What Does "TO BIND" Mean?

"To Bind" appears in boxes on the Latest received screen.  It means something was sent to be bound at our bindery in Indiana.

 If a book or periodical is at bindery, there will be an indication on the check-in box that is located when you follow the link that says "Latest Received". There will be a date on the box. The date is the date that it is to return from the bindery.   


    To Bind box examples

 Magazines are pulled for the bindery a week before they leave the building for our commercial binder. They are gone for three weeks. It takes about a few weeks to be returned to the shelf as a bound volume.


The bindery shipments are scheduled every three weeks during the fall and spring semesters. The schedule may vary when classes are not in session and during the summer. One shipment is picked up for binding and the previous shipment is returned to Technical Services for processing. For information on bindery timelines consult the online catalog for BINDERY RETURN DATE or call Elizabeth at ext. 3286. 

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Last update: April 4, 2014