Instruction Policy for Faculty

Reference ServicesThe Department of Reference Services supports the library’s mission by instructing and assisting patrons in the location, use, and evaluation of information sources.  The department teaches information literacy skills by providing sequenced instruction in all formats for classes with an emphasis on providing specific instruction for students in their majors. 

•    Contact your Subject Librarian at least three to seven days in advance of needing a class taught.  All classes are taught on a first come, first serve basis and scheduling in advance assures the availability of the subject librarian as well as the use of an electronic classroom in the library. If a class needs to be taught sooner, then the Subject Librarian will do his/her best to accommodate the instructor’s needs.  Subject Librarians may be contacted through email, in person, or by phone.  Please indicate your name, course number, the date and time you would like the class to be taught, the number of students, and the assignment.  Please also indicate if there are students with special needs in the class.

•    The class is usually more effective if a specific assignment requiring library materials has been assigned prior to attending the library instruction class.  Please give the Subject Librarian a copy of the assignment or syllabus at the time of scheduling the class.

•    If specific topics should be included in the class, feel free to convey these wishes to the Subject Librarian.

•    The classes are usually more effective if the classroom instructor attends the library instruction session.

•    Classes can be provided in person, online, in library labs, or in the instructor’s classroom.

•    Classes are provided for all levels of classes:  University Strategies through professional classes.

•    Instruction can also be provided through online tutorials.

•    The subject librarian may conduct a Library Instruction Survey at the end of the class for assessment purposes.

•    The Subject Librarian welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Prepared by Sarah Brick Archer
Approved by the Department on November 20, 2009

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