Instruction Procedures for Librarians

Reference Services•    Classes are scheduled and taught by the designated subject librarian for the discipline.  If a professor requests a class to be taught by a librarian who is not the subject librarian, then the librarian should notify the appropriate subject librarian to inform them about the assignment being taught.  This enables the subject librarian, who is responsible for the discipline, to stay informed about the area.   

•    All calls for scheduling classes are to be referred to the subject librarian. Classes are not to be scheduled for another subject librarian.

•    All classes are to be listed on the appropriate online reservation calendar on a first-come-first-served basis.  Priority will be given to NSU classes.  Information to be included on the reservation calendar:  the title of the class, librarian teaching the class, start and ending time for the class, and estimated number of students in the class.

•    When possible, acquire the research assignment or copy of the syllabus from the requesting faculty member.

•    Create the curriculum for the class, including creating Web class pages, if necessary.

•    Before class, the subject/instruction librarian should place the “class in session” sign in the holder outside of instruction room 105.

•    User Services personnel will place a list of classes scheduled outside of instruction room 105.

•    Check the separate policy for room 105 (Lab Policies).

•    When scheduling a class that needs additional computers, notify Reserve as soon as possible with the number of laptops needed.  Reserve personnel will bring the laptops as well as return them to the Reserve Desk.  Any technical problems should be referred to Tech Support.

•    At the end of the class, if time allows, have the students complete the “Library Instruction Survey.”

•    Tally classes on the monthly subject librarian statistics sheet.   

Prepared by Sarah Brick Archer
Approved by the Department on November 20, 2009

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