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February 2010
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CDisk 1253
Schmitt, Florent. Symphonie concertante, op. 82 [sound recording] ; Reves :
op. 65 ; Soirs : op. 5. France : Auvidis Valois, p1994.

CDisk 1254
Waldteufel, Emil. Emile Waldteufel. Vol. 4 [sound recording]. [Hong
Kong] : Marco Polo, p1993.

CDisk 1255
Waldteufel, Emil. Emile Waldteufel. Vol. 6 [sound recording]. [S.l.] :
Marco Polo, p1995.

CDisk 1256
Fibich, Zdenek. Symphony no. 1 in F major, op. 17 [sound recording].
Colchester, Essex, England : Chandos, c1993.

CDisk 1257
Parry, C. Hubert H. Piano trio no. 3 in G [sound recording] ; Piano trio no.
2 in B minor. Eltham, London : Meridian, p1993.

CDisk 1258
Stephan, Rudi. Musik fur Orchester [sound recording]. Nieuwegein, the
Netherlands : Vanguard Classics, p1995.

CDisk 1259
Schmitt, Florent. Orchestral works [sound recording]. [S.l.] : Marco
Polo ; Munich, Germany : Distributed by MVD Music and Video Distribution,

CDisk 1260
Breton, Tomas. Piano trio in E major [sound recording] ; String quartet in
D major. [England?] : Marco Polo ; Unterhaching, Munich : Distributed by
MVD Music and Video Distribution, p1994.

CDisk 1261
Zemlinsky, Alexander. Die Traumgorge [sound recording]. Konigsdorf :
Capriccio, p1988.

CDisk 1262
Orefice, Giacomo. L'opera completa per violino e pianoforte [sound
recording] = The complete works for violin and piano. Brebbia, VA
[Italy] : Ducale, p1992 [i.e. 1993]

CDisk 1263
Furtwangler, Wilhelm. Legendary performers. vol. 7 [sound recording]
Wilhelm Furtwangler. Italy : AS Disc, p1995.

CDisk 1264
Thieriot, Ferdinand. Octet op. 62 [sound recording] ; Quintet op. 80.
[Germany] : Arte Nova Classics, [1997], p1996.

CDisk 1265
Cui, Cesar. Kaleidoscope [sound recording] op. 50 ; Violin sonata in D
major, op. 86 [i.e. op. 84]. London : Olympia, p1995.

CDisk 1266
Grechaninov, Aleksandr Tikhonovich. Symphony no. 2, op. 27 [sound
recording] ; Symphony no. 4, op. 102. London : Olympia, p1996.

CDisk 1267
Rubinstein, Anton. Symphony no. 4, "Dramatic" [sound recording]. [s.l.] :
Russian Disc, p1994.

CDisk 1268
Dolukhanova, Zara. Romances [sound recording]. [Russia] : Russian Disc,

CDisk 1269
Flagstad, Kirsten. Ein Liederabend [sound recording]. Hamburg : Acanta,

CDisk 1270
Angeles, Victoria de los. Victoria de los Angeles, a seventieth birthday
tribute [sound recording]. [S.l.] : Legato, [1993?]

CDisk 1271
Ben Sedira, Leila. Leila Ben Sedira (1902-1982) [sound recording] Rec. 1930-
1935. Paris : Classical Collector, p1992.

CDisk 1272
Svetlanov, Evgenii Fedorovich. Orchestral works [sound recording].
[S.l.] : Russian Disc, p1994.

CDisk 1273
Wiener Staatsoper. 1933-1936 [sound recording]. [Austria] : Koch Schwann,

CDisk 1274
Jussi Bjorling, Maria Nemeth, Todor Mazaroff, Sigurd Bjorling, Rosette Anday,
Alexander Sved [sound recording]. [Austria] : Koch Schwann, p1994.

CDisk 1275
Walter, Bruno. Bruno Walter, Rudolf Moralt dirigieren Bizet, Pfitzner,
Schmidt, Smetana, Verdi [sound recording] 1937-1944. [Austria] : Koch
Schwann, p1994.

PN1997.C4556 C33 2002
Cherry orchard (Motion picture : 1999). The cherry orchard [videorecording].
New York : Kino on Video, c2002.

PN1997 .G588 2009
Gone with the wind (Motion picture). Gone with the wind [videorecording].
Two-disc 70th anniversary ed. Burbank, CA : Distributed by Warner Home
Video, c2009.

PN1997 .L3464 2000
Lathe of heaven (Television program : 1979). The lathe of heaven
[videorecording]. New York : Distributed by New Video, c2000.

PN1997 .S5458 1998
Sliding doors [videorecording]. Widescreen version. Hollywood, Calif. :
Paramount, c1998.

PN1997.2 .I26 2004
I am Sam (Motion picture). I am Sam [videorecording] love is all you need.
[Burbank, Calif.] : New Line Home Entertainment, c2004.

QP34.5 .H845 2009
The human body [videorecording] how it works. Hamilton, NJ : Films Media
Group : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2009.



E178.3 .D624 2004
Documents of freedom. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c2004.

E178.3 .P466 2003
People who changed America. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society,

E178.3 .R43 2004
Readings about America. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society,

E178.3 .T738 2003
Travels across America's past. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic
Society, c2003.

G133 .W677 2003
World regions, geography and environments. Washington, D.C. : National
Geographic Society, c2003.

G175 .W675 2004
World explorers. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c2004.

GB58 .T85 2004
Tull, Mary. The land around us. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic
Society, c2004.

HM623 .W675 2003
World cultures, people and places. Washington, D.C. : National Geographic
Society, c2003.

HM761.L43 2003
Leacock, Elspeth. Communities around the world. Washington, D.C. :
National Geographic Society, c2003.

PE1119 .V675 2006
Voices reading : literacy to live by. Columbus, Ohio : Zaner-Bloser, c2006-



The literacy resource manual : a guide for community-based literacy programs.
Rev. 1/09. [Oklahoma City, Okla.] : Literacy Resource Office, Oklahoma
Dept. of Libraries, [2009]

Oklahoma. Dept. of Rehabilitation Services.
Take a look at careers that make a difference! Oklahoma City : Oklahoma
Dept. of Rehabilitation Services, 2009.



B1168.E5 J3713 2000
Bacon, Francis. The new organon. Cambridge [U.K.] ; New York : Cambridge
University Press, 2000.

BF51 .W425 2009
Webb, Eugene. Worldview and mind : religious thought and psychological
development. Columbia : University of Missouri Press, c2009.

BF109.C38 T93 2009
Tucker, William H. The Cattell controversy : race, science, and ideology.
Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2009.

BF431 .S687 2009
Stanovich, Keith E. What intelligence tests miss : the psychology of
rational thought. New Haven : Yale University Press, c2009.

BF698.95 .F84 2009
Fuentes, Agustin. Evolution of human behavior. New York : Oxford
University Press, 2009.

BF717 .L33 2009
L'Abate, Luciano. The Praeger handbook of play across the life cycle : fun
from infancy to old age. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger/ABC-CLIO, c2009.

BL501 .H35 2009
Hall, John R. Apocalypse : from antiquity to the empire of modernity.
Cambridge, UK ; Malden, MA : Polity, 2009.

BL2525 .S54 2008
Silk, Mark. One nation, divisible : how regional religious differences
shape American politics. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Pub., c2008.

BS621 .F567 2007b
Finkelstein, Israel. The quest for the historical Israel : debating
archaeology and the history of early Israel : invited lectures delivered
at the Sixth Biennial Colloquium of the International Institute for
Secular Humanistic Judaism, Detroit, October 2005. Atlanta, GA : Society
of Biblical Literature, c2007.

D756.3 .D45 2006
Delaforce, Patrick. Smashing the Atlantic wall : the destruction of
Hitler's coastal fortresses. Barnsley, South Yorkshire : Pen & Sword
Military, 2006.

D763.N6 H2 2009
Haarr, Geirr H. The German invasion of Norway : April 1940. Annapolis, Md.
: Naval Institute Press, c2009.

D766.82 .K58 2009
Kitchen, Martin. Rommel's desert war : waging World War II in North Africa,
1941-1943. Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.

D767.2 .G53 2009
Giangreco, D. M. Hell to pay : Operation Downfall and the invasion of Japan,
1945-47. Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, c2009.

D787 .B3513 1994
Bekker, Cajus. The Luftwaffe war diaries : the German air force in World
War II. 1st Da Capo Press ed. New York : Da Capo Press, 1994.

DA333.B6 I845 2005
Ives, E. W. The life and death of Anne Boleyn : 'the most happy. Malden,
MA : Blackwell Pub., 2005, c2004.

DA345 .S55 2007
Skidmore, Chris. Edward VI : the lost King of England. 1st U.S. ed. New
York : St. Martin's Press, 2007.

DP534.5 .S78 2007
Studnicki-Gizbert, Daviken. A nation upon the ocean sea : Portugal's
Atlantic diaspora and the crisis of the Spanish Empire, 1492-1640.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.

DS79.735.I73 M33 2009
Macgregor, Douglas A. Warrior's rage : the great tank battle of 73 Easting.
Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, c2009.

DS779.32 .C867 2009
Cunningham, Philip J. Tiananmen moon : inside the Chinese student uprising
of 1989. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2009.

E76.6 .L334 2009
LeBeau, Patrick Russell. Term paper resource guide to American Indian
history. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2009.

E83.813 .W37 2006
Waselkov, Gregory A. A conquering spirit : Fort Mims and the Redstick War
of 1813-1814. Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c2006.

E99.A6 A5956 2009
McKanna, Clare V. Court-martial of Apache Kid : the renegade of renegades.
Lubbock, Tex. : Texas Tech University Press, c2009.

E184.A65 C35 2009
Cainkar, Louise. Homeland insecurity : the Arab American and Muslim
American experience after 9/11. New York : Russell Sage Foundation, c2009.

E184.M88 C877 2009
Curtis, Edward E. Muslims in America : a short history. Oxford ; New
York : Oxford University Press, 2009.

E185.925 .R38 2008
Ravage, John W. Black pioneers : images of the Black experience on the
North American frontier. 2nd ed. Salt Lake City, Utah : University of
Utah Press, c2008.

E241.G9 B33 2009
Babits, Lawrence Edward. Long, obstinate, and bloody : the Battle of
Guilford Courthouse. Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press,

E356.W3 P49 2000
Pitch, Anthony. The burning of Washington : the British invasion of 1814.
Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, 2000, c1998.

E380 .C655 2009
Cole, Donald B. Vindicating Andrew Jackson : the 1828 election and the rise
of the two-party system. Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, c2009.

E468.7 .L88 2000
Lossing, Benson John. Mathew Brady's illustrated history of the Civil War,
1861-65, and the causes that led up to the great conflict. Avenel, N.J. :
Portland House, [2000], c1912.

E470 .P474 2009
Perello, Chris. The quest for annihilation : the role & mechanics of battle
in the American Civil War.

E473.54 .R34 2008
Reed, David W. The Battle of Shiloh and the organizations engaged. 1st ed.
Knoxville : University of Tennessee Press, c2008, 1902.

E840.8.C43 M66 2009
Montgomery, Bruce P. Richard B. Cheney and the rise of the imperial vice
presidency. Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2009.

E840.8.M467 A3 1999b
McCain, John. Faith of my fathers. [Book club ed.]. New York : Random
House, c1999.

F390 .M127 2009
MacDonald, L. Lloyd. Tejanos in the 1835 Texas Revolution. Gretna, La. :
Pelican Pub. Co., 2009.

F474.S253 A245 2008
Hoig, Stan. The Chouteaus : first family of the fur trade. Albuquerque :
University of New Mexico Press, 2008.

F596 .G684 2009
Goodyear, Frank Henry. Faces of the frontier : photographic portraits from
the American West, 1845-1924. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press ;
Washington, D.C. : In cooperation with the National Portrait Gallery,
Smithsonian Institution, c2009.

F695 .S93 2008a
Swain, Joseph Benjamin Norris. Claims to history : comemmorating [sic]
progress in Oklahoma Territory, 1989-2007. 2008.

F776 .R74 2009
Root, Robert L. Following Isabella : travels in Colorado then and now.
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c2009.

G155.U6 W2 2003a
Wang, Suosheng. An image study of Oklahoma as an international travel
destination. 2003.

G156.5.V64 J68 2008
Journeys of discovery in volunteer tourism : international case study
perspectives. Wallingford, UK ; Cambridge, MA : CABI, c2008.

GA201 .I47 2009
The imperial map : cartography and the mastery of empire. Chicago :
University of Chicago Press, 2009.

GA408.5.G85 J33 2008
Jackson, Jack. Mapping Texas and the Gulf Coast : the contributions of
Saint-Denis, Olivan, and Le Maire. College Station : Texas A&M University
Press, 2008, c1990.

GV1469.34.C67 S53 2009
Sicart, Miguel. The ethics of computer games. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press,

H62.5.U5 F715 2009
Franklin, Catherine A. Civic literacy through curriculum drama, grades 6-12.
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, c2009.

HB175 .M4813 1994
Menger, Carl. Principles of economics. Grove City, PA : Libertarian Press,

HB615 .S377 2010
Schweikart, Larry. American entrepreneur : the fascinating stories of the
people who defined business in the United States. New York : American
Management Association, c2010.

HC79.E5 A358 2009
Agenda for a sustainable America. Washington, D.C. : ELI Press,
Environmental Law Institute, 2009.

HC79.T4 P47 2003
Perez, Carlota. Technological revolutions and financial capital : the
dynamics of bubbles and golden ages. Pbk. ed. Cheltenham, UK ;
Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, 2003, c2002.

HC427.95 .D63 2009
Dobson, Wendy. Gravity shift : how Asia's new economic powerhouses will
shape the twenty-first century. Toronto : University of Toronto Press,

HD30.213 .E65 2009
English, Larry P. Information quality applied : best practices for
improving business information, processes, and systems. Indianapolis, Ind.
: Wiley, c2009.

HD30.255 .S77 2009
Stringer, Leigh. The green workplace : sustainable strategies that benefit
employees, the environment, and the bottom line. 1st ed. New York :
Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

HD30.255 .W545 2005
Willard, Bob. The next sustainability wave : building boardroom buy-in.
Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers, c2005.

HD30.28 .E955 2008
Executing for results. Boston, Mass. : LES50NS : Harvard Business Press,

HD30.28 .M327 2008
Making strategy work. Boston, Mass. : LES50NS : Harvard Business Press,

HD57.7 .B5612 2007
Blanchard, Kenneth H. Leading at a higher level : Blanchard on leadership
and creating high performing organizations. Upper Saddle River, N.J. :
Blanchard Management Corp., publishing as FT Press : Pearson Education
Ltd., c2007.

HD57.7 .L4323 2004
Culture, leadership, and organizations : the GLOBE study of 62 societies.
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2004.

HD69.S8 B8657 2009
Business network transformation : strategies to reconfigure your business
relationships for competitive advantage. 1st ed. San Francisco, CA :
Jossey-Bass, c2009.

HD6073.T42 U54 1998
The Lowell offering : writings by New England mill women (1840-1845). New
York : Norton, 1998.

HD9506.U64 M567 2003
Ryan, John T. MSA, Mine Safety Appliances Company : for a world of safety
at work. Exton [Pa.] : Newcomen Society of the United States, 2003.

HD9710.U54 M388 2009
Yanik, Anthony J. Maxwell Motor and the making of Chrysler Corporation.
Detroit : Wayne State University Press, c2009.

HD9715.U54 Y388 2003
Yates, William G. The Yates Companies, Inc. : construction excellence. New
York : Newcomen Society of the United States, c2003.

HE9803.A4 M39 2009
Mayo, Anthony J. Entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders : what the airline
industry can teach us about leadership. 1st ed. New York : Palgrave
Macmillan, 2009.

HF1118 .G62
GMAT ... premier program. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2005-

HF1118 .O33
The official guide for GMAT review. Princeton, N.J. : ETS, c1986-

HF1379 .D65 2008
Doing business globally. Boston, Mass. : LES50NS : Harvard Business Press,

HF5382.55 .R67 2009
Ross, Andrew. Nice work if you can get it : life and labor in precarious
times. New York : New York University Press, c2009.

HF5382.7 .O33 2005
O'Hara, Shelley. What can you do with a major in English? : real people,
real jobs, real rewards. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2005.

HF5415 .K6244 2009
Kotler, Philip. Chaotics : the business of managing and marketing in the
age of turbulence. New York : AMACOM/American Management Association,

HF5415.12.A8 R54 2003
Ries, Al. The 22 immutable laws of marketing in Asia. Singapore : J. Wiley,

HF5415.153 .S657 2008
Sparking innovation. Boston, Mass. : LES50NS : Harvard Business Press,

HF5429 .S5937 2009
Sorensen, Herb. Inside the mind of the shopper : the science of retailing.
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Wharton School Pub., c2009.

HF5429.215.U6 M67 2009
Moreton, Bethany. To serve God and Wal-Mart : the making of Christian free
enterprise. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2009.

HF5438.4 .M35 2008
Making the sale. Boston, Mass. : LES50NS : Harvard Business Press, c2008.

HF5549.5.M5 M335 2009
Managing diversity : expert solutions to everyday challenges. Boston, Mass.
: Harvard Business Press, c2009.

HG1666 .A87 2009
Automatic : changing the way America saves. Washington, D.C. : Brookings
Institution Press, c2009.

HG1710 .M68 2009
Moving money : the future of consumer payments. Washington, D.C. :
Brookings Institution Press, c2009.

HG3756.U54 G45 2009
Geisst, Charles R. Collateral damaged : the marketing of consumer debt to
America. 1st ed. New York : Bloomberg Press, 2009.

HG4026 .V38 2009
Vause, Bob. Guide to analysing companies. 5th ed. New York : Bloomberg
Press, 2009.

HG4028.A84 P78 2009
Prudent lending restored : securitization after the mortgage meltdown.
Tokyo : Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research ; Washington, D.C. :
Brookings Institution Press, c2009.

HG4057 .A28618
Hoover's handbook of emerging companies. Austin, Tex. : The Reference Press,

HG4930.5 .C64 2009
Cohan, William D. House of cards : a tale of hubris and wretched excess on
Wall Street. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2009.

HN90.S65 H35 2009
Haskins, Ron. Creating an opportunity society. Washington, D.C. :
Brookings Institution Press, c2009.

HQ56 .S38634 2009
Sexuality education : past, present, and future. Westport, Conn. : Praeger,

HV27 .N33 2009
Nader, Ralph. "Only the super-rich can save us!". A Seven Stories Press
1st ed. New York : Seven Stories Press, c2009.

HV245 .E55 2007
Enhancing social work management : theory and best practice from the UK and
USA. London ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2007.

HV2545 .T47 2008
Testing deaf students in an age of accountability. Washington, DC :
Gallaudet University Press, c2008.

HV6074 .C557 2002
Cole, Simon A. Suspect identities : a history of fingerprinting and
criminal identification. 1st Harvard University Press pbk. ed. Cambridge,
Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2002, c2001.

HV6080 .S85 2009
Stone, Michael H. The anatomy of evil. Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books,

HV6439.U5 D53 2009
Diaz, Tom. No boundaries : transnational Latino gangs and American law
enforcement. Ann Arbor, Mich. : University of Michigan Press, c2009.

HV6691 .F57 2009
Fisher, Kenneth L. How to smell a rat : the five signs of financial fraud.
Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2009.

HV7431 .H378 2009
Harris, Kamala D. Smart on crime : a career prosecutor's plan to make us
safer. San Francisco, CA : Chronicle Books, c2009.

HV8079.H6 L44 2004
Lee, Henry C. Cracking more cases : the forensic science of solving crimes.
Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, c2004.

HV9104 .F63 2008
Flowers, R. Barri. The adolescent criminal : an examination of today's
juvenile offender. Jefferson, N.C. : Mcfarland, [2008], c1990.

JF1081 .C6733 2009
Corruption, global security, and world order. Cambridge, Mass. : World
Peace Foundation : Harvard Kennedy School Program on Intrastate Conflict :
American Academy of Arts & Sciences ; Washington, D.C. : Brookings
Institution Press, c2009.

JK526 2008 .P55 2009
Plouffe, David. The audacity to win : the inside story and lessons of
Barack Obama's historic victory. New York : Viking, 2009.

JZ5008 .T43 2007
Thant Myint-U. The UN Secretariat : a brief history (1945-2006). New
York : International Peace Academy, c2007.

KF367 .H84 1999
Huebner, Timothy S. The southern judicial tradition : state judges and
sectional distinctiveness, 1790-1890. Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia
Press, c1999.

KF3030.1 .A955 2008
Armatas, Steven A. Distance learning and copyright : a guide to legal
issues. [1st ed.]. Chicago, Ill. : American Bar Association, c2008.

KF4119 .F76 2009
From schoolhouse to courthouse : the judiciary's role in American education.
Washington, D.C. : Thomas B. Fordham Institute : Brookings Institution
Press, c2009.

KF6276.62009 .A2 2009
RIA's complete analysis of the tax and benefits provisions of the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 : with code and ERISA sections as
amended and committee reports. New York, N.Y. : West : Thomson Reuters/
RIA, c2009.

KF8776 .B56 2009
Binder, Sarah A. Advice & dissent : the struggle to shape the federal
judiciary. Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2009.

KF9779 .C67 2007
Corriero, Michael A. Judging children as children : a proposal for a
juvenile justice system. Paper ed. Philadelphia, PA : Temple University
Press, 2007, c2006.

KZ3160.P67 P47 2009
Posner, Eric A. The perils of global legalism. Chicago : University of
Chicago Press, 2009.

LB1027.5 .P75 2009
Principals and counselors partnering for student success. Alexandria, VA :
Educational Research Service ; Washington, D.C. : Naviance, c2009.

LB1028.3 .B567 2008
Blake, Robert J. Brave new digital classroom : technology and foreign
language learning. Washington, D.C. : Georgetown University Press, c2008.

LB1033.5 .E9 2008
Exploring talk in schools : inspired by the work of Douglas Barnes. Los
Angeles : SAGE, 2008.

LB1050.455 .F76 2009
Fresch, Mary Jo. The power of picture books : using content area literature
in middle school. Urbana, Ill. : National Council of Teachers of English,

LB1137 .M23 2009
A mandate for playful learning in preschool : presenting the evidence.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.

LB1576 .C853 2009
Culturally responsive literacy instruction. Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin
Press, c2009.

LB1631 .P36 2009
Penniman, Bruce M. Building the English classroom : foundations, support,
success. Urbana : National Council of Teachers of English, c2009.

LB2367.6 .M373
MAT (Simon & Schuster). MAT. New York : Simon & Schuster.

LB2805 .E355 2009
Edwards, Steven W. Six pillars of dynamic schools. Alexandria, VA :
Educational Research Service, c2009.

LB2822.82 .M65 2009
Molineaux, Rebecca. Small learning communities : benefits and planning
considerations. Alexandria : Educational Research Service, c2009.

LB3051 .G263 2009
Gallavan, Nancy P. Developing performance-based assessments : grades K-5.
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press/naesp, c2009.

LB3051 .G264 2009
Gallavan, Nancy P. Developing performance-based assessments : grades 6-12.
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, c2009.

LB3051 .V25 2009
Van Blerkom, Malcolm L. Measurement and statistics for teachers. 1st. ed.
New York : Routledge, c2009.

LC149 .E6 2009
Engaging audience : writing in an age of new literacies. Urbana, Ill. :
National Council of Teachers of English, c2009.

LC1099.3 .G48 2009
Getting culture : incorporating diversity across the curriculum. 1st ed.
Sterling, Va. : Stylus, 2009.

LC3981 .V24 2009
Valle, Jan W. What mothers say about special education : from the 1960s to
the present. 1st ed. New York ; Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

LC3993.23 .W55 2009
Willis, Judith A. Inspiring middle school minds : gifted, creative, and
challenging : brain- and research-based strategies to enhance learning for
gifted students. Scottsdale, AZ : Great Potential Press, c2009.

LD4293.O72 A37 2009
Agnew, Brad. Roots from the Cherokees, promises for our future : the
chronicle of Northeastern State University. Tulsa, Okla. : Mullerhaus Pub.
Group ; [Tahlequah, Okla.] : Northeastern State University, c2009.

M22.B38 T9 1994
Bax, Arnold. Two pieces for solo piano. Boca Raton, Fla. : Masters Music,

M22.D455 P7
Delius, Frederick. Three preludes for pianoforte. London : Oxford
University Press, c1923.

M23.D33 M8
Degen, Helmut. Drei Sonatinen fur Klavier. Heidelberg, W. Muller,
Suddeutscher Musikverlag [c1960]

M23 .D42 no.1 1985
De Vito, Albert. Piano sonatina number one. Westbury, N.Y. : Kenyon
Publications, c1985.

M23.D54 S58
Diamond, David. Sonata for piano. New York : Southern Music, [1954]

M23 .I42 op.63 1908
Indy, Vincent d. Sonate (en mi) pour piano, op. 63. Paris : A. Durand,

M23.R76 V6
De Rossi, Lorenzo. 6 sonate per cembalo (o pianoforte). Milano : Edizioni
Curci, [c1960]

M24.B555 S7
Bazelon, Irwin. Suite for young people : for piano, part one-two. New
York : Peer International Corp., [c1954]

M24.D312 S8
Dello Joio, Norman. Suite for piano. New York, G. Schirmer, [1945]

M24.D44 S8 1942
Degen, Helmut. Suite fur Klavier. Heidelberg : Willy Muller, c1942.

M25.B385 P3 1930
Bauer, Marion. Four piano pieces, op. 21, no. 1-4. New York, Cos Cob Press

M25.B389 N4
Bax, Arnold. Two pieces for solo piano. Boca Raton, Fla. : Masters Music,

M25.D476 D5
Dello Joio, Norman. Diversions : a set of five pieces for piano. [New York?
] : E.B. Marks Corp. ; Milwaukee, WI : Exclusively distributed by H.
Leonard, [199-?], c1975.

M25.D476 P7
Dello Joio, Norman. Prelude: To a young musician. For the piano. New York,
G. Schirmer [c1945]

M25.D64 P5 1947
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