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Academic & popular periodicals
Nearly 100,000 citations of dissertations accepted by American universities from 1933-1955
"The American Indian Experience is an invaluable digital resource that provides in-depth historical accounts and cultural information about the indigenous peoples of North America."
Integrates Gale eBooks and literature criticism resources into a single research environment
General journals
Business, Education, Psychology, Computer Science, & Health Directories
Electronic journals
Academic journals
Partnership of more than 60 research libraries pooling their resources to create a digital library
JSTOR Arts & Sciences II and JSTOR Language & Literature collections
Popular magazines
Union Catalog of Digital Resources
"One Stop Shop" for Oklahoma's Online Library Resources
"Online services and resources that help you find books, articles, web content and other useful information"
General Wilson online resources
Papers presented at conferences
Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress
Conference proceedings
Journals, magazines, and newspapers
Popular and general interest periodicals
Business, consumer lifestyle, and residential information
Research management, writing and collaboration tool
Research management, writing and collaboration tool
Periodicals information database
International library catalog (FirstSearch version)
International library catalog (OCLC version)


Integrates Gale eBooks and literature criticism resources into a single research environment
Index to journals in communication and mass media
Over 30,000 works of art
Journal articles in the humanities
Journal archive
Literature reference database
Directory information on literary journals
Indexes journal articles, book chapters, and dissertations in literature and languages
Masterplots (4th ed.) and "Critical Insights" on selected literature
Thousands of illustrated biographical profiles of children's authors and illustrators


Biographical information
Literature reference database, including thousands of author biographies
Thousands of illustrated biographical profiles of children's authors and illustrators


Book reviews
eBooks in Vision Science, Nursing and Medicine
Full-text leisure and tourism eBooks
Reviews of books, electronic media and Internet resources (First time users will need to "Register")
Public Libraries in Eastern Oklahoma
eBooks on a wide range of topics
Over 45,000 free ebooks
International library latalog (FirstSearch version)
International library catalog (OCLC version)
Subset of WorldCat


Business & General Periodicals
Backfiles of aproximately 400 business and technology publications from NewsBank
Industry financial ratios and industry market reports; includes reports on over 5,000 industries
Wilson business journals
EBSCOhost business journals
Tourism Management, Global Health, and Global Sports
Accounting (Works best with Explorer)
Accounting (Works best with Explorer)
SEC Filings and Forms
Financial Accounting Standards Board Codification
Financial Accounting Standards Board Codification
Statistics, currencies, demographics, etc., of the countries of the world
Leisure, Tourism, and Hospitality Industry Journals
U.S., Canadian and international company information, ratios, filings, news and analysis
Investment Information
National Bureau of Economic Research
Information on companies, industries and mutual funds
Books, papers and statistics and the gateway to Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development ís analysis and data
Psychology and personnel management
Psychology and personnel management
Business and residential Information
Business news by region
Economic conditions and how they have changed over time at state, MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area), and county levels
Accounting database
Accounting database
Standard Industrial Classification
Advertising/marketing sources for consumer media, direct marketing media, local media by DMA, newspaper media, radio media, out-of-home media, and TV and cable media
Advertising/marketing sources for consumer media, direct marketing media, local media by DMA, newspaper media, radio media, out-of-home media, and TV and cable media
Product, service, manufacturer, and supplier listings
Financial reports - Works best with Explorer
Toxicology and chemical literature
Database of over 203 million U.S. consumers
Standard Edition
Standard Edition


New World Encyclopedia
Gale Virtual Reference Library
American Decades, American Eras, Encyclopaedia Judaica, Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, Encyclopedia of Religion, Encyclopedia of the Great Depression, Encyclopedia of World Cultures, Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family, New Catholic Encyclopedia, and St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture
Oxford English Dictionary
English language dictionary
English language dictionary


Thousands of searchable popular nonfiction books for K-12
Sports economics, sociology, events, and nutrition and health
"America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being"
Full-text News for Higher Education
National Center for Education Statistics
Education journals
Education-related periodicals and yearbooks
Education news from NewsBank
Journal articles & reports on education
Journal articles & reports on education
Primary Search and other K-5 databases
Library and Information Science literature
General interest & current events
Test critiques
Full-text periodicals for Middle & Jr. High School research
Full-text periodicals for elementary school research
Journals for educators
Graphic version of Primary Search
Graphic version of MAS Ultra and Middle Search Plus
Indexing and abstracts for 280 peer-reviewed journals


U.S. Census Bureau
National Center for Education Statistics
Index to legislation from the 107th Congress (2001) to the present, member of Congress profiles from the 93rd Congress (1973) to the present, and selected member profiles from the 80th through the 92nd Congresses (1947 to 1972)
Datasets that are generated and held by the Federal Government
Country profiles of the world
U.S. Government publications available in libraries worldwide
Government documents and research
Articles and pamphlets relevant to all branches of service
THOMAS (Library of Congress)
Legislative information (Bills, resolutions, U.S. Code, Congressional Record, etc.)


More than a thousand drug information monographs written in lay language for consumers
Cancer research and literature
Nursing and allied health
Consumer health literature
Health, wellness, and nursing literature
Historical articles, documents and images
Literature and resources
Health guidelines
Map, rank, trend, and download data on more than 800 health indicators
Medical information and tools for healthy living
Index to biomedical literature (Optometry & Health Professions researchers)
Index to biomedical literature
Index to biomedical literature
Quality filtered consumer literature
Online resources for nurses
Resources and databases
Native American health literature
Journal of the Optical Society of America, Pt. A
Books@OVID and Journals@OVID
Population, family planning and related reproductive health and development literature
Toxicology and chemical literature


U.S. and Canadian history journals
Includes some records from Indian Territory
Nearly 700 historical maps of the United States
Bibliographic database covering aspects of Native North American culture, history and life
Oklahoma Historical Society
Historic American Newspapers
18th and 19th century North and South American cartographic materials
Late 19th century and early 20th century Oklahoma town maps
Typescripts of interviews conducted with hundreds of Indians in Oklahoma (1967-1972)
"Chronological Guide to Works Printed in Europe Relating to the Americas"
Hundreds of thousands of newspaper pages dating from the 1840s-1920s, and other materials related to Oklahoma history.
"The Ultimate Guide to the World"
One of the largest collections of cartographic materials in the U.S.
History of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present, including indexing of historical articles from more than 1,800 journals back to 1955. Full text coverage of more than 349 journals and more than 120 books
Typescripts of interviews conducted during the 1930s with thousands of Oklahomans regarding the settlement of Oklahoma and Indian territories
Early British journals
Primary sources from the Kansas Historical Society
Digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction
Early Oklahoma and Indian Territory maps
More than 6.8 million records from the Missouri State Archives, Missouri State Library and other institutions
U.S. Geological Survey
Digital collections of Oklahoma documents and images spanning more than 100 years of history
Historical Oklahoma highway maps
Over 5000 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources
Physical sciences, engineering life sciences, health sciences, and social sciences
State Digital Resources (Library of Congress)
Links to state and regional digital projects documenting America's history
Civil War documents


Native American constitutions, tribal codes, and other legal documents
Restricted Access / Works best with Explorer
Restricted Access / Works best with Explorer


Index (no full text) to 630 Canadian music journals, newsletters and magazines, covering from the late 19th-century to the present day
Journal articles in the humanities and music
Journal articles on music
Classical music
Includes Grove Music Online, Oxford Dictionary of Music, and Oxford Companion to Music


Full-text American Chemical Society journals
Selected full-text biology journals
Chemical structure database providing text and structure search access to over 32 million structures
Wilson science journals
Scholarly, government and general interest publications covering the human impact on the environment
Extensive mathematical resource with nearly 13,000 entries
Standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories
Key plant health information from across the world
Information on more than 40 million substances, 24 million compounds, and 900 bioassays
Physical sciences, engineering life sciences, health sciences, and social sciences
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More than 90 Spanish language newspapers from NewsBank
News from around the world (from NewsBank)
News & information from Air Force Times, Army Times, Marine Corps Times, Navy Times, Armed Forces Journal, and Defense News from NewsBank
Current and archived broadcast transcripts from many of the top television and radio news shows in the United States from NewsBank
Full-text collection of current and archived articles from key domestic newswires (from NewsBank)
News sources from around the world from NewsBank
U.S. newspapers and t.v. news from NewsBank
News and information for Higher Education
Historic American newspapers
Muskogee newspaper from NewsBank
Near real-time access to news from Associated Press
National and international full text newspapers and other news sources
U.S. and international news
Oklahoma newspapers and news sources from NewsBank
Oklahoma City newspaper from NewsBank
The Oklahoman newspaper (1901-Present)
New York Times (1851-Present)
Tahlequah newspaper from NewsBank
Tahlequah newspaper from the Daily Press
Near real-time access to thousands of top news feeds from around the globe


National Association of Social Workers
OECD database on issues facing public and private sectors
Journals (Index only)
Social sciences journals

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