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March 2008
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Audio-Visual Materials

D570 .W668 1991
World War One [videorecording] the war that failed to end wars. Princeton,
NJ : Films for the Humanities Inc., c1991.

D809.U5 O98 1998
Out of Hitler's reach [videorecording]. [Iowa] : Iowa Public Television,

HQ778.5 .H68 1998
How caring relationships support self-regulation [videorecording].
[Washington, DC : National Association for the Education of Young
Children], c1998.

HV1552.3 .M68 1999
Mountains to climb [videorecording] the Ashley Turner, Stephen Zeigler story.
New York : West Glen Communications, [1999?]

HV5125 .A43 1999
Alcohol 101 [videorecording] speaking to today's college students. Urbana-
Champaign, Ill. : University of Illinois ; Los Angeles, CA : The Century
Council, c1999.

HV6439.U5 H43 1990
The heart broken in half [videorecording]. New York, N.Y. : Filmakers
Library Inc., c1990.

JK1319 .S767 2001
The story of the U.S. House of Representatives [videorecording]. [Las Vegas,
Nev.?] : Educational Clearinghouse Inc., c2001.

LB1025.3 .I596 1989
Invitational learning [videorecording]. [Bethesda, MD : Phase II
Productions, 1989]

LB1140.35.P55 B56 1993
Block play [videorecording] constructing realities. Washington, DC :
National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1993.

RE871 .N46 1999
Neuroprotection in glaucoma [videorecording]. Rancho Mirage, Calif. :
Annenberg Center for Health Sciences, 1999.

TL540.W7 W73 1992
The Wright brothers [videorecording] how they invented the airplane.
[Hightstown, N.J.] : American School Publishers, c1992.



PS41 .D84 2007
Dugan, Molly Harrington. American literature. Shoreview, Minn. : Pearson/
AGS Globe, c2007.


Oklahoma Documents

Child health checkups : every parent should do this! Rev. [Oklahoma City,
Okla.] : Oklahoma Health Care Authority, 2007.

Guidelines for an effective safety & health program. [Oklahoma City,
Okla.] : Oklahoma Dept. of Labor, [2007?]

Mangham, Holley.
How we lived : a pictorial history of the places Oklahomans have called home.
Oklahoma City, Okla. : The Agency, c2007.


Main Collection

AG5 .C737 1983
The Concise Columbia encyclopedia. New York : Columbia University Press,

B29 .W498 2007
Wimsatt, William C. Re-engineering philosophy for limited beings :
piecewise approximations to reality. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard
University Press, 2007.

B491.P8 K65 2006
Konstan, David. The emotions of the Ancient Greeks : studies in Aristotle
and classical literature. Toronto ; Buffalo, N.Y. : University of Toronto
Press, c2006.

B2430.R553 J8813 2007
Ricur, Paul. Reflections on the just. Chicago : University of Chicago
Press, c2007.

BD418.3 .W37 2006
Waskan, Jonathan A. Models and cognition : prediction and explanation in
everyday life and in science. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2006.

BF637.T5 P67 2008
Poscente, Vince. The age of speed : learning to thrive in a more-faster-now
world. Austin, Tex. : Bard Press, c2008.

BL53 .B363 2007
Beauregard, Mario. The spiritual brain : a neuroscientist's case for the
existence of the soul. 1st ed. New York : HarperOne, c2007.

BL2525 .G46 2007
Gelernter, David Hillel. Americanism : the fourth great Western religion.
1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2007.

CR113.5 .P75 2004
Prince, K. Michael. Rally 'round the flag, boys! : South Carolina and the
confederate flag. Columbia : University of South Carolina Press, c2004.

DA16 .B38 2007
Bell, Duncan. The idea of greater Britain : empire and the future of world
order, 1860-1900. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2007.

DA682 .O28 2003b
O'Connell, Sheila. London 1753. 1st U.S. ed. Boston, Mass. : David R.
Godine, c2003.

DP302.B46 W75 2008
Woodworth, Paddy. The Basque country : a cultural history. New York :
Oxford University Press, 2008.

DP302.C616 E38 2008
Eaude, Michael. Catalonia : a cultural history. Oxford ; New York : Oxford
University Press, 2008.

DS79.762 .G55 2007
Gilbertson, Ashley. Whiskey tango foxtrot : a photographer's chronicle of
the Iraq War. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, c2007.

DS712 .P36 2007b
Pao, Basil. China revealed : an extraordinary journey of rediscovery. New
York : Abbeville Press, 2007.

DS774 .L285 2007
Lary, Diana. China's Republic. Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge
University Press, 2007.

DS799.712 .T38 2006
Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule, 1895-1945 : history, culture, memory.
New York : Columbia University Press, c2006.

E77 .S573 2008
Silver, Peter Rhoads. Our savage neighbors : how Indian war transformed
early America. 1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton, c2008.

E99.A35 O24 2008
Oberg, Michael Leroy. The head in Edward Nugent's hand : Roanoke's
forgotten Indians. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2008.

E99.C5 Y37 2008
Yarbrough, Fay A. Race and the Cherokee Nation : sovereignty in the
nineteenth century. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press,

E185.86 .M397 2007
McElya, Micki. Clinging to mammy : the faithful slave in twentieth-century
America. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, c2007.

E445.M67 F73 2004
Frazier, Harriet C. Runaway and freed Missouri slaves and those who helped
them, 1763-1865. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2004.

E470.45 .M65 1955b
Monaghan, Jay. Civil War on the western border, 1854-1865. New York,
Bonanza Books, [1955]

E473.17 .B76 1967
Brown, Dee Alexander. The Battle of Pea Ridge : Gettysburg of the West.
Gettysburg, Pa. : Civil War Times Illustrated, c1967.

E496 .B61 2003
Bishop, Albert Webb. Loyalty on the frontier, or, Sketches of Union men of
the South-west : with incidents and adventures in rebellion on the border.
Fayetteville : University of Arkansas Press, c2003.

E565.5 28th .K56 2006
King, William Henry. No pardons to ask, nor apologies to make : the journal
of William Henry King, Gray's 28th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. 1st ed.
Knoxville : University of Tennessee Press, c2006.

F391 .T5116 2004
Thompson, Jerry D. Civil War and revolution on the Rio Grande frontier : a
narrative and photographic history. Austin : Texas State Historical
Association, c2004.

F595 .W695 2007
Wilke, Joanne. Eight women, two Model Ts, and the American West. Lincoln :
University of Nebraska Press, c2007.

F666 .T38 1995
Tate, Michael L. Nebraska history : an annotated bibliography. Westport,
Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1995.

F780 .B54 2007
Berwanger, Eugene H. The rise of the Centennial State : Colorado Territory,
1861-76. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c2007.

F800.K52 S65 1999
Smith, Ralph Adam. Borderlander : the life of James Kirker, 1793-1852.
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c1999.

F854 .R44 2007
Rees, Tony. Arc of the Medicine Line : mapping the world's longest
undefended border across the western plains. Lincoln : University of
Nebraska Press ; Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre, c2007.

F869.S35 B47 2007
Berglund, Barbara. Making San Francisco American : cultural frontiers in
the urban West, 1846-1906. Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, c2007.

F3429 .R414513 2000
Regni preincaici e il mondo inca. English. The Inca world : the development
of pre-Columbian Peru, A.D. 1000-1534. English-language ed. Norman :
University of Oklahoma Press, c2000.

F3442.P776 S75 2005
Stirling, Stuart. Pizarro : conqueror of the Inca. Stroud : Sutton Pub. ;

GT3412.7.I93 A3 2002
Iwasaki, Mineko. Geisha : a life. New York : Atria Books, c2002.

HB74.P8 C695 2007
Coyle, Diane. The soulful science : what economists really do and why it
matters. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2007.

HD62.4 .H48 2007
Hexter, Jimmy. Operation China : from strategy to execution. Boston, Mass.
: Harvard Business School Press, c2007.

HD69.B7 H3485 2006
Hanlon, Patrick. Primal branding : create zealots for your brand, your
company, and your future. New York : Free Press, c2006.

HD4919.W6 M35 2006
Making it work : low-wage employment, family life, and child development.
New York : Russell Sage Foundation, c2006.

HD5724 .G637 2005
Gordon, Edward E. The 2010 meltdown : solving the impending jobs crisis.
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, c2005.

HD7256.U62 N83 2006
Shumway, Donald L. Crotched Mountain : offering a lifelong alliance to
people with disabilities. Exton : Newcomen Society of the United States,

HE9715.U6 M44 2006
Meena, Victor H. Cellular South, Inc. : past, present and future : doing
whatever it takes. Exton : Newcomen Society of the United States, c2006.

HF1359 .R63 2007
Rodrik, Dani. One economics, many recipes : globalization, institutions,
and economic growth. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2007.

HF5382.5.U5 E75 2008
Erickson, Tamara J. Retire retirement : career strategies for the boomer
generation. Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, c2008.

HF5386 .J46 2005
Jennings, Jason. Think big, act small : how America's best performing
companies keep the start-up spirit alive. New York : Portfolio, 2005.

HF5415.1265 .M6646 2008
Moran, Mike. Do it wrong quickly : how the web changes the old marketing
rules. Upper Saddle River, NJ : IBM Press, c2008.

HF5429 .L52275 2008
Lincoln, Keith. Private label : turning the retail brand threat into your
biggest opportunity. 1st ed. London ; Philadelphia : Kogan Page, 2008.

HF5845 .B68 2006
Bou, Louis. Windows of the world : store windows that dazzle. 1st ed. New
York, NY : Collins Design, c2006.

HG3766 .V97 2008
Vyse, Stuart A. Going broke : why Americans can't hold on to their money.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2008.

HG3915 .H45 2006
Helleiner, Eric. Towards North American monetary union? : the politics and
history of Canada's exchange rate regime. Montreal : McGill-Queen's
University Press, c2006.

HG4661 .H6884 2007
How to get started investing in stocks and mutual funds. Chicago, Ill. :
Morningstar, [2007?]

HJ141 .B42 2006
Behavioral public finance. New York : Russell Sage Foundation, c2006.

HQ536 .M415 2006
The meaning of marriage : family, state, market, and morals. Dallas, Tex. :
Spence Pub. Co., c2006.

HQ799.5 .M393 2008
Mason, Matt. The pirate's dilemma : how youth culture reinvented capitalism.
1st Free Press hardcover ed. New York : Free Press, 2008.

HQ1034.U5 P65 2007
The politics of same-sex marriage : edited by Craig A. Rimmerman and Clyde
Wilcox. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, c2007.

HV6439.U5 K585 2006
Klein, Malcolm W. Street gang patterns and policies. Oxford ; New York :
Oxford University Press, c2006.

HV8593 .R44 2007
Rejali, Darius M. Torture and democracy. Princeton : Princeton University
Press, c2007.

JK468.I6 W44 2007
Weiner, Tim. Legacy of ashes : the history of the CIA. New York :
Doubleday, c2007.

K3220 .N49 2006
The new police science : the police power in domestic and international
governance. Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press, 2006.

K5165 .Z34 2008
Zahar, Alexander. International criminal law : a critical introduction.
Oxford [UK] ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

KF3941 .S85 2006
Suing the gun industry : a battle at the crossroads of gun control and mass
torts. 1st pbk. ed. Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2006,

KF8205.Z95 R67 2007
Rosen, Deborah A. American Indians and state law : sovereignty, race, and
citizenship, 1790-1880. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2007.

KF9236.5 .L38 2006
Laufer, William S. Corporate bodies and guilty minds : the failure of
corporate criminal liability. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.

LA1435 .E383 2007
Education for a new era : design and implementation of K-12 education reform
in Qatar : executive summary. Santa Monica, CA : RAND, 2007.

LB1043 .L465 2007
Lesson plans for creating media-rich classrooms. Urbana, Ill. : National
Council of Teachers of English, c2007.

LB1139.5.R4 M73 2007
Mraz, Maryann. ERS focus on teaching and testing early reading. Arlington,
VA : Educational Research Service, c2007.

LC1099.3 .P764 2007
Protheroe, Nancy. ERS focus on teaching in a multicultural classroom.
Arlington, VA : Educational Research Service, c2007.

LC1397 .C59 2007
Clarke, Suzanne. ERS focus on educating boys. Arlington, VA (1001 North
Fairfax St., Suite 400, Alexandria 22314-1587) : Educational Research
Service, c2007.

LC2781.7 .R68 2001
Ross, Lawrence C. The divine nine : the history of African American
fraternities and sororities. New York, NY : Kensington Pub. 2001, c2000.

LC4704.825 .T83 2007
Tucker, Carrie. Arts education in a high-stakes environment. Arlington, Va.
: Educational Research Service, c2007.

ML74.4.I48 L48 2006
Levy, Steven. The perfect thing : how the iPod shuffles commerce, culture,
and coolness. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2006.

ML410.E41 E42 2007
Elgar : an anniversary portrait. London ; New York : Continuum, 2007.

ML410.H4 H3186 2007
Haydn and the performance of rhetoric. Chicago : University of Chicago
Press, 2007.

ML410.W16 L44 2007
Lee, M. Owen. Wagner and the wonder of art : an introduction to Die
Meistersinger. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2007.

ML410.W17 S345 2007
Schofield, Paul. The redeemer reborn : Parsifal as the fifth opera of
Wagner's Ring. New York : Amadeus Press, c2007.

ML1733.4 .M35 2007
Mallach, Alan. The autumn of Italian opera from verismo to modernism, 1890-
1915. Boston : Northeastern University Press, c2007.

ML3172 .M87 2008
The music of the Moravian Church in America. Rochester : University of
Rochester Press, 2008.

N5300 .A14 2007
30,000 years of art : the story of human creativity across time and space.
London ; New York : Phaidon, 2007.

N5871.U472 B554 2007
Greeks on the Black Sea : ancient art from the Hermitage. Los Angeles : J.
Paul Getty Museum, c2007.

N6537.W28 A4 2007b
Warhol, Andy. Andy Warhol portraits. London ; New York, NY : Phaidon Press,

NB237.C623 A4 2006
Sims, Patterson. Anxious objects : Willie Cole's favorite brands.
Montclair, N.J. : Montclair Art Museum, Distributed by Rutgers University
Press [2006].

NC998 .E85 2007
Eskilson, Stephen. Graphic design : a new history. New Haven : Yale
University Press, c2007.

ND237.H427 A4 2007
Armstrong, Elizabeth. Mary Heilmann : to be someone. Newport Beach, Calif.
: Orange County Museum of Art ; New York : distributed by Prestel, c2007.

ND237.K33 K35 2005
Katz, Alex. Alex Katz. London ; New York : Phaidon, 2005.

ND623.T6 A4 2007
Tintoretto. Tintoretto. English ed. Madrid : Museo Nacional del Prado,

NK1505 .D465 2007
Design and art. London : Whitechapel ; Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2007.

NX405.P5 C67 2007
Corzo, Miguel Angel. The University of the Arts : the power to transform :
130 years of creative growth. Exton, PA : Newcomen Society of the United
States, 2007.

P94.6 .C373 2007
Caron, Andre H. Moving cultures : mobile communication in everyday life.
Montreal ; Ithaca : McGill-Queen's University Press, c2007.

PN1993.5.A1 G68 2007
Grainge, Paul. Film histories : an introduction and reader. Toronto ;
Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, c2007.

PN1997.85 .N54 2007
Nineteenth-century American fiction on screen. Cambridge ; New York :
Cambridge University Press, c2007.

PN4738 .B37 2007
Bennett, W. Lance. When the press fails : political power and the news
media from Iraq to Katrina. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2007.

PN4738 .F56 2007
Finnegan, Lisa. No questions asked : news coverage since 9/11. Westport,
Conn. : Praeger Publishers, c2007.

PN4841.A85 B74 2007
Breaking news : how the Associated Press has covered war, peace, and
everything else. New York : Princeton Architectural Press, c2007.

PN4899.N42 F743 2007
Bacon, Jacqueline. Freedom's journal : the first African-American newspaper.
Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, c2007.

PR830.R5 F86 2007
Fundamentalism and literature. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

PR2831.A2 E76 2007
Shakespeare, William. The first quarto of Romeo and Juliet. Cambridge,
UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.

PR2982 .S475 2004
Shakespeare's history plays : performance, translation, and adaptation in
Britain and abroad. Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University
Press, 2004.

PR3456 .C36 2007
The Cambridge companion to Henry Fielding. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge
University Press, 2007.

PR3592.S38 F35 2007
Fallon, Stephen M. Milton's peculiar grace : self-representation and
authority. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2007.

PR3714 .T7 1935b
Sterne, Laurence. The life & opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman. New
York : Heritage Press, c1935.

PR4592.R27 L43 2007
Ledger, Sally. Dickens and the popular radical imagination. Cambridge ;
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007.

PR6003.E282 Z79993 2006
Samuel Beckett : 100 years : centenary essays. Dublin : New Island, 2006.

PR6045.O72 Z8226 2007
Moran, Patricia. Virginia Woolf, Jean Rhys, and the aesthetics of trauma.
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

PR6045.O72 Z8783 2006
Sproles, Karyn Z. Desiring women : the partnership of Virginia Woolf and
Vita Sackville-West. Toronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press,

PR6056.R5 Z558 2006
The Cambridge companion to Brian Friel. Cambridge, UK ; New York :
Cambridge University Press, 2006.

PS169.P68 R53 2007
Richardson, Joan. A natural history of pragmatism : the fact of feeling
from Jonathan Edwards to Gertrude Stein. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge
University Press, c2007.

PS309.P7 M45 2007
Metres, Philip. Behind the lines : war resistance poetry on the American
homefront since 1941. Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, c2007.

PS323.5 .C67 2008
Costello, Bonnie. Planets on tables : poetry, still life, and the turning
world. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2008.

PS2127.F7 B76 2007
Brooks, Peter. Henry James goes to Paris. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton
University Press, c2007.

PS3511.A86 Z94693 2006
Marius, Richard. Reading Faulkner : introductions to the first thirteen
novels. 1st ed. Knoxville : University of Tennessee Press, c2006.

PS3511.I9 Z6855 2007
McDonald, Jarom Lyle. Sports, narrative, and nation in the fiction of F.
Scott Fitzgerald. New York : Routledge, c2007.

PS3545.H16 A6 2008
Wharton, Edith. Ethan Frome ; Summer ; Bunner sisters. New York : Alfred A.
Knopf, 2008.

PS3553.A655 S53 2002
Card, Orson Scott. Shadow puppets. 1st ed. New York : Tor, 2002.

PS3555.V253 D57 2005b
Evans, Nicholas. The divide. [Book club ed.?]. New York : G. P. Putnam's
Sons, c2005.

PS3560.O275 O5 2005
Johansen, Iris. On the run. [Book club ed.?]. New York : Bantam Books,

PS3562.I515 C46 1985
Egan, Lesley. Chain of violence. [Book club ed.]. Garden City, N.Y. :
Doubleday, 1985.

PS3562.U25417 S75 2005
Luceno, James. Star wars : labyrinth of evil. New York : Del Rey, 2005.

PS3563.A4345 Z82 2008
Nadel, Ira Bruce. David Mamet : a life in the theatre. 1st ed. New York :
Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

PS3563.A679 R58 2005b
Maron, Margaret. Rituals of the season. [Book club ed.?]. New York :
Mysterious Press, c2005.

PS3563.O8749 Z76 2007
Mayberry, Susan Neal. Can't I love what I criticize? : the masculine and
Morrison. Athens : University of Georgia Press, c2007.

PS3565.C57 Z864 2007
Hardy, Donald E. The body in Flannery O'Connor's fiction : computational
technique and linguistic voice. Columbia : University of South Carolina
Press, c2007.

PS3566.A647 B55 2003
Paretsky, Sara. Blacklist : a V.I. Warshawski novel. New York : G.P.
Putnam's Sons, c2003.

PS3566.A822 M37 2005b
Patterson, James. Mary, Mary : a novel. [Book club ed.?]. New York :
Little, Brown, c2005.

PS3566.A8242 C66 2005b
Patterson, Richard North. Conviction : a novel. [Book club ed.]. New
York : Random House, c2005.

PS3568.O243 B55 2005b
Roberts, Nora. Blue smoke. [Book club ed.?]. New York : G.P. Putnam's
Sons, c2005.

PS3568.O243 O75 2005b
Robb, J. D. Origin in death. [Book club ed.?]. New York : G. P. Putnam's
Sons, c2005.

PS3569.E4 L68 1970b
Segal, Erich. Love story. [Book club ed.]. New York : Harper & Row, c1970.

PS3569.E4 O5 1977b
Segal, Erich. Oliver's story. [Book club ed.]. New York : Harper & Row,

PS3608.E7667 M54 2007
Hernandez, Lisa. Migrations and other stories. Houston, Tex. : Arte
Publico Press, c2007.

PS3612.Y5427 R43 2007
Lynch, Scott. Red seas under red skies. New York : Bantam Books, 2007.

Q172 .E36 2006
Ekeland, I. The best of all possible worlds : mathematics and destiny.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.

QA76.625 .S68 2007
Souders, Steve. High performance web sites : essential knowledge for
frontend engineers. Farnham ; Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, c2007.

QA76.76.O63 M36 2008
McNab, Chris. Network security assessment. 2nd ed. Sebastopol, Calif. :
O'Reilly, c2008.

QA76.76.O63 P63525 2007
Pogue, David. Windows Vista. 1st ed. Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, 2007.

QA151 .D47 2006
Derbyshire, John. Unknown quantity : a real and imaginary history of
algebra. Washington, D.C. : Joseph Henry Press, c2006.

QA320 .H36 2006
Hansen, Vagn Lundsgaard. Functional analysis : entering Hilbert space.
Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, c2006.

QA402.5 .S114 2006
St. Denis, Tom. BigNum math : implementing cryptographic multiple precision
arithmetic. Rockland, MA : Syngress Pub., c2006.

QB147 .M55 2006
Millar, William. The amateur astronomer's introduction to the celestial
sphere. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c2006.

QB982 .L48 2006
Levin, F. S. Calibrating the cosmos : how cosmology explains our big bang
universe. New York : Springer, c2006.

QC981.8.G56 G57442 2008
Global warming : looking beyond Kyoto. New Haven, Conn. : Center for the
Study of Globalization, Yale University ; Washington, D.C. : Brookings
Institution Press, c2008.

QE508 .W97 2006
Wyse Jackson, Patrick. The chronologers' quest : episodes in the search for
the age of the earth. Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University
Press, 2006.

QH83 .L42513 2006
Lecointre, Guillaume. The tree of life : a phylogenetic classification.
Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2006.

QL775.5 .D84 2006
Dugatkin, Lee Alan. The altruism equation : seven scientists search for the
origins of goodness. Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2006.

QP376 .K85 2006
Kurzweil, Ray. The singularity is near : when humans transcend biology.
New York : Penguin Book, 2006, c2005.

RC439.4 .V565 2006
Violence in mental health settings : causes, consequences, management. New
York : Springer, c2006.

RE46 .O39 2008
Ocular therapeutics : eye on new discoveries. 1st ed. Amsterdam ; Boston ;
London : Academic, c2008.

RE827 .E75 2007
Erickson, Graham. Sports vision : vision care for the enhancement of sports
performance. Oxford : Butterworth-Heinemann/Elsevier, c2007.

S605.5 .O68 1961
Organic gardening and farming. How to grow vegetables and fruits by the
organic method. Emmaus, PA Rodale Books [1961]

SH381 .W453 2006
Whales, whaling, and ocean ecosystems. Berkeley : University of California
Press, c2006.

T173.8 .K755 2007
Kressel, Henry. Competing for the future : how digital innovations are
changing the world. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press,

TA174 .C68 2005
Coyne, Richard. Cornucopia limited : design and dissent on the Internet.
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2005.

TL797 .P46 2007
Van Pelt, Michel. Space invaders : how robotic spacecraft explore the solar
system. New York : Copernicus Books, c2007.

TP359.B46 T53 2006
Tickell, Joshua. Biodiesel America : how to achieve energy security, free
America from middle-east oil dependence, and make money growing fuel. 1st
ed. [S.l.] : Yorkshire Press : Published in association with the
Biodiesel America Organization and the National Biodiesel Board, c2006.

TR15 .K64 2005
Koetzle, Hans-Michael. Photo icons : the story behind the pictures, 1928-
1991. [25th anniversary ed.]. Koln ; London : Taschen, 2005.

TR706 .P5635 2007
Plowden, David. David Plowden : vanishing point : fifty years of
photography. 1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton, c2007.

TX795 .M35 1999
Making dream ice cream : easy ices and sorbets for every season. Updated ed.
New York, NY : Hermes House, c1999.

TX795 .P475 1997b
Petersen-Schepelern, Elsa. Gelato, sorbet, and ice cream. [New York, NY] :
Ryland Peters & Small, 1997.

UA23 .J65 2008
Jones, L. R. Budgeting, financial management, and acquisition reform in the
U.S. Department of Defense. Charlotte, N.C. : IAP-Information Age Pub.
Inc., c2008.

UA26.A2 C35 2007
Calder, Kent E. Embattled garrisons : comparative base politics and
American globalism. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2007.

UA26.A2 G55 2007
Gillem, Mark L. America town : building the outposts of empire.
Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2007.

UA363.5 69th .F59 2007
Flynn, Sean Michael. The fighting 69th : one remarkable National Guard
Unit's journey from Ground Zero to Baghdad. New York : Viking, 2007.

UA832 .F888 2007
The future of Gulf security : project summary report. Muscatine, Iowa :
Stanley Foundation, [2007]

UG447.8 .F54 2008
Fidler, David P. Biosecurity in the global age : biological weapons, public
health, and the rule of law. Stanford, Calif. : Stanford Law and Politics,

UH723.U54 S96 2007
Szayna, Thomas S. Preparing the Army for stability operations : doctrinal
and interagency issues. Santa Monica, CA : RAND, c2007.

VA65.B38 H57 1952
History of the USS Batfish : America's killer sub. [Washington, D.C.] :
Naval History Division, Ship's Histories Section, [1952?]

Z4 .B397 2004
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Special Collections

E99.C85 R58 2006a
Rivaya-Martinez, Joaquin. Captivity and adoption among the Comanche Indians,
1700-1875. 2006.

KF8221 .C64 2006
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University of Oklahoma Press, 2006.



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Video : Distributed in the U.S. by New Video, c2002.

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Broken Arrow

398.21 B439t, 1996.
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by Tomie dePaola.Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1996, c1985.

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Bluford : an authorized biography / by Jim Haskins and Kathleen Benson.Boston :
Houghton Mifflin, 1991, c1984.

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and Grace Maccarone ; illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu.New
York : Scholastic Inc., 2003.

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Johnson, William Weber, 1909-Sam Houston : the tallest Texan / by
William Johnson ; illustrated by William Reusswig.New York : Random House, 1953.

B M1375t.
Towle, Wendy, 1963-The real McCoy : the life of an African-American
inventor / by Wendy Towle ; paintings by Wil Clay.New York : Scholastic Inc.,

E C461d, 1992.
Christelow, Eileen.Don't wake up Mama! : another five little
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E G283p, 1999.
Gelman, Rita Golden.Pizza Pat / by Rita Golden Gelman ;
illustrated by Will Terry.New York : Scholastic, 1999, c1999.

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Keats, Ezra Jack.Pet show! / Ezra Jack Keats.New York :
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F B466l.
Betancourt, Jeanne.The last pony ride / Jeanne Betancourt ; illustrated
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F N234a.
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.The agony of Alice / by Phyllis Reynolds
Naylor.New York : Aladdin Paperbacks, 1997.

HM1033 .Z37 2007.
Zastrow, Charles.Understanding human behavior and the social
environment / Charles Zastrow, Karen K. Kirst-Ashman.Belmont, CA : Thomson
Higher Education, c2007.

PA3973 .M4 1889.
Euripides.The Medea of Euripides / with notes and an
introduction by Frederic D. Allen.Boston : Ginn & Co., 1889, c1876.

PS3511.A86 S3 1958b.
Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.Sanctuary / William Faulkner.
New York : Random House, 1958.

PS3608.O4828 D43 2003.
Hoklotubbe, Sara Sue, 1952-Deception on all accounts /
Sara Sue Hoklotubbe.Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2003.

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