In support of our vision to provide quality products and services in response to our patrons needs, we support each other in our work by ascribing and aspiring to these common workplace values:

1. TEAMWORK: Working together cooperatively is our keystone value. Show flexibility and a willingness to adapt to change. Share responsibility for the goals of the organization and departments. Trust each other, support ideas, take risks and encourage innovation. Expect organization and time management from each other. Show leadership in recognizing different points of view and resolve personal conflicts responsibly. Communicate about department goals and projects, procedures, library information and anything that would help others do their jobs better.

2. EQUIPMENT AND WORK ENVIRONMENT: Promote a positive and healthy physical environment in which to work. Provide necessary supplies and equipment in good working order. Show concern and attention to temperature, lighting, cleanliness, and ergonomic aspects of the area. Take responsibility for safety of equipment, materials and coworkers. Keep common areas clean and maintain an atmosphere that helps everyone work productively.

3. COMMUNICATION AND CARING: Create a positive mental environment by treating each other and our patrons with common courtesy at all times. Communicate honestly and respectfully of others even in their absence. Show care for individuals by listening and trying to see other viewpoints. Respect an individualís personal space, as well as their other personal choices. Care and encourage personal initiatives, learning goals and community service.

We bring to our teamwork our own personal initiative to be the best we can be.

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