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General Guides

Accessing Your VPN Network Drives From Home
Career Services by Tamara Kharabora
Grant Resources by Susan Woitte
Sources for Local Government Information (Tulsa) by Pamela Louderback
“Scholarly” versus “Popular” articles: How to Distinghush Each Linda West

Style Manuals APA MLA Chicago Turabian

Online Tutorials

General Tutorials NSU Libraries
Ebscohost Basic by Ebscohost- maintained by Pamela Louderback
Ebscohost Advanced by Ebscohost - maintained by Pamela Louderback
Ebscohost Advanced Search with Guided Style Field; Creating Search Alerts and One-Step RSS Search & Journal Alerts by Ebscohost

Business & Industry Guides


Accounting & Finance: Accounting Resources by Gary Cheatham
Accounting & Finance: Finance Resources by Gary Cheatham
Accounting: Tax
maintained by Pamela Louderback
ACCT 3123 BA Comparative Business Analysis by Tamara Kharabora
ACCT 3123 Contemporary Business Analysis by Gary Cheatham

Business Administration Information Resources by Gary Cheatham
Business Source Elite (BA) by Tamara Kharabora
International Business, Economics, and Finance Resources by Gary Cheatham
MBA 5413 Strategic Management Library Guide by Gary Cheatham

FIN 3633 Investments maintained by Dr. Pamela Louderback

Business Stategy and Policy : External Career Environment Analysis maintained by Pamela Louderback
Economics Resources by Gary Cheatham
Federal Reserve Banks by Gary Cheatham
MGMT 3183 BA Principles of Management by Tamara Kharabora
MGMT 3213 BA Principles of Operations Management by Tamara Kharabora
MKMT 3323 BA Creativity, Innovation, and Opportunity by Tamara Kharabora
MGMT 3613 BA Leadership and Supervision maintained by Tamara Kharabora
MGMT 4213 BA Business Strategy and Policy maintained by Tamara Kharabora
ORGL 3113 BA Foundations of Organizational Leadership and Personal Developoment maintained by Tamara Kharabora

MKT 4343 International Marketing
maintained by Tamara Kharabora
Stock Exchanges of the World
by Gary Cheatham

Education Guides by Karl Siewert

COUN 5903 Graduate Counseling Research

ECED 4313 Developing Early Childhood Programs
ECED 5583 Current Trends and Research in Early Childhood
ECED 5713 Advanced Study, Cognitive Development of Young Children

ECED 5903 Seminar in Early Childhood

Library Instruction and Resources for Education
EDUC 3113 Educational Psychology
EDUC 3313 Clinical Teaching Pre-Internship I
EDUC 5143 Qualitative Research
EDUC 5253 Seminar: Applied Research

HED 2202 Orientation to Health and Wellness Online

LIBM 5513 Information Resources and Services

PED 2202 Foundations of Physical Education

READ 5641 Seminar in Reading

SPED 4213 Foundations, Trends, and Issues in Special Education
SPED 4433 Introduction to the Education of Exceptional Children

Psychology Guides by Karl Siewert

Career Development
Psychology Research Guide by Pamela Louderback
PSYC 3243 Introduction to Counseling
PSYC 3574 Experimental Psychology
PSYC 4563 Psychology of Personality

Liberal Arts Guides

Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) by Tom Rink
Criminal Justice Resource
by Tom Rink
CRJ 4693 Homeland Security Senior Seminar
by Tom Rink

ENGLISH (Language and Literature)
The Big Read (Oklahoma) by Tom Rink
English Resources - by SophiaBeverley Threatt
ENGL: TCC - English Composition (BA) by Tamara Kharabora
ENGL 3083 Technical Writing by Tom Rink
ENGL 5033 Graduate Research and Writing by Tom Rink
Study Away 2018: Oregon Shakespeare Festival by Tom Rink

SOWK 3013 Interviewing Skills in General Practice by Tom Rink
SOWK 4613 Human Diversity and Social Work by Tom Rink

Science and Health Professions Guides by Tom Rink

BIOL 3124 Cell Biology
BIOL 3314 Human Physiology
BIOL 3524 Ecology/Coral Reef Ecology
BIOL 4164 Medical Microbiology

CHEM 3232 Organic Chemisty
CHEM 4214 Biochemistry

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