Assistive Technologies & Accessibility

Mission Statement

The John Vaughan Library is committed to providing services that can improve the accessibility to resources and materials and to aid students, staff, and faculty with individual needs. The Library Disability Services Committee works together with Student Affairs and the campus Student Disabilities ServicesAdvisory Board to help improve access and assistance for people with disabilities in support of the academic mission of the University.

The John Vaughan Library provides a number of assistive technologies that will help meet this mission.

  • Assistive Technology Workroom
  • Adjustable desk for wheelchair accessibility
  • Large 21’ monitor and enlarged keyboard
  • Track ball mouse
  • Microphone and Audio headset
  • Topaz visual magnifier (CCTV)
  • ZoomText (enlarging software with speech capabilities) for the visually impaired
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Wynn (software to assist with literacy development)
  • Jaws with braille capabilities

The library staff can address additional needs as they arise

We have screened all pages on this site to the best of our ability to meet web accessibility standards.

We can provide some training to staff and faculty who are interested in developing their skills and/or teach it to their students. Any training must be scheduled in advance through the library Disability Services Committee.

The room may be reserved ahead of time.

When the room is not reserved, drop in patrons are welcome on a first come first serve basis. A calendar is available to view any schedule times.-- See Schedule

Patrons who have registered their accomodation needs with the Office of Student Affairs will take priority over other patrons.

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