1. Music cataloging
(Linda will catalog the remaining 48 scores (including 20 problem/original scores); Jackie will catalog the 47 Russian scores.)

2. Original cataloging
(Jackie has 22 older titles remaining in the backlog and an additional 52 titles received in 2012- 2013. The goal is to eliminate that backlog and to begin doing some original monograph cataloging in RDA.)

3. SPC Indian Symposium videos
(Remaining to be cataloged: 4 years on VHS and 3 years on DVD) (Goal is to do at least 2 years)

4. SPC Project - Maps
(2 teams: Jackie & Jenifer, Harriett & Elizabeth - goal is to catalog at least 5 maps per month per team.)

5. Respond to and implement RDA
(Learn the new cataloging rules, make local decisions on implementation, adjust procedures and processes as needed, begin doing original monographic cataloging in RDA)

6. Government Documents Microfiche Barcoding Project
(Plan the project during summer 2013, begin work in the fall. All Technical Services Department members will participate.)

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