New Books - April 2013

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BF637.C45 G4483 2008                                                            
  Gender & conflict management [videorecording].  [Greenwood, Ind.] :           
    Educational Video Group, c2008.                                             
BF637.C45 U85 2005                                                              
  Using logic & reasoning [videorecording].  [Greenwood, Ind.] : Educational    
    Video Group, 2005, c2004.                                                   
BL304 .C537 2010                                                                
  Clash of the gods [videorecording].  [New York] : A & E Television            
    Networks : Distributed by New Video, c2010.                                 
BL312 .Q53 2010                                                                 
  A quick guide to Beowulf [videorecording].  [New York] : A & E Television     
    Networks : Distributed by New Video, c2010.                                 
BS2456 .S43 2012                                                                
  Search for the head of John the Baptist [videorecording].  [Washington,       
    D.C.?] : National Geographic : NGHT, LLC, c2012.                            
GR72.3 .B46 2007                                                                
  Beowulf [videorecording].  [Port Washington, NY] : Koch Vision [distributor], 
    [2007], c2006.                                                              
GV939.H38 H452 2012                                                             
  Heisman, John M.  Heisman [sound recording] the man behind the trophy.        
    Grand Haven, MI : Brilliance Audio, p2012.                                  
P94.6 .O947 2005                                                                
  Overcoming barriers to intercultural communication [videorecording].          
    [Greenwood, Ind.] : Educational Video Group, c2005.                         
P94.6 .T465 2006                                                                
  That's not what I meant! [videorecording] language, culture, & meaning.  Los  
    Angeles, CA : Into the Classroom Media, c2006.                              
PM232 .F56 2009                                                                 
  Finding our talk (Television program). Season 3.  Finding our talk            
    [videorecording].  English version.  Montreal : Mushkeg Media, c2009.       
PN1992.77 .D69 2013                                                             
  Downton Abbey (Television program).  Downton Abbey. Season 3                  
    [videorecording].  Original UK ed.  [London] : Carnival Film & Television   
    Limited ; [Alexandria, VA] : PBS Distribution, c2013.                       
PN1997 .A23 2007                                                                
  A bout de souffle (Motion picture).  A bout de souffle [videorecording] =     
    Breathless.  Special ed.  [Irvington, N.Y.] : Criterion Collection, c2007.  
PN1997 .A44 2009                                                                
  Annee derniere a Marienbad (Motion picture).  L'annee derniere a Marienbad    
    [videorecording].  Director-approved special ed.  [Irvington, N.Y.] :       
    Criterion Collection, 2009.                                                 
PN1997 .A8743 2005                                                              
  Au hasard Balthazar [videorecording] = Balthazar.  [Irvington, N.Y.] :        
    Criterion Collection, 2005.                                                 
PN1997 .B2413 2004                                                              
  Bakushu [videorecording] = Early summer.  [Irvington, N.Y.] : Criterion       
    Collection, c2004.                                                          
PN1997 .B24256 2008                                                             
  Ballon rouge (Motion picture).  Le ballon rouge [videorecording] = The red    
    balloon.  [Irvington, N.Y.] : Criterion Collection, c2008.                  
PN1997 .B347 2004                                                               
  Battaglia di Algeri (Motion picture).  La bataille d'Alger [videorecording]   
    = The battle of Algiers.  Director-approved special ed.  [Irvington,        
    N.Y.] : Criterion Collection, c2004.                                        
PN1997 .B3597 2009                                                              
  Being there (Motion picture).  Being there [videorecording].  Deluxe ed.;     
    Widescreen version.  Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, c2009.                
PN1997 .B72243 2006                                                             
  Brazil (Motion picture).  Brazil [videorecording].  [Irvington, N.Y.] :       
    Criterion Collection, c2006.                                                
PN1997 .B746 2011                                                               
  Bringing up Baby (Motion picture).  Bringing up Baby [videorecording].        
    Burbank, CA : Turner Entertainment Co. : Distributed by Warner Home Video,  
PN1997 .C46656 2008                                                             
  Chongqing sen lin [videorecording] = Chung king express.  [Irvington,         
    N.Y.] : Criterion Collection, c2008.                                        
PN1997 .C6442 2000                                                              
  Cleo de 5 a 7 (Motion picture).  Cleo de 5 a 7 [videorecording].  [Irvington, 
    N.Y.] : Criterion Collection, c2000.                                        
PN1997 .D282125 2007                                                            
  Dancer in the dark [videorecording].  [Burbank, Calif. : Distributed by] New  
    Line Home Entertainment, c2007.                                             
PN1997 .D7293 2001                                                              
  Dr. Strangelove [videorecording] or, How I learned to stop worrying and love  
    the bomb.  Special ed.  Culver City, Calif. : Columbia TriStar Home Video,  
PN1997 .E73 2006                                                                
  El espiritu de la colmena (Motion picture).  El espiritu de la colmena        
    [videorecording] = The spirit of the beehive.  [Irvington, N.Y.] :          
    Criterion Collection, c2006.                                                
PN1997.2 .L5536 2013                                                            
  Lincoln (Motion picture : 2012).  Lincoln.  Burbank, Calif. : Distributed by  
    Buena Vista Home Entertainment, c2013.                                      
PN4130 .D455 2005                                                               
  Delivery techniques [videorecording].  [Greenwood, Ind.] : Educational Video  
    Group, 2005, c2004.                                                         
CURRICULUM MATERIALS                                                            
T385 .B6772 2011                                                                
  Botello, Chris.  Adobe Illustrator CS5 revealed.  Clifton Park, NY : Delmar   
    Cengage Learning, c2011.                                                    
T385 .B679 2011                                                                 
  Botello, Chris.  The design collection revealed : Adobe InDesign CS5,         
    Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5.  Clifton Park, NY : Delmar Cengage          
    Learning, c2011.                                                            
TK5105.8885.D74 B516 2011                                                       
  Bishop, Sherry.  Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 revealed.  Clifton Park, NY : Delmar   
    Cengage Learning, c2011.                                                    
TK5105.8885.D74 B5267 2011                                                      
  Bishop, Sherry.  The web collection revealed premium edition : Adobe          
    Dreamweaver CS5, Flash CS5, Photoshop CS5.  Premium ed.  Clifton Park,      
    NY : Delmar Cengage Learning, c2011.                                        
  Bishop, Sherry.  The Web collection standard edition : Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, 
    Flash CS5, Fireworks CS5 : revealed.  Standard ed.  Clifton Park, NY :      
    Delmar Cengage Learning, c2011.                                             
TR267.5.A3 R43 2011                                                             
  Reding, Elizabeth Eisner.  Adobe Photoshop CS5 revealed.  Clifton Park, NY :  
    Delmar Cengage Learning, c2011.                                             
TR897.75 .S58 2011                                                              
  Shuman, James E.  Adobe Flash CS5 revealed.  Clifton Park, NY : Delmar        
    Cengage Learning, c2011.                                                    
TR899 .K435 2011                                                                
  Keller, Debbie.  The video collection revealed : Adobe Premiere Pro CS5,      
    After Effects CS5, Soundbooth CS5, Encore CS5.  Clifton Park, NY : Delmar   
    Cengage Learning, c2011.                                                    
Z253.532.A34 B6844 2011                                                         
  Botello, Chris.  Adobe InDesign CS5 revealed.  Clifton Park, NY : Delmar      
    Cengage Learning, c2011.                                                    
MAIN COLLECTION                                                                            
B74 .P47 2012                                                                   
  Pessin, Andrew.  Uncommon sense : the strangest ideas from the smartest       
    philosophers.  Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.             
BF503 .O94 2012                                                                 
  The Oxford handbook of human motivation.  New York : Oxford University Press, 
BF637.S4 O954 2012                                                              
  The Oxford handbook of sport and performance psychology.  New York, NY :      
    Oxford University Press, 2012.                                              
BF697.5.B63 B6152 2013                                                          
  Body image.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2013.                               
BF1576 .B25 2010                                                                
  Baker, Emerson W.  The devil of Great Island : witchcraft and conflict in     
    early New England.  1st. paperback ed.  New York ; Basingstoke : Palgrave   
    Macmillan, 2010, c2007.                                                     
BL687 .R47 2004                                                                 
  Religions of the ancient world : a guide.  Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press   
    of Harvard University Press, 2004.                                          
BL910 .A43 2010                                                                 
  Aldhouse-Green, Miranda J.  Caesar's Druids : story of an ancient priesthood. 
    New Haven [Conn.] : Yale University Press, c2010.                           
BL1055 .G68 2012                                                                
  Gould, William.  Religion and conflict in modern South Asia.  Cambridge ;     
    New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.                                
BL1585 .C5313 2001                                                              
  Clauss, Manfred.  The Roman cult of Mithras : the god and his mysteries.      
    New York : Routledge, 2001.                                                 
BL2400 .A453 2012                                                               
  African traditions in the study of religion in Africa : emerging trends,      
    indigenous spirituality and the interface with other world religions.       
    Farnham, Surrey ; Burlington, Vt. : Ashgate, c2012.                         
BL2490 .M453 1959                                                               
  Metraux, Alfred.  Voodoo in Haiti.  New York, Oxford University Press, 1959.  
BP603 .C846 2013                                                                
  Cults.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2013.                                    
BP605.S2 W75 2013                                                               
  Wright, Lawrence.  Going clear : Scientology, Hollywood, and the prison of    
    belief.  1st ed.  New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2013.                         
BR190 .R43 2012                                                                 
  Rebillard, Eric.  Christians and their many identities in late antiquity,     
    North Africa, 200-450 CE.  Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2012.         
BS1700 .D47 2012                                                                
  DeSilva, David Arthur.  The Jewish teachers of Jesus, James, and Jude : what  
    earliest Christianity learned from the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha.  New   
    York : Oxford University Press, c2012.                                      
BT111.3 .E4513 2011                                                             
  Emery, Gilles.  The Trinity : an introduction to Catholic doctrine on the     
    Triune God.  Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press,       
BT701.2 .W46 1969                                                               
  White, William Luther.  The image of man in C. S. Lewis.  Nashville :         
    Abingdon Press, 1969.                                                       
BV2370.W9 W3 1959                                                               
  Wallis, Ethel Emily.  Two thousand tongues to go; the story of the Wycliffe   
    Bible translators.  New York, Harper & Bros. [1959]                         
BX1304 .B57 1999                                                                
  Bireley, Robert.  The refashioning of Catholicism, 1450-1700 : a              
    reassessment of the Counter Reformation.  Washington, D.C. : Catholic       
    University of America Press, 1999.                                          
BX1912.2 .D35 2012                                                              
  Daigler, Mary Jeremy.  Incompatible with God's design : a history of the      
    women's ordination movement in the U.S. Roman Catholic Church.  Lanham, Md. 
    : Scarecrow Press, 2012.                                                    
BX3653.U6 W39 1976                                                              
  Weigle, Marta.  Brothers of light, brothers of blood : the Penitentes of the  
    Southwest.  1st ed.  Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c1976.   
CC70 .C6 1971                                                                   
  The Concise encyclopedia of archaeology.  2d ed.  New York : Hawthorn Books   
D157 .M32 2008                                                                  
  MacEvitt, Christopher Hatch.  The crusades and the Christian world of the     
    East : rough tolerance.  Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press,   
D639.I56 W55 2012                                                               
  Winegard, Timothy C.  For king and Kanata : Canadian Indians and the First    
    World War.  Winnipeg : University of Manitoba Press, c2012.                 
D745.2 .M34 1945                                                                
  Mauldin, Bill.  Up front.  New York, H. Holt and Co. [1945]                   
D750 .M27 2012                                                                  
  Mangold, Peter.  Britain and the defeated French : from occupation to         
    liberation, 1940-1944.  London ; New York : I.B. Tauris ; New York :        
    distributed in the United States exclusively by Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.   
D757.S9 H35 2003                                                                
  Halbrook, Stephen P.  Target Switzerland : Swiss armed neutrality in World    
    War II.  [Cambridge, Mass.] : Da Capo Press, 2003.                          
D769.8.A6 M327 2012                                                             
  Manbo, Bill T.  Colors of confinement : rare Kodachrome photographs of        
    Japanese American incarceration in World War II.  Chapel Hill : University  
    of North Carolina Press ; [Durham] : in association with the Center for     
    Documentary Studies at Duke University, c2012.                              
D805.G3 G677 2012                                                               
  Gossage, Carolyn.  The accidental captives : the story of seven women alone   
    in Nazi Germany.  Toronto, Ont. : Dundurn, c2012.                           
D810.C88 R57 2012                                                               
  Riseman, Noah J.  Defending whose country? : indigenous soldiers in the       
    Pacific war.  Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2012.                
DA333.P3 A2 2011                                                                
  Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England.  Complete      
    works and correspondence.  Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press,  
DA560 .O88 2011                                                                 
  Otte, Thomas G.  The foreign office mind : the making of British foreign      
    policy, 1865-1914.  Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press,      
DJK49 .S69 2012                                                                 
  Snyder, Timothy.  Bloodlands : Europe between Hitler and Stalin.  New York :  
    Basic Books, 2012, c2010.                                                   
DK265.42.U5 R53 2013                                                            
  Richard, Carl J., author.  When the United States invaded Russia : Woodrow    
    Wilson's Siberian disaster.  Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers,      
    Inc., [2013]                                                                
DP63 .E35 2012                                                                  
  Elliott, J. H.  History in the making.  New Haven : Yale University Press,    
DS247.Y45 W56 2012                                                              
  Willis, John M.  Unmaking north and south : cartographies of the Yemeni past, 
    1857-1934.  New York : Columbia University Press, c2012.                    
DS795.A4 B435                                                                   
  Beijing & Shanghai (Eyewitness travel guides).  Beijing & Shanghai.  New      
    York, N.Y. : Dorling Kindersley Publishing, c2007-                          
DS799.63.C6 B86 2013                                                            
  Bush, Richard C.  Uncharted strait : the future of China-Taiwan relations.    
    Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, [2013]                      
E76.45.P74 A3 2012                                                              
  Prentiss, Anna Marie.  Field seasons : reflections on career paths and        
    research in American archaeology.  Salt Lake City : University of Utah      
    Press, c2012.                                                               
E77.4 .N3834 2012                                                               
  Native Americans.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, 2012.                          
E78.C15 R63 2012                                                                
  Rock art at Little Lake : an ancient crossroads in the California desert.     
    Los Angeles : Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, University of California,    
E78.C2 C367 2013                                                                
  Carlson, Nellie.  Disinherited generations : our struggle to reclaim treaty   
    rights for First Nations women and their descendants.  1st ed.  Edmonton :  
    University of Alberta Press, 2013.                                          
E78.M9 M34 2012                                                                 
  MacDonald, Douglas H.  Montana before history : 11,000 years of hunter-       
    gatherers in the Rockies and Plains.  Missoula, Mont. : Mountain Press Pub. 
    Company, c2012.                                                             
E78.S7 I54 2012                                                                 
  Inside dazzling mountains : Southwest native verbal arts.  Lincoln ;          
    London : University of Nebraska Press, c2012.                               
E78.W5 B75 2011                                                                 
  Bridger, Bobby.  Where the tall grass grows : becoming indigenous and the     
    mythological legacy of the American West.  Golden, CO : Fulcrum Pub.,       
E78.W5 U565 2013                                                                
  Unrau, William E.  Indians, alcohol, and the roads to Taos and Santa Fe.      
    Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, c2013.                               
E97 .H783 2013                                                                  
  Huffman, Terry E.  American Indian educators in reservation schools.  Reno :  
    University of Nevada Press, c2013.                                          
E99.N3 M33 2012                                                                 
  McPherson, Robert S.  Dineji Na'nitin : Navajo traditional teachings and      
    history.  Boulder : University Press of Colorado, c2012.                    
E183.7 .A57 2012                                                                
  America's global influence.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.               
E185.2 .W68 2013                                                                
  Willis, Deborah.  Envisioning emancipation : Black Americans and the end of   
    slavery.  Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2013.                     
E185.61 .C875 2008                                                              
  Cox, Julian.  Road to freedom : photographs of the Civil Rights Movement,     
    1956-1968.  Atlanta : High Museum of Art ; Seattle, WA : Distributed by     
    University of Washington Press, c2008.                                      
E185.615 .B5574 2013                                                            
  Bloom, Joshua.  Black against empire : the history and politics of the Black  
    Panther Party.  Berkeley, Calif. : University of California Press, c2013.   
E449 .W512 2012                                                                 
  West, Emily.  Family or freedom : people of color in the antebellum South.    
    Lexington : University Press of Kentucky, c2012.                            
E458.8 .L38 2011                                                                
  Lause, Mark A.  A secret society history of the Civil War.  Urbana :          
    University of Illinois Press, c2011.                                        
E467 .C773 2010                                                                 
  Confederate generals in the western theater.  1st ed.  Knoxville :            
    University of Tennessee Press, c2010-                                       
E476.69 .D39 2012                                                               
  Davis, Stephen.  What the Yankees did to us : Sherman's bombardment and       
    wrecking of Atlanta.  1st ed.  Macon, Ga. : Mercer University Press, c2012. 
E527 .S28 2012                                                                  
  Sauers, Richard Allen.  The Fishing Creek Confederacy : a story of Civil War  
    draft resistance.  Columbia, Mo. ; London : University of Missouri Press,   
E609 .V34 2013                                                                  
  Van Tuyll, Debra Reddin.  The Confederate press in the crucible of the        
    American Civil War.  New York : Peter Lang, c2013.                          
E876 .N59 1988                                                                  
  Nixon, Richard M.  1999 : victory without war.  New York : Simon and          
    Schuster, c1988.                                                            
E895 .D642 2013                                                                 
  Does the world hate the US?  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2013.               
F345 .S5 1964                                                                   
  Silver, James W.  Mississippi: the closed society.  [1st ed.].  New York :    
    Harcourt, Brace & World, c1964.                                             
F390 .T385 2012                                                                 
  The Texas Legation papers, 1836-1845.  Fort Worth, Tex. : TCU Press, 2012.    
F394.G2 W66 2012                                                                
  Wooten, Heather Green.  Old Red : pioneering medical education in Texas.      
    Denton : Texas State Historical Association, 2012.                          
F1621 .S49 1973                                                                 
  Sherlock, Philip Manderson, Sir.  West Indian nations; a new history.  New    
    York, St. Martin's Press [1973]                                             
F1881 .G23 1971                                                                 
  Gardner, W. J.  A history of Jamaica from its discovery by Christopher        
    Columbus to the year 1872, including an account of its trade and            
    agriculture; sketches of the manners, habits, and customs of all classes    
    of its inhabitants; and a narrative of the progress of religion and         
    education in the island.  [London] F. Cass, 1971.                           
F1939.I8 D43 2002                                                               
  Deagan, Kathleen A.  Columbus's outpost among the Tainos : Spain and America  
    at La Isabela, 1493-1498.  New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Press, c2002. 
F2329.22.C54 C27 2013                                                           
  Carroll, Rory.  Comandante : Hugo Chavez's Venezuela.  New York : Penguin     
    Press, 2013.                                                                
G155.A1 S495 2012                                                               
  Sigala, Marianna.  Social media in travel, tourism and hospitality : theory,  
    practice and cases.  Farnham, Surrey, Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub., c2012. 
G155.S8 B37 2008                                                                
  Barton, Susan.  Healthy living in the Alps : the origins of winter tourism    
    in Switzerland, 1860-1914.  Manchester ; New York : Manchester University   
    Press ; New York : Distributed in the USA by Palgrave Macmillan, c2008.     
G156.5.H47 T76 2012                                                             
  Trollinger, Susan L.  Selling the Amish : the tourism of nostalgia.           
    Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, c2012.                          
GA455 .W55 2012                                                                 
  Wooldridge, William C.  Mapping Virginia : from the age of exploration to     
    the Civil War.  Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press, 2012.       
GB1601.4 .E5 2012                                                               
  Encyclopedia of lakes and reservoirs.  Dordrecht ; New York : Springer,       
GN803 .P757 2013                                                                
  Price, T. Douglas.  Europe before Rome : a site-by-site tour of the stone,    
    bronze, and iron ages.  New York : Oxford University Press, c2013.          
GT525 .G64 2012                                                                 
  Godart, Frederic.  Unveiling fashion : business, culture, and identity in     
    the most glamorous industry.  New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.          
GV341 .C67 2012                                                                 
  Core concepts in athletic training and therapy.  Champaign, IL : Human        
    Kinetics, c2012.                                                            
GV346 .T84 2012                                                                 
  Tufte, John E.  Crazy-proofing high school sports.  Lanham, Md. : Rowman &    
    Littlefield Education, c2012.                                               
GV361 .S466 2011                                                                
  Shimon, Jane M.  Introduction to teaching physical education : principles     
    and strategies.  Champaign, Ill. : Human Kinetics, c2011.                   
GV583 .C62 2013                                                                 
  Cohen, Robert W.  The 50 most dynamic duos in sports history : baseball,      
    basketball, football, and hockey.  Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press, Inc.,      
GV722.5.G36 S96 2012                                                            
  Symons, Caroline.  The gay games : a history.  London ; New York : Routledge, 
    2012, c2010.                                                                
GV852.3.S63 R36 2012                                                            
  Rand, Erica.  Red nails, black skates : gender, cash, and pleasure on and     
    off the ice.  Durham ; London : Duke University Press, 2012.                
GV854.8.C3 S76 2012                                                             
  Stoddart, Mark C. J.  Making meaning out of mountains : the political         
    ecology of skiing.  Vancouver : UBC Press, c2012.                           
GV865.M215 M333 2012                                                            
  Macht, Norman L.  Connie Mack : the turbulent and triumphant years, 1915-     
    1931.  Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2012.                       
GV1041 .F67 2012                                                                
  Forester, John.  Effective cycling.  7th ed.  Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press,   
HA32 .F537 2012                                                                 
  Field, Andy P.  Discovering statistics using R.  London ; Thousand Oaks,      
    Calif. : Sage, 2012.                                                        
HB74.P8 Y84 2012                                                                
  Yuengert, Andrew.  Approximating prudence : Aristotelian practical wisdom     
    and economic models of choice.  1st ed.  New York : Palgrave Macmillan,     
HB801 .M6923 2013                                                               
  Moon, Mark A.  Demand and supply integration : the key to world-class demand  
    forecasting.  Upper Saddle River, N.J. : FT Press, c2013.                   
HB3717 2008 .R36 2013                                                           
  Ramirez, Steven A.  Lawless capitalism : the subprime crisis and the case     
    for an economic rule of law.  New York : New York University Press, c2013.  
HB3722 .B374 2012                                                               
  Barth, James R.  Guardians of finance : making regulators work for us.        
    Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2012.                                        
HC79.C3 F75 2012                                                                
  Frischmann, Brett M.  Infrastructure : the social value of shared resources.  
    New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.                                  
HC79.C63 W49 2012                                                               
  Wheeler, Kathryn.  Fair trade and the citizen-consumer : shopping for         
    justice?  Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave          
    Macmillan, 2012.                                                            
HC106.5 .S376 1967                                                              
  Schriftgiesser, Karl.  Business and public policy; the role of the Committee  
    for Economic Development, 1942-1967.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-     
    Hall [1967]                                                                 
HC106.84 .B37 2012                                                              
  Barlett, Donald L.  The betrayal of the American dream.  1st ed.  New York :  
    PublicAffairs, c2012.                                                       
HC107.A17 A85 2004                                                              
  Anderson, Terry Lee.  The not so wild, wild west : property rights on the     
    frontier.  Stanford, Calif. : Stanford Economics and Finance, 2004.         
HC110.I5 O26 2013                                                               
  The occupy movement.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2013.                      
HD30.29 .C373 2013                                                              
  Castaneda-Mendez, Kicab.  What's your problem? : identifying and solving the  
    five types of process problems.  Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, c2013.      
HD38.2 .T476 2012                                                               
  Thorndike, William.  The outsiders : eight unconventional CEOs and their      
    radically rational blueprint for success.  Boston, Mass. : Harvard          
    Business Review Press, c2012.                                               
HD38.5 .S346 2013                                                               
  Schniederjans, Marc J.  Reinventing the supply chain life cycle : strategies  
    and methods for analysis and decision making.  Upper Saddle River, New      
    Jersey : FT Press, [2013]                                                   
HD45 .A27 2013                                                                  
  Abrahamson, Shaun.  Crowdstorm : the future of innovation, ideas, and         
    problem solving.  Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2013]     
HD45 .L8293 2012                                                                
  Lucas, Henry C.  The search for survival : lessons from disruptive            
    technologies.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, c2012.                      
HD60 .W485 2012                                                                 
  Whistleblowers.  Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2012.                           
HD62.6 .M687 2011                                                               
  Moxley, David.  Beyond oversight : developing grassroots nonprofit boards     
    for community and institutional change.  Washington, DC : NASW Press,       
HD62.6 .W556 2013                                                               
  Williams, Karla A.  Leading the fundraising charge : the role of the          
    nonprofit executive.  Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2013.             
HD66 .C455 2012                                                                 
  Chen, John.  50 digital team building games : fast, fun meeting openers,      
    group activities and adventures using social media, smart phones, GPS,      
    tablets, and more.  Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2012.                           
HD69.C6 V475 2012                                                               
  Verlander, Edward George.  The practice of professional consulting.  1st ed.  
    San Francisco : Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 2012.                                 
HD69.S8 V565 2012                                                               
  Vitasek, Kate.  Vested : how P&G, McDonald's, and Microsoft are redefining    
    winning in business relationships.  1st ed.  New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 
HD111 .P36 2012                                                                 
  Pearce, Fred.  The land grabbers : the new fight over who owns the Earth.     
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