

Aug 27             Pauline Foster, Muskogee Public Library, needed a copy of the 1899 Muskogee Daily Phoenix.

Aug 30             Reference questions from Malinda Sheffield (765-285-3124) regarding nativistic movements and traditionalism in Cherokee history for masters thesis.

Aug 30             Dr. Ben Kracht’s Ethnology of the American Indian class visited SPC and learned about the resources available to them for their research paper.

                        Received thank you letter to Delores T. Sumner from Shelly Haffner regarding information shared with her during her travels through Oklahoma.

Sep 1               Sent via fax, information on historically significant places in Tahlequah to Carolyn Sales.  She and Pam Williams were preparing an application to the State Historical Society to develop a plan to restore these places.

Sep 3               Nancy Garber, NSU, requested the number on last year’s symposium (27th Annual) and 2000 dates.

Sep 7               Received thank you note from Carolyn Sales (Secretary for Team 2000) for the assistance SPC provided her for the application to the State Historical Society.

Sep 8               LL Culver, Tahlequah, wanted information on Dr. Larry D. Sumner, VA Hospital, Muskogee.

Sep 9               Patron from Eugene, OR researching Cherokee documents (circa 1800).

Sep 10             Karen Kilcup, Dept. of English, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, requested “Mouse’s Will” from Wreaths of Cherokee Rosebuds and “A Dream” from Cherokee Rosebuds be sent to her.

Sep 14             Sent thank you letter to Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma for considering Delores T. Sumner as a library consultant in their application to the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences.  Was unable to accept the responsibility at this time because of obligations to John Vaughan Library.

Cornell Pewewardy, University of Kansas (785-864-9687), requested information on 2000 symposium and wanted to volunteer his expertise in tribal singing and flute playing.

Sep 17             Faxed Charles Cartwright-Frank a transmission that stated we were unable to locate the information he requested.  Obituary he was searching for could not be found in area newspapers or cemetery books.

Sep 21             NSU committee meeting “Save the Murals” , 3pm.

Sep 22             Returned papers (story) “Running Deer of the Cherokees” to B. Marian Carmichael, Huntington Beach, CA.  Suggested that the lengthy material be used to make two books instead of one.

Sep 24             Sent a one page fax to Iris Laryea regarding the history of Tahlequah High School.

                        NSU “Save the Mural” committee’s ribbon-cutting dedication of mural restoration, 9:30am.

Sep 27             Patron, Louisville, Kentucky, requested information on Indian census location.

                        Amanda Cobb, New Mexico State University student, wanted information on microfilms, “Missionary Herald, 1830" and “Cherokee Advocate, 1879.”  Also “Tokshish.”

Sep 28             Sent letter to Ponca City Library regarding SPC interlibrary loan policy.  SPC unable to fill their request.

Letter to Ms. Simpson, Tulsa City-County Library Interlibrary Loan Dept., regarding SPC loaning policy.  Material they requested could not be filled.  Suggested that material (Muskogee Times-Democrat) could be purchased from Oklahoma Historical Society.

Sep 29             Library Director’s meeting on SPC renovation, 3pm.

                        Researched for Tahlequah City Engineer the history of “Camp Derby.”

Sep 30-Oct 2   Oklahoma Native Language Association 3-day annual meeting in Preston, OK.

Oct 7               Delta Kappa Gamma meeting (educational teachers organization).  Elected corresponding secretary.

                        Library Faculty meeting.

Oct 12             Park Hill patron sought information regarding the history and location of Golda Mills.

Oct 13             Todd Mutzig, Tahlequah, requested history of the “Hinds” building or old Dawes Building.

Oct 14             Sandy Stroud, Talihina, OK, phone request for patterns of the Seven Clans of the Cherokees

Oct 15             Dr. Durbin Feeling English Comp I class, 32 students

                        NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting

Oct 18             Received a phone request from Jenora Beartail, Tahlequah, seeking a probate listing of John C. Bolyn from a local newspaper.

Oct 19-20        NIEA (National Indian Education Association) conference in OKC

Oct 19             Amy, Arkansas City (Kansas)Public Library, requested a book (The Story of Two Towns: A History of Row-Colcord) from SPC.  Faxed a form letter informing them that we do not loan out SPC materials.

Jaime Osterman, Takona Park, MD, was mailed copies of “A Wreath of Cherokee Rosebuds” and “Cherokee Rosebuds” as requested.

Gretchen Crowe, ( was sent an email message regarding a request for a Jake Chanate video we do not have.

                        Olivia Scudder, English Comp I class, 18 students.

Oct 20             Sent letter to Jenora Beartail informing her that were unable to fill her request for a probate listing.  Suggested that our dates may have been wrong and offered further assistance.

Oct 25             Received request from Nick Rosenthal, Dept. of History, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, for copies of Students in Higher Education.

                        Olivia Scudder English Comp I class.

Oct 26             Filled request from Nick Rosenthal for copies of Students in Higher Education.

Received thank you note from Jaime Osterman, University of Maryland, Takona Park, for sending materials regarding “A Wreath of Cherokee Rosebuds.”

Oct 27             Brenda Melord from Arkansas City, AR, requested microfilm or book on the early history of Muskogee.

Oct 28             Tricia Guerra, Saginaw, MI, wanted to know if Potawatome and Cherokee are similar.

For Annual report: The Special Collections Symposium videos from 1973-1999 have been viewed and completed.  Forms were completed on each video.  The information analyzed were: time/date of event; title of program(s); speaker(s); a program summary; and subjects(s) and people to be emphasized.  Additional information included video condition, picture quality, and taping problem(s), if any.  The three-year project in creating accessibility to the American Indian Symposium video collection has been accomplished.  The videos are now being catalogued by Technical Services.

Nov 3              NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting 8am.

Nov 4              Delta Kappa Gamma meeting.

Nov 4              Donna Hightower Langston, Mankato, MN researching Wilma Mankiller and Cherokee politics circa 1960's to 1990's.

Mary L. Worthy of Greenville, SC needed to find alleged 1684 treaty signed by the Cherokees.

Scott Diles of Little Rock, AR requested information on the industries presently owned by the Cherokee Nation.

From Salado, TX, Mr. Barnes is trying to locate an obituary (1860) in our Cherokee Advocate newspaper collection.

Nov 8              Mary Oosahwee, Tahlequah, requested historical information on the Murrell Home.

Peter Coser, Okmulgee, wanted information & a biography on a 1994 Symposium speaker.

Nov 9              Robert Russell, California, wanted the “John Ross Papers”

Nov 15            Louise Cameron, Cherokee Landing (696-7045) was trying to locate the newspaper in which a 1949 championship SHS football team’s picture was published.

Nov 16            A patron, or Library Reference, will send a blank tape for W. Cochran’s 26th Annual 1998 video.

                        E-mail request from NY, NY regarding the Miller Roll. 

Nov 18            Charlotte Hudgins, Liberty, MO (816-415-0487), wanted verification that her great grandfather, James Hickey, was on the Trail of Tears as a soldier.

Nov 18-21       AISES Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Nov 22            University of Tulsa Law Library requested information on a video recording by Charlie Gourd & Rev. Julian Judd.

Nov 29            Dr. Sawyer, University of Arkansas (501-549-3125), requested information on “Flaming Rainbow” status as an accredited university.

Dr. Aldridge, Tahlequah (456-5727), wanted verification of when Oklahoma Indians were allowed to vote in state elections, as Indians were not U.S. citizens until June 24, 1924.

Nov 30             Sandy Stroud, Talihina, Ok, wanted a copy of “The fry-bread test,” a speech given by Cornel Pewewardy.

Dec 2               Indian Heritage Committee meeting at Center For Tribal Studies, noon.

A selected number of NSU faculty and American Indian counselors met at 2pm with a representative from Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation to recruit minorities in the field of Social Sciences, Computer Science, and Liberal Science and Education.

Dec 3               Request, from Sandy Stroud, Talihina, OK, a biography of an American Indian professor teacher, at the University of Kansas.

Dec 5               Request on the location of two Cherokee cemeteries from Melinda Morrison of                         Minco, OK.

Dec 6               Patron, Utah, wanted to know how she could find out what tribe she is.

Dec 8               Camran, NSU student, wanted to know the percentage of Native American population.

Stephanie Kaiser from Jay, OK requested per phone oral history on the Cherokees during the Trail of Tears.

Jan 10              Nursing student from Bill Willis School, Tahlequah, researched cultural belief in the subject of pregnancy and monthly cycle of women.

Jan 11              Patron, Wisconsin, requested information on James Adair’s book “Out of Fame,” a rare book

                        Jay High School students, 29,  researched for History Day entries.        

Jan 12              Paula O’Dell, Woodard Public Library (405-254-8544 ext. 445), needed information from the Journal on the American Indian culture/research.

Jan 13              Ellen, from Cherokee Heritage Center, Tahlequah, needed information for reference and referral.

Jan 14              Cricket Strain, Boulder, CO (918-293-1067), needed information on a scholarship available for American Indian students majoring in education.

Jan 17              Nancy Johnson, Gettysburg College Musselman Library, 300 N. Washington St. Gettysburg, PA 17325 (717-337-7022), requested 2 video presentations by

                        Dr. Richard Grounds, a 1996 NSU Symposium speaker.

Jan 18              Sandy Stroud, Talihina, requested articles from 1998 Winds of Change and biography of Cornell Pewewardy, professor at the University of Kansas. 

Jan 19              Dr. Terri Baker’s class “Cultural Activities of 5CT,” 15 students.

Jan 21              Ginger Brown, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, wanted information on history of the Cherokee Nation complex building.

Jan 31              Clint Crowe, Stillwater (918-742-2827), requested information on Pawnee Indian Boarding School in the 1930's.

Nancy McClure, Stillwater, requested information on Pawnee Indian Boarding School in the 1930's.

Feb 3               Sandy Stroud, Talihina, wanted Symposium information.

Presentation to Delta Kappa Gamma on history of SPC and the American Indian collection, 23 members.           

Feb 4               Sammy Still, Cherokee Nation, wanted photos of Cherokee Hall of Famers.

                        Gary Franklin, OK City (405-681-3548), wanted information on a sculptor.

Feb 4               Center for Tribal Studies - Native American Language meeting with professors from the University of Kansas and NSU American Indian faculty to discuss developing language curriculum, 10am.

Feb 4               Workshop on the OSU-Tulsa campus for a teaching training session to develop language curriculum.  Professors Marcellino Berardo, Tracy Hirata-Edds, Mary Linn and Akira Yamamoto presiding, 1-5pm.

Feb 10             NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting, 11am..

Feb 14             Gettysburg College, PA requested 2 videos from the 24th Annual Symposium on the American Indian.

Feb 15             Jennie Terripin, Tahlequah, researching the history of “Miss Cherokee.”

Mary O’Brien, Tulsa, researching the Indian Affairs microfilm collection and Arkansas 1800's newspapers.

Marilyn Crittenden, Tahlequah, wanted to know what type or kind of cylinder to use for a time capsule.

Feb 16             Patron, Pryor, OK, asking how to find a book/address on an OCLC

Feb 17             Last Man’s Club, Tulsa, 2 copies of their publication Shadows of the Grandfather, donated to Special Collections.

Feb 18             Patron, Fayetteville, AR, searching the year 1900 in the Muskogee newspaper for a robbery and murder of his relative.

12 Junior High students from Colcord, OK, working on their History Day project.

Feb 21             Dan Agent, Cherokee Advocate editor, requested biography of Chance Rush, a motivational speaker.

Feb 22             J.C. Library, Jefferson County, MO, requested information on a rare 1867 book on the history of Cherokees in Tennessee.

Feb 23             Patron, from Muskogee, wanted history on Chapel Springs, 2 ½ S of Tahlequah.

Feb 25             Cherokee Nation, Dan Agent, Tahlequah, requested information on motivational speaker, Chance Rush and biographies on two American Indian sculptors.

Katherine Smith, Tahlequah (456-1688), researched the historical Sycamore Inn located on the Illinois River.

LeRoy Sealy, from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, requested a copy of a 1845 Choctaw Arithmetic book

Rhonda Shafner, New York, NY requested biography and publications of Mourning Dove, a full blood Cherokee writer who died in 1835.

Feb 28             Sandy Corrigan, Mohave Valley, AZ, wanted the names of bricklayers who constructed the Cherokee Courthouse in 1841.

Feb 29             Anne Hosler, Diana, MN, requested primary sources on the Trial of Tears

Joyce Rock, Gore, OK, requested fry bread / wild onion & eggs recipes.

Mar 1               Darlene Prichett, Cherokee Nation (ext.2356), requested videos on Trail of Tears and Dawes Allotment.

Mar 2               Dela Wolf, Locust Grove Middle School (479-5244), wanted records on the family of Elias Boudinot & John Ross. 

                        Indian Heritage Committee meeting, 3pm
Delta Kappa Gamma meeting, 4pm

Mar 7               Co-coordinated, with NSU Heritage Committee, the annual fundraiser for the Symposium on the American Indian.

Mar 8               Ruby Whiteturkey, Tahlequah, wanted information on Arts & Crafts festival during Symposium.

Mar 9               American Indian Fund Association, Boulder, CO, researched the Irish/Cherokee connection.

                        Graduate student, from Stillwater, OK, searched for a 1990 book by George Otey.

Mar 10             Hugh Foley, Native American Studies, Rogers State University, Claremore, OK, requested a list of what videos Special Collections has on Native American languages. 

Mar 20             Henry Hagle, Park Hill, wanted information on Arts & Crafts.

                        Dick Zahm, Nole, MO, wanted information on Native Americans in Civil War.

Mar 21             Amelia Codopony, Apache, OK, inquired about wild onions and requested a recipe.

Stacey Estes, Hagen Memorial Library, Williamsburg, KY (606-539-4134), requested Inter-Library Loan.

Geraldine Walkabout, Park Hill, requested information about the home of the Native American artist who painted Sequoyah’s picture hanging in the State Capitol.

Mar 22             Arranged Symposium on the American Indian reception for American Indian authors, to be held April 13.

Mar 23             Spoke to Sequoyah High School marketing class on “How to conduct an American Indian Symposium” and fund-raising tips.

NSU student, wanted information about an oral interview on history of Annual Symposium on the American Indian.

Mar 24             Patron, Arkansas, requested information on an article by Richard W. Payne, an Oklahoma writer and anthropologist.

                        Nathalie Boyd (316-721-3094), researched Tahlequah obituaries. 

Mar 28             Margaret Martz, Irvine, CA (949-786-2992), requested research on James / Darius Word & the 1862 killing of James, descendant of George Lowery, prominent Cherokee. 

Mar 29             Steve Adams, McAlester, OK (918-423-1706), searched Civil War records for Confederate Veterans history of a skirmish in the McAlester area on August 26, 1863.

JP Smith, Joplin, MO, researched Civil War history & requested Symposium brochure.

Mar 30             Dr. Ted Legatski, NSU Faculty, requested writing & pronunciation of Buffalo in the Cherokee language.

Professor Gene Wells, Westark College, Ft. Smith, AR (501-788-7557), wanted Symposium history for their school newsletter.

Mar 31             Carol Richmond, Tulsa, OK, wanted Symposium information.

Apr 3               LeRoy Sealey, McAlester, wanted SPC’s American Indian language collection                        bibliography. 

Apr 4               Letha Wise, Muskogee, wanted information on Delaware beadwork/design.                        Judge for the NSU History Day 11am-2pm                  

Apr 6               Theo Smith, Discovery Channel, Washington, D.C., requested Cherokee Methodist Church history during IT era. 

                        NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting, 3:30pm
Delta Kappa Gamma meeting, 4:30pm                                    

Apr 11-15        35 people wanted information on the Symposium on the American Indian.                        Co-Chair the Symposium on the American Indian 

Apr 12             Ms. Martz, Irvine, California, called and requested information, and also wanted a 
copy of an entire book.

Apr 18             Indian Heritage Executive meeting, 10am

Apr 19             Student Supervisory meeting.

Apr 20             Carl January, McAlester, documentary on Alcatraz, wanted to know if we had his book in the history section.  If not, would we review the book for purchase. 

Apr 24             Lawrence Pinnie, wanted the author of “Passing of Spanish Traditionism.”

Apr 25             Meeting/Destinations student meeting

Apr 26             Wynema Smith, Cherokee Nation (ext.2899), requested information on how to setup an information center for the Nation.

Apr 28             Paper submitted to Oklahoma Library Association on Special Collections 

May 2              Susan Juhala, Rapid City, SD, wanted information on Cherokee Civil War units.

Meetings 1999 - 2000

Sep 21             NSU Committee meeting, 3pm
                        ASave The Murals@

Sep 29             Library Director=s meeting on SPC renovation, 3pm

Oct 7               Delta Kappa Gamma meeting, 4pm
                        Library Faculty Committee meeting, 2pm

Oct 15             NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting, 3pm

Nov 3              NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting, 8am

Nov 4              Delta Kappa Gamma meeting, 4pm

Dec 2               NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting, noon
                        Special meeting with representative from Bill Gates Foundation, 2pm

Feb 3               Delta Kappa Gamma meeting, 4pm

Feb 4               Center for Tribal Studies - Native American Language meeting, 10am
                         Workshop on the OSU-Tulsa campus, 1-5pm

Feb 10             NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting, 11am

Mar 2               Indian Heritage Committee meeting, 3pm 
Delta Kappa Gamma meeting, 4pm

Apr 6               NSU Indian Heritage Committee meeting, 3:30pm 
                        Delta Kappa Gamma meeting, 4:30pm 

Apr 18             Indian Heritage Executive meeting, 10am

Apr 19             Student Supervisory meeting

Apr 25             Meetings/Destinations student meeting

CLASSES 1999-2000


Instructor                                Class                                       Students

Fall 1999                    

Aug 30                         Dr. Ben Kracht Ethnology of the American Indian               24

Oct 15                         Dr. Durbin Feeling        English Comp I                              32

Oct 19                         Olivia Scudder  English Comp I                              18

Oct 25                         Olivia Scudder  English Comp I                              18


Spring 2000

Jan 11                          Jay High School            History Day                                               29

Jan 19                          Dr. Terri Baker Cultural Activities of 5CT                           15

Feb 18                         Colcord Junior High      History Day                                               12

Systems & Technology Support Services

Shifting roles was the theme of the year in the Access Systems & Technology Support areas. The reorganization begun in May 1999 moved more slowly than we hoped. The Access Systems Librarian, Helen Hill, was to transition out of her role as Interlibrary loan & Document delivery supervisor into her role as Unix system administrator. This move was dependent upon the DD technician being upgraded to full-time. This upgrade has yet to be funded, so Helen has continued to assist in ILL/DD as a trainer and substitute.

Meanwhile, Helen spent much of the summer attending classes on Unix, system administration, Oracle, and VTLS software, in anticipation of her new role of administering the new library Unix mainframe.

Coordinator of Technology Support, Mike Shehi, took on the role of Library Webmaster this year. This role occupied much of his spring as the library moved its web site from the university server to the library server. Both Helen and Mike served on the Library Web committee, and played very active roles in the transition between servers.

Much activity during November, December and January revolved around the campus conversion to the Windows NT operating system. Mike and Helen both were busy coordinating with Computing & Telecommunications staff during and after the conversion. Although many problems surfaced initially (and some were unrelated to NT itself), the library=s interface with the campus network seemed to stabilize in the late spring.

 In December, Helen installed a Y2K patch for the library catalog system. Then in May, she installed a major update to the system and web gateway software. This upgrade included fixes to several persistent bugs. Throughout the year, she responded to problem calls and performance issues regarding the library server, rarely consulting with Computing & Telecommunications staff.

 Technology Support staff were quite busy during the year responding to 973 workorders from all parts of the library. They also completed two computer inventories, two building inventories, and several surplus efforts. Computer memories were upgraded, and computers were rotated everywhere as new equipment arrived.

In the spring, the Access Systems office was joined with the Technology Support unit to provide extra support for each area. This unit will administer the library server, library database, library catalog software, and web server software. It will also provide technical support for library personal computers, and act as liaison with Microcomputing Services.

Submitted by Helen Hill, June 2000

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