Who Does What?

Linda West - Technical Services Director *

(918) 444-3280 

General Technical Services information 
Information on projects 
Innovative/Millennium Site Contact, Manager
Electronic Resources cataloging 
Music cataloging 
JVL Digital Library
Library Web Committee, Chair
Statistical Reporting, Program Review data
Collection Maintenance supervisor
Check-in projects and questions 
Serials holdings quality control and questions 
Serials Solutions knowledge base and cataloging
GPO cataloging
Oklahoma Documents Cataloging 


Linda H. West

Harriett Hobbs - Acquisition/Serials Librarian *

(918) 444-3285 

Acquisitions Supervisor
Serials accounting 
Missing issues ordering 
OCLC Coordinator 
Firm orders/funds 
Yearly serial review 
Serial cataloging 
Electronic licenses
Database Administrative modules


Harriett Hobbs

Jackie Schumaker - Cataloging Librarian

(918) 444-3295 

Cataloging Supervisor
Monograph cataloging 
AV and Curriculum materials cataloging 
Software cataloging 
Cataloging projects
Y Collection cataloging
Original cataloging
Monitor quality of cataloging 
Cataloging Training and mentoring

Jackie Schumaker

Jenifer Rogers - Library Technician III

(918) 444-3287 

 Problem materials returned to Dept.
Call number problems
Barcode problems 
Added copies and volumes, monographs 
Student Coordinator for Tech Svcs 
Organize and process Curriculum Materials 
Approval Cataloging
Monograph Cataloging
Y Collection Cataloging
AV Cataloging

Jenifer Rogers

Jeanne Pry - Library Technician III *

(918) 444-3297 

Supervise check-in of periodicals 
Solve check-in problems 
Newspaper check-in 
Added volumes, serials 
OCLC Union List 
Update Millennium serial holdings 
Reference retention withdrawals 
Serials cataloging 
Housing for periodicals 
Microfilm shipments 
Serial title changes 
Withdrawing library materials
Catalog Curriculum Materials 
Approval, monograph and Y Collection Cataloging
Music Cataloging (scores)

Jean Pry

Lou Ann Rhea - Library Technician II *

(918) 444-3296 

Monographic book production 
Workflow in production and processing 
Proofreading labeling 
In-house Mending 
Rebind decisions 
New Item records quality control
Distribution of new materials 
Rush and Special Collections  routing
Supply Coordinator for Tech Svcs 
Curriculum Materials cataloging and processing 
Approval Cataloging
Y Collection cataloging
Revision of microfilm check-in and holdings


Lou Ann Rhea

- Library Technician II

(918) 444-3283 

Order and Receive books 
Check-in Curriculum Materials 
Call publishers about out-of-print books 
Problems with orders  follow-up
Order records for books in series
Distribute flyers from daily mail 
Check serial renewal notices   
Check exchange lists for needed items 
Supervise Acquisitions student - Phone books, publishers catalogs, microfilm issue pulling 
Catalog Federal and Oklahoma Documents
Withdrawn Federal and Oklahoma Documents

Elizabeth Hamilton - Library Technician II

(918) 444-3286 

Bindery shipments 
Missing issues 
Gift receiving, acknowledgment and presearching
Daily mail sorting
New material sorting for cataloging 
Monthly statistics compilation
Recycle and Book Sale
Better World Books Shipping


Elizabeth Hamilton

*Indicates Twenty Year employees

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