Collection Maintenance Goals/Challenges 2010/2011


1. Withdraw or suppress circulation statuses set from 2004-2012.

a. In the spring, gather a list of Lost and Paid, Billed, Claims Returned and other older circulation status items. Plan procedures. In April/May withdraw as appropriate or suppress records. Record statistics.

2. Broken Arrow inventory

a. Perform a limited retention inventory in May 2013. In addition, begin work on inventory of continuation titles for proper locations and holdings statements.

3. Summer Check-in

a. Due to the lack of summer students, department members will perform newspaper and periodical check-in during the summer

4. Respond to weeding projects

a. Continue to withdraw titles from second floor weeding project on spreadsheet.

b. Begin with Reference weeding project

c. Respond to other weeding projects during the year

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