Functions in Plain English

How Are Materials Added to the Collections?

Technical Services Functions in Plain English

Materials added to the library's collections come from different sources:

  • Suggestions made by faculty staff and students
  • Materials ordered by library staff to support academic programs
  • Materials received through subscription services
  • Gifts and donations

Acquisitions Department

Once suggestions have been made, materials go through the acquisitions process. The Acquisitions Department obtains materials for the library by performing these important functions:

  • Verifying availability of suggested materials and identifying sources
  • Ordering materials approved for library purchase
  • Receiving all incoming materials, including gifts, and processing invoices
  • Claiming items ordered, but not received
  • Maintaining fund accounts and serial subscription lists
  • Creating On Order records for the library catalog

Cataloging Department

The Cataloging Department provides access to new materials added to the collection. To add something new to the collection, Cataloging must

  • Create a permanent record for anything added to the collection
  • Assign subject headings and call numbers to materials
  • Provide physical processing and labeling of materials
  • Create item specific records for materials showing number of copies available, physical location, and circulation status
  • Review the Online catalog for accuracy and up-to-date terminology
  • Distribute newly added materials

Collection Maintenance Department

The Collection Maintenance Department performs similar tasks except that they handle items received through subscription or on a periodic basis--all those magazines, newspapers, journals, and serials. Collection Maintenance

  • Checks in items as they are received
  • Claims items not received
  • Maintains accurate holdings statements
  • Provides physical processing and labeling of materials
  • Prepares volumes for permanent binding
  • Mends and preserves library materials
  • Removes items no longer needed in collections

Director's Office

The Director's Office provides management functions to allow Departments to be successful in performing their tasks.

  • Provides statistical reports and budget requests
  • Submits an annual report
  • Communicates information inside and outside of Technical Services
  • Coordinates special projects
  • Coordinates personnel
  • Takes responsibility for supplies, equipment and technological developments

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