Temporary Records


NSU Library Online Catalog

Temporary records are placed in the catalog to allow for access to certain material or information prior to when the full catalog record is entered. There are generally three types of Temporary Records in our catalog:

    1. On order records for material not yet received in the library;

    2. Temporary records for material "rushed" for use;

    3. Temporary records for new material received in Government Publications or Oklahoma Documents.

Each of these types relays slightly differing amounts of information and may vary in completeness.

ON ORDER RECORDS are placed in the catalog when the material is ordered by the library. The record will have a note that says: TEMPORARY RECORD.  These usually include materials that are not found on OCLC or are RUSH ordered.

This material is not in the library yet. Normally, most material takes a minimum of three months from the time the order is placed to the time the material is received and processed for the shelf. When the material is ready for circulation, theTEMPORARY RECORD will be replaced with a full cataloging record.

If you are interested in using a title with a TEMPORARY RECORD note, the circulation desk can place a hold on the material so that when the material is available you can be notified.

TEMPORARY RECORDS for items "RUSHED" for use are usually brief records, but they will have circulation information showing the location and current status of the items. They will have call numbers and the material is available for use.

We automatically add TEMPORARY RECORDS for brand new Government Publications titles in the catalog and for some newer Oklahoma documents. While these records are brief, they will have circulation information showing the location and currect status of the material. This material is available for use.

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