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The primary mission of the Library is to support the educational, research, and outreach objectives of the University by:

organizing and providing access to information resources, both on-site and through remote access, and
promoting the necessary conditions for their effective use, organization, and maintenance.
Its secondary mission is to provide the same services to residents of the Eastern Oklahoma region.

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Welcome to this topic guide!

This resource guide has been created for Africa in the Modern World  (HIST 4653) course. Use the tabs above to find links for various types of information. 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please use the information on the right to contact me (either phone or email). You can also email reference or set up a research consultation by using the "Ask a Librarian" link below.

Useful Links

NSU Libraries use the Library of Congress classification system for the following library collections:
Curriculum Materials (circulating collection)
Main Collection (circulating collection)
Periodicals (non-circulating collection)
Reference Collection (non-circulating collection)
Special Collections (non-circulating collection)

Library of Congress (LC-call numbers on how materials are organized and how to read call numbers in an academic library, see the link below)
Library of Congress Classification Outline by main classes, see the link below)

Other useful links:

Library of Congress - Class D - World History and History or Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Subclass DT - History of Africa

Each country will have a further breakdown by:

  • Ethnography
  • History
  • Local history and description

DT1-3415 History of Africa
DT7-12.25 Description and travel
DT15-16 Ethnography
DT17-39 History
DT43-154 Egypt
DT154.1-159.9 Sudan. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
DT160-177 North Africa
DT179.2-179.9 Northwest Africa
DT181-346 Maghrib. Barbary States
DT211-239 Libya
DT241-269 Tunisia (Tunis)
DT271-299 Algeria
DT301-330 Morocco
DT330 Spanish Morocco
DT331-346 Sahara
DT348-363.3 Central Sub-Saharan Africa
DT365-469 Eastern Africa
DT367-367.8 Northeast Africa
DT371-390 Ethiopia (Abyssinia)
DT391-398 Eritrea 
DT401-409 Somalia. Somaliland and adjacent territory
DT411-411.9 Djibouti. French Territory of the Afars and Issas. French
DT421-432.5 East Africa. British East Africa
DT433.2-433.29 Uganda
DT433.5-434 Kenya
DT436-449 Tanzania. Tanganyika. German East Africa
DT449.Z2 Zanzibar
DT450-450.49 Rwanda. Ruanda-Urundi
DT450.5-450.95 Burundi
DT468-469 Islands (East African coast)
DT469.M21-.M38 Madagascar
DT469.M39 Mascarene Islands
DT469.M4-.M495 Mautitius (Ile de France)
DT469.M4975 Mayotte
DT469.R3-.R5 Reunion
DT469.S4-.S49 Seychelles
DT470-671 West Africa. West Coast
DT477 Upper Guinea
DT479 Lower Guinea
DT491-516.9 British West Africa
DT507 Ashanti Empire
DT509-509.9 Gambia
DT509.97-512.9 Ghana (Gold Coast)
DT515-515.9 Nigeria
DT516-516.9 Sierra Leone
DT521-555.9 French West Africa. French Sahara. West Sahara. Sahel
DT541-541.9 Benin. Dahomey
DT543-543.9 Guinea
DT545-545.9 Côte d'Ivoire. Ivory Coast
DT546.1-546.49 French-speaking Equatorial Africa
DT546.1-546.19 Gabon (Gaboon, Gabun)
DT546.2-546.29 Congo (Brazzaville). Middle Congo
DT546.3-546.39 Central African Republic. Central African Empire.
DT546.4-546.49 Chad (Tchad)
DT547-547.9 Niger
DT548 West Sahara
DT549-549.9 Senegal
DT551-551.9 Mali. Mali Federation. Sudanese Republic. French Sudan
DT554-554.9 Mauritania 
DT555-555.9 Burkina Faso. Upper Volta
DT561-581 Cameroon (Cameroun, Kamerun)
DT582-582.9 Togo. Togoland
DT591-615.9 Portuguese-speaking West Africa
DT613-613.9 Guinea-Bissau. Portuguese Guinea
DT615-615.9 Sao Tome and Principe
DT619-620.9 Spanish West Africa
DT620-620.9 Equatorial Guinea (Spanish Guinea)
DT621-637 Liberia
DT639 Congo (Kongo) River region
DT641-665 Zaire. Congo (Democratic Republic). Belgian Congo
DT669-671 Islands
DT671.C2 Cape Verde
DT1001-1190 Southern Africa
DT1251-1465 Angola
DT1501-1685 Namibia. South-West Africa
DT1701-2405 South Africa
DT1991-2054 Cape Province. Cape of Good Hope
DT2075-2145 Orange Free State. Oranje Vrystaat
DT2181-2278 KwaZulu-Natal. Natal
DT2291-2378 Transvaal. South African Republic
DT2421-2525 Botswana. Bechuanaland
DT2541-2686 Lesotho. Basutoland
DT2701-2825 Swaziland
DT2831-2864 British Central Africa. Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
DT2871-3025 Zimbabwe. Southern Rhodesia
DT3031-3145 Zambia. Northern Rhodesia
DT3161-3257 Malawi. Nyasaland
DT3291-3415 Mozambique

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