New Books - June 2012

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BL304 .J67 2010
Joseph Campbell and the power of myth [videorecording]. Silver Spring, MD :
Athena : Distributed by Acorn Media, c2010.

BM487 .W75 2010
Writing the Dead Sea scrolls [videorecording]. [Washington, D.C.] :
National Geographic, c2010.

BM657.A8 Q47 2012
Quest for the lost Ark [videorecording]. [New York] : A&E Television
Networks, c2012.

BS621 .B4973 2009
The Bible's buried secrets [videorecording]. [Boston, Mass.] : WGBH Boston
Video, c2009.

CDisk 1461
Getz, Stan. Stan Getz plays [sound recording]. [S.l.] : Verve Records,

CDisk 1462
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra. I'm getting sentimental over you [sound
recording]. Roswell, Ga. : Nichevo Productions, p1990.

CDisk 1463
Armstrong, Louis. The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens. Volume II [sound recording].
New York, NY : Columbia, p1988.

CDisk 1464
Dorsey, Tommy. The seventeen number ones [sound recording]. New York : RCA,

CDisk 1465
Carmichael, Hoagy. Classics [sound recording]. London : Object Enterprises,

DS131 .D544 2012
Digging for the truth. The lost tribe of Israel [videorecording]. [New
York] : A & E Television Networks, c2012.

PN1992.77 .N357 2007
NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Season 3 [videorecording].
Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Pictures : CBS DVD : [Distributed by]
Paramount Home Entertainment, c2007.

NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The complete first season
[videorecording]. Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Pictures : CBS DVD :
[Distributed by] Paramount Home Entertainment, c2006.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The complete second season
[videorecording]. Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Pictures : CBS DVD :
[Distributed by] Paramount Home Entertainment, c2006.

PN1997 .R22554 2004
Rain man (Motion picture). Rain man [videorecording]. Special ed. Santa
Monica, CA : MGM Home Entertainment, c2004.

PN1997.2 .R624 2003
Road to perdition (Motion picture). Road to Perdition [videorecording].
Widescreen. Universal City, CA : DreamWorks Home Entertainment, [2003]

PR2807.A23 Z4 2010
Hamlet (Motion picture : 1990). Hamlet [videorecording]. Burbank, CA :
Distributed by Warner Home Video, c2010.

PR2837.A23 N86 2005
Twelfth night (Motion picture : 1996). Twelfth night, or, What you will
[videorecording]. Chatsworth, CA : Distributed by Image Entertainment,

PT8868 .A38 2007
Hedda Gabler (Television program : 1980). Hedda Gabler [videorecording].
Port Washington, NY : Koch Vision : Distributed by Koch Entertainment,

RA784 .E476 2012
Energy balance [videorecording]. [Owatonna, MN] : Learning ZoneXpress,

TX681 .C66 2010
The cooking process [videorecording] how food changes. New York, N.Y. :
Meridian Education, c2010.



BF173 .B68127 2012
Borch-Jacobsen, Mikkel. The Freud files : an inquiry into the history of
psychoanalysis. Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press,

BF723.S43 M55 2011
Milevsky, Avidan. Sibling relationships in childhood and adolescence :
predictors and outcomes. New York : Columbia University Press, c2011.

BJ1581.2 .C66 1995
Covey, Stephen R. First things first : to live, to love, to learn, to leave
a legacy. 1st Fireside ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, 1995.

BL640 .N88 2012
Nussbaum, Martha Craven. The new religious intolerance : overcoming the
politics of fear in an anxious age. Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of
Harvard University Press, 2012.

BL860 .L56 2002
Lindow, John. Norse mythology : a guide to the Gods, heroes, rituals, and
beliefs. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002, c2001.

BL1802 .F69 2008
Fowler, Jeaneane D. Chinese religions : beliefs and practices. Brighton ;
Portland, Or. : Sussex Academic Press, 2008.

BL2525 .M356 2008
Mann, Gurinder Singh. Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs in America : a short
history. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

BP77.7 .R64 2012
Rodgers, Russ. The generalship of Muhammad : battles and campaigns of the
Prophet of Allah. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2012.

BQ7930 .N67 2010
Norman, Alexander. Secret lives of the Dalai Lama : the untold story of the
holy men who shaped Tibet, from pre-history to the present day. 1st U.S.
ed. New York : Doubleday, [2010]

BV4930 .J68 2012
Journeys of faith : evangelicalism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and
Anglicanism. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, c2012.

BX830 1962 .F58 2012
Faggioli, Massimo. Vatican II : the battle for meaning. New York : Paulist
Press, c2012.

BX6462.3 .F56 2012
Flowers, Elizabeth Hill. Into the pulpit : Southern Baptist women & power
since World War II. Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press,

D757 .M397 2012
Mercatante, Steven D. Why Germany nearly won : a new history of the Second
World War in Europe. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, c2012.

D767.4 .S58 2012
Sloan, Bill. Undefeated : America's heroic fight for Bataan and Corregidor.
1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2012.

DA154.1 .F66 2011
Foot, Sarah. thelstan : the first king of England. New Haven : Yale
University Press, c2011.

DK215 .D83 2011
Duckers, Peter. The Crimean War at sea : naval campaigns against Russia
1854-6. Barnsley, South Yorkshire : Pen & Sword Maritime, 2011.

DS371.2 .B725 2011
Braithwaite, Rodric. Afgantsy : the Russians in Afghanistan, 1979-89. New
York : Oxford University Press, c2011.

E99.Y5 B874 2012
Burns, Mike. The only one living to tell : the autobiography of a Yavapai
Indian. Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2012.

E179.5 .G375 2011
Garavaglia, Louis A. To the wide Missouri : traveling in America during the
first decades of westward expansion. Yardley, PA : Westholme, c2011.

E249 .G68 2012
Gould, Eliga H. Among the powers of the earth : the American Revolution and
the making of a new world empire. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University
Press, 2012.

E457.2 .D574 2012
Dirck, Brian R. Lincoln and the Constitution. Carbondale : Southern
Illinois University Press, c2012.

E457.2 .S37 2006
Schneider, Thomas E. Lincoln's defense of politics : the public man and his
opponents in the crisis over slavery. Columbia : University of Missouri
Press, c2006.

E457.2 .S893 2012
Striner, Richard. Lincoln and race. Carbondale : Southern Illinois
University Press, c2012.

E467.1.K22 K38 2008
Kautz, Lawrence G. August Valentine Kautz, USA : biography of a Civil War
general. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., Publishers, c2008.

E475.27 .R53 2004
Richard, Allan C. The defense of Vicksburg : a Louisiana chronicle. 1st ed.
College Station : Texas A & M University Press, c2004.

E476.69 .R64 2012
Roe, Lewis Franklin. From western deserts to Carolina swamps : a Civil War
soldier's journals and letters home. Albuquerque : University of New
Mexico Press, c2012.

E757 .D585 2011
DiSilvestro, Roger L. Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands : a young
politician's quest for recovery in the American West. 1st U.S. ed. New
York : Walker, 2011.

F391.K63 A4 2012
Kleberg, Robert Justus. Letters to Alice : birth of the Kleberg-King Ranch
dynasty. 1st ed. College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2012.

F391.T55 H85 2008
Howell, Kenneth Wayne. Texas Confederate, Reconstruction governor : James
Webb Throckmorton. 1st ed. College Station : Texas A & M University
Press, c2008.

F866.2 .G47 2012
Gerston, Larry N. Not so golden after all : the rise and fall of California.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2012.

G1811.S1 B376 2011
Barnes, Ian. Historical atlas of the British Isles. Barnsley, South
Yorkshire : Pen & Sword Books, 2011.

GA383 .S83 2004
Suarez, Thomas. Early mapping of the Pacific : the epic story of seafarers,
adventurers, and cartographers who mapped the Earth's greatest ocean.
Singapore : Periplus, c2004.

GV361 .M245 2011
Markula, Pirkko. Qualitative research for physical culture. Houndmills,
Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

GV1789.2 .B45 2010
National Gallery of Australia. Ballets Russes : the art of costume.
Canberra : National Gallery of Australia ; Seattle, Wash. : Distributed in
the USA by University of Washington Press, c2010.

HB3722 .D84 2012
Duncan, Richard. The new depression : the breakdown of the paper money
economy. Singapore ; Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Singapore Pte. Ltd.,

HC79.P55 S574 2012
Sinn, Hans-Werner. The green paradox : a supply-side approach to global
warming. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2012.

HC427.95 .R447 2012
Rein, Shaun. The end of cheap China : economic and cultural trends that
will disrupt the world. Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,

HD58.9 .T69 2012
Toyota by Toyota : reflections from the inside leaders on the techniques
that revolutionized the industry. Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2012.

HD8038.A1 K35 2011
Kaplan, Ari. Reinventing professional services : building your business in
the digital marketplace. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2011.

HD9502.U52 G47 2011
Geri, Laurance R. Energy policy in the U.S. : politics, challenges, and
prospects for change. Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2011.

HF3128 .N37 2012
Narratives of free trade : the commercial cultures of early US-China
relations. Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, c2012.

HQ12 .S422 2012
Sex for life : from virginity to Viagra, how sexuality changes throughout
our lives. New York : New York University Press, c2012.

HQ77.9 .N635 2006
Nobody passes : rejecting the rules of gender and conformity. Emeryville,
CA : Seal Press, c2006.

HQ77.9 .S47 2007
Serano, Julia. Whipping girl : a transsexual woman on sexism and the
scapegoating of femininity. Emeryville, CA : Seal Press, c2007.

HQ471 .B54 2011
Big Porn Inc. : exposing the harms of the global pornography industry.
North Melbourne, Vic. : Spinifex Press, 2011.

HQ1090 .B743 2008
Bribiescas, Richard G. Men : evolutionary and life history. 1st Harvard
University Press pbk. ed. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press,

HQ1206 .G582 2011
Gilligan, Carol. Joining the resistance. Cambridge, UK ; Malden, MA :
Polity, 2011.

HQ1236.5.U6 O73 2012
Osborn, Tracy L. How women represent women : political parties, gender, and
representation in the state legislatures. New York : Oxford University
Press, c2012.

HV5825 .G6954 2012
Gray, James P. Why our drug laws have failed and what we can do about it :
a judicial indictment of the war on drugs. 2nd ed. Philadelphia : Temple
University Press, 2012.

HV6432 .W66 2012
Woods, Joshua. Freaking out : a decade of living with terrorism. 1st ed.
Washington, D.C. : Potomac Books, c2012.

HV6432.6 .G86 2012
Gumbel, Andrew. Oklahoma City : what the investigation missed-- and why it
still matters. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2012.

JK468.I6 R63 2012
Rodriguez, Jose A. Hard measures : how aggressive CIA actions after 9/11
saved American lives. 1st Threshold Editions hardcover ed. New York :
Threshold Editions, 2012.

JK511 .R36 2012
Raphael, Ray. Mr. President : how and why the founders created a chief
executive. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2012.

JK2281 .H84 2012
Huffman, Alan. We're with nobody : two insiders reveal the dark side of
American politics. 1st ed. New York, NY : W. Morrow, c2012.

M22.C545 R6
Chopin, Frederic. Three rondos : from the first, critically revised,
complete edition. Melville, N.Y. : Belwin Mills Pub. Corp., [1960?]

M22.S727 A6 1992
Starer, Robert. Album for piano. New York : MCA Music Pub. ; Milwaukee,
Wis. : Dist. by Hal Leonard Pub. Corp., 1992.

M24.S827 P4
Stevens, Halsey. Partita, for harpsichord (or piano). New York, Peer
International Corp. [1969]

M25.S54 P7 1973
Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. 24 preludes and fugues, op. 87. [New
York] MCA Music [1973]

M25 .S559 op.87 1960z
Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. 24 preludes and fugues : for piano.
[Miami, FL] : Belwin Mills, [196-?]

M25.S5637 B3 1974
Silsbee, Ann. Bagatelle. Paris : Neocopie Musicale, [1974?]

M186.S8 V6
Stanley, John. Voluntary en re majeur : pour trompette et orgue. Paris :
Gerard Billaudot, c1978.

M261.C44 J8
Celebrating harvest : for B-flat trumpet and piano. [Nashville, Tenn.] :
International Trumpet Guild, c1990.

M261.H382 S6
Hartley, Walter S. Sonatina : for trumpet and piano. Fairport, New York :
Rochester Music Publishers, 1956.

M261.I12 I5 1951
Ibert, Jacques. Impromptu pour trompette et piano. Paris : A. Leduc,

M261.S68 S6
Sowerby, Leo. Sonata for trumpet and piano. New York : Remick Music, c1948.

M261.S935 C58
Suderburg, Robert. Chamber music VIII : a sonata for trumpet in C and piano.
Bryn Mawr, Pa. : Presser, c1988.

M261.W968 F2
Wurmser, Lucien. Fanfare pour trompette en Ut et Si, cornet ou bugle.
Paris, Editions Musicales Transatlantiques [c1966]

M1030.H4 C66 1983
Haydn, Michael. Concertino : for trumpet and orchestra. St. Cloud, Minn. :
Medici Music Press, c1983.

M1380.S842 M6
Stevens, Everett. Six modal miniatures for piano. Bryn Mawr, Pa., Ditson,

M1380.S844 L5
Stevens, Halsey. Six little pieces for the piano. New York, American
Composers Alliance [c1955]

MT225.S54 I5
Sheftel, Paul. Interludes : mood studies for piano. New York : Carl
Fischer, 1974.

ND613 .N383 2011
National Gallery (Great Britain). Italian paintings before 1400. London :
National Gallery Co. ; [New Haven, Conn.] : Distributed by Yale University
Press, c2011.

P40 .C356 2011
The Cambridge handbook of sociolinguistics. Cambridge ; New York :
Cambridge University Press, 2011.

PL856.U673 A61213 2011
Murakami, Haruki. 1Q84. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2011.

PL2265 .C36 2010
The Cambridge history of Chinese literature. Cambridge, UK ; New York :
Cambridge University Press, 2010.

PN4749 .N492 2011
The news and public opinion : media effects on civic life. Cambridge, UK ;
Malden, MA : Polity Press, 2011.

PR6005.H66 D376 1975
Christie, Agatha. Dead man's mirror. New York : Dell Pub. Co., 1975, c1963.

PR6005.H66 M847 2011
Christie, Agatha. A murder is announced : a Miss Marple mystery. New
York : Harper, 2011.

PR6005.H66 R4 1968
Christie, Agatha. The regatta mystery. New ed. New York : Dell Pub., 1968,

PR6005.H66 R46 1964
Christie, Agatha. Remembered death. Pocket Book ed. New York : Pocket
Books, 1964, c1945.

PR6005.H66 S4 1967
Christie, Agatha. The secret of Chimneys. New Dell ed. New York : Dell,
1967, c1925.

PR6005.H66 T395 1969
Christie, Agatha. 13 at dinner. New Dell ed. New York : Dell, 1969, c1933.

PR6005.H66 T396 1975
Christie, Agatha. 13 clues for Miss Marple. New Dell ed. New York : Dell,
1975, c1966.

PR6005.H66 T65 1946
Christie, Agatha. Towards zero. Pocket Book ed. New York : Pocket Books,
1946, c1944.

PR6005.H66 T84 1967
Christie, Agatha. The Tuesday club murders. New Dell ed. New York : Dell,
1967, c1933.

PR6005.H66 W5 1967
Christie, Agatha. The witness for the prosecution. New York : Dell, 1967,

PR6058.A9776 G66 2010
Hayder, Mo. Gone. New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, c2010.

PR6073.I558 O7 1997b
Winterson, Jeanette. Oranges are not the only fruit. New York, N.Y. :
Grove Press, [1997], c1985.

PS648.L47 D64 2009
Does your mama know? : an anthology of black lesbian coming out stories.
2nd ed., revised. Washington, D.C. : RedBone Press, 2009.

PS3509.L43 Z48 2011
Eliot, T. S. The letters of T.S. Eliot. Rev. ed. New Haven : Yale
University Press, 2011-

PS3515.E37 Z48 2011
Hemingway, Ernest. The letters of Ernest Hemingway. Cambridge : Cambridge
University Press, 2011-

PS3552.R698 H57 2011
Brown, Rita Mae. Hiss of death : a Mrs. Murphy mystery. New York : Bantam
Books, 2011.

PS3552.R698 M95 2012
Brown, Rita Mae. Murder unleashed : a novel. New York : Ballantine Books,

PS3552.R698 R8 1988b
Brown, Rita Mae. Rubyfruit jungle. New York : Bantam Books, 1988, c1973.

PS3562.A524 T46 1999
Lanier, Virginia. Ten little bloodhounds. New York : HarperCollins, c1999.

PS3608.U5925 S87 2007
Hunter, Denise. Surrender bay. Nashville, Tenn. : Thomas Nelson, c2007.

QA76.17 .A85 2010
Atkinson, Paul. Computer. London : Reaktion Books, 2010.

QA76.6 .T4493 2010
Thimbleby, Harold. Press on : principles of interaction programming. 1st
MIT Press pbk. ed. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 2010.

QA76.73.C15 C465 2010
Cheng, Harry H. C for engineers and scientists : an interpretive approach.
New York : McGraw-Hill Higher Education, c2010.

QA76.9.A25 S35 2010
Salomon, D. Elements of computer security. New York : Springer, c2010.

QA269 .B335 2011
Beck, Jozsef. Combinatorial games : tic-tac-toe theory. Pbk. ed.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011.

QB843.P8 M34 2008
McNamara, Geoff. Clocks in the sky : the story of pulsars. Berlin ; New
York : Springer ; Chichester, U.K. : Published in association with Praxis,

QC806 .L47 2007
Lichtenberg, D. B. The universe and the atom. Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J.
: World Scientific, c2007.

QH541.15.B56 M325 2008
Maclaurin, James. What is biodiversity? Chicago : University of Chicago
Press, 2008.

QH541.5.C65 E53 2009
Enclosed experimental ecosystems and scale : tools for understanding and
managing coastal ecosystems. New York, NY : Springer, c2009.

QK867 .M47 2007
Mineral nutrition and plant disease. St. Paul, Minn. : American
Phytopathological Society, 2007.

QP176 .T35 2012
Talbott, Shawn M. The secret of vigor : how to overcome burnout, restore
metabolic balance and reclaim your natural energy. 1st ed. Alameda, CA :
Hunter House, c2012.

QP376 .F686 2007
Frith, Christopher D. Making up the mind : how the brain creates our mental
world. Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2007.

QP475 .S374 2012
Schwab, Ivan R. Evolution's witness : how eyes evolved. New York : Oxford
University Press, c2012.

QP487 .S75 2011
Stidwill, David. Normal binocular vision : theory, investigation and
practical aspects. Chichester, West Sussex ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell,

RA784 .D387 2012
Davis, Robert J. Coffee is good for you : from vitamin C and organic foods
to low-carb and detox diets, the truth about diet and nutrition claims.
1st ed. New York : Penguin Group, 2012.

RB38.25 .B63 2009b
BOC study guide : clinical laboratory certification examinations. 5th ed.
[Chicago, Ill.] : American Society for Clinical Pathology, c2009.

RC76 .B372 2005
Bates' visual guide to physical examination [electronic resource] volumes 1-
18, full series. 4th ed. Philadelphia, Pa. : Lippincott Williams &
Wilkins, c2005.

RC394.A85 H35 1995
Hallowell, Edward M. Driven to distraction : recognizing and coping with
attention deficit disorder from childhood through adulthood. 1st
Touchstone ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, 1995.

RE46 .E65 2012
The epidemiology of eye disease. 3rd ed. London : Imperial College Press ;
Hackensack, NJ ; Distributed by World Scientific Publishing Co., Pte.
Ltd., c2012.

RE48.2.C5 P45 2011
Pediatric retina. Berlin : Springer, c2011.

RE51 .O64 2012
Eye care sourcebook : basic consumer health information about vision and
disorders affecting the eyes and surrounding structures, including facts
about hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, cataracts, macular
degeneration, glaucoma, and other disorders of the cornea, retina, macula,
conjunctiva, and optic nerve ; along with guidelines for recognizing and
treating eye emergencies, advice about protecting the eyes at work, home,
and play, tips for living with low vision ... 4th ed. Detroit, MI :
Omnigraphics, c2012.

RE65 .R68 2008
Roy, Frederick Hampton. Ocular syndromes and systemic diseases. 4th ed.
Coralville, Iowa : MedRounds Publications, c2008.

RE71 .C556 2011
Clinical eye atlas. 2nd ed. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press,

RE79.U4 S56 2012
Ophthalmic ultrasonography. Edinburgh : Elsevier/Saunders, 2012.

RE80 .O655 2012
Ophthalmic surgery : principles and practice. Philadelphia : Elsevier/
Saunders, 2012.

RE661.D3 A345 2011
Age-related macular degeneration diagnosis and treatment. New York :
Springer, c2011.

RE661.D5 V57 2012
Visual dysfunction in diabetes : the science of patient impairment and
health care. New York : Humana, 2012.

RE661.M3 G37 2012
Agarwal, Anita. Gass' atlas of macular diseases. 5th ed. Edinburgh :
Elsevier Saunders, 2012.

RE727 .H39 2011
Hayreh, Sohan Singh. Ischemic optic neuropathies. Heidelberg ; New York:
Springer, c2011.

RE831 .C44 2011
Chemical ocular burns : new understanding and treatments. Berlin : Springer,

RE871 .P43 2010
Pearls of glaucoma management. Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2010.

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spectacle of yourself. 3rd ed. Gainesville, Fla. : Triad Pub. Co., c2004.

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Mengak, Kathy. Reshaping our national parks and their guardians : the
legacy of George B. Hartzog Jr. Albuquerque : University of New Mexico
Press, 2012.

T55 .M387 2012
McKinnon, Ron C. Safety management : near miss identification, recognition,
and investigation. Boca, Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2012.

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Koerth-Baker, Maggie. Before the lights go out : conquering the energy
crisis before it conquers us. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2012.

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Beautiful security. 1st ed. Sebastopol, CA : Farnham : O'Reilly, 2009.

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Cisco Press, c2012.

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1st ed. Washington, D.C. : Potomac Books, Inc., c2012.

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Starbucks. Berkeley : University of California Press, c2009.

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Campbell's simple 1-2-3 recipes. Lincolnwood, IL : Publications
International, c2010.

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Belanger, Victoria. Hello, jell-o! : 50+ inventive recipes for gelatin
treats and jiggly sweets. 1st ed. Berkeley : Ten Speed Press, c2012.

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Busy family recipes. Lincolnwood, IL : Publications International, Ltd.,

Z1037 .C565 2012
Northrup, Mary. Picture books for children : fiction, folktales, and poetry.
Chicago : American Library Association, 2012.



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The Grove encyclopedia of American art. Oxford ; New York : Oxford
University Press, c2011.

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The Oxford companion to classical literature. 3rd ed. Oxford ; New York :
Oxford University Press, 2011.

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Patterson, Michael. The Oxford dictionary of plays. Oxford ; New York :
Oxford University Press, c2005.



E78.M73 B37 2012
Barnett, James F. Mississippi's American indians. Jackson : University
Press of Mississippi, c2012.

G4020 1896 .O45686
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Oklahoma Maud quadrangle. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Geological Survey, 1907.

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G4020 1929 .O4635
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reprinted 1955]. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Geological Survey, 1955.



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Blumenthal, Karen. Bootleg : murder, moonshine, and the lawless years of
prohibition. 1st ed. New York : Roaring Brook Press, 2011.

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E T824p 2011
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