Current Goals


**Survive the summer with one position vacant, a second member of the department on a half-time contract, and no student assistant. Essential work such as receiving, posting invoices, rush ordering, mail distribution, curriculum materials receiving, and loose-leaf check-in have been distributed with assistance from other departments in Technical Services. Staff involved: Elizabeth, Linda, Harriett, Jeanne (loose-leaf check-in); and Jenifer (curriculum materials receiving).

Conduct a successful search to fill the empty position in Acquisitions. Search Committee work and interviews will probably occur in July & August, with the goal of having a new employee on board around the opening of the fall 2014 semester. Search committee yet to be named.

Begin training new employee on basic acquisitions activities: Receiving, posting invoices, mail distribution, returning order slips to coordinators; receiving annual curriculum materials (if hired in time); etc. Staff involved: Harriett, Elizabeth, and Jenifer (CurrMats).

**Electronic journals project

Beginning in September, one day a week, check access on all EJS titles, identifying problems relating to access, coverage, etc. Compile a spreadsheet that specifies if there are differences between EJS and Serials Solutions in coverage or access. Report changes to Serials Solutions contact on a monthly basis. Staff involved: Student & Harriett (training); Linda (Serials Solutions)

As titles are identified in EJS as having no access, begin determining whether it is a due to cancellation of the print title or a registration issue. Attempt to activate the titles identified the previous month. Staff involved: Harriett.

**Missing issues project.

Declare the week after Fall break as Missing issues week. Focus on the periodicals missing issues file, by either finding replacements or making final decisions as to continued retention for issues missing in 2008-2012. Staff involved: Harriett, Elizabeth, new person, with some student help.

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