Sonny J. Hawk
"American Indian Grass Dance"
[traditional dance]

2009 Recipients

Eight NSU students received Student Creativity Showcase honors in 2009, the inaugural year of the event.

Please visit the links on this page to view Flash® presentations of their creative projects.

Anthony Zumwalt
"The Dive"
[metal sculpture]

Shawna Blake
"Cut It Out"
[informative speech]

Mari Kumagai
"6 Hands, 1 Piano"
[original arrangement]

Lisa Rowland
"Katz Sit In"
[informative speech]

Masa Uehara
"US Elderly Demographic"
[choropleth maps]

Elizabeth McKay
[liquid acrylic painting]

Natasha Altericic
"A Beautiful Nightmare"
[original graphic novel]

Coming Soon ... 2010 Student Creativity Showcase

Specific nomination information and selection criteria for the 2010 Showcase will be posted here at a later date. Meantime, please feel free to contact SCS Co-Chairs, Dr. Sheila Collins (x3211) or Kathleen McCay (x3266) regarding this event.

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