Current Goals


Check-in card Deletion Project.
The number of old check-in cards needs to be addressed. A project in November 2014 should address this problem. Create lists and delete records can be used with some quality control checking to delete all check-in records for newspapers older than January 2013 and other weekly serials older than January 2012 and other check-in cards older than 2011. We will inform BA and Muskogee before the records are deleted.

Currently Received cleanup.
Recently, titles are not being closed out when cancelled, ceased or switched to online. Many titles say currently received, but really are not. Generate a list of titles not received in the last year. Review, including checking order records to see if titles should be made Not Currently Received. As status is changed, count statistics. October 2014.

Why are we getting file.
Go through the Why are we getting file to identify title changes, new titles, and titles to discard. September 2014.

Plan for the 2014 textbook event.
Withdraw materials, arrange room, print and distribute letters and host event. Summer/Fall 2014

Bound Withdrawn Periodicals bid.
Finish pulling and withdrawing volumes from lists, fall 2014. Research bid process, spring 2015. Identify vendors, compile bid list, send bids and finish by June 30, 2015.

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