English 1113--Dreyer

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What are some possible topics from the Matrix?

Literary allusion
    Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    Sleeping Beauty
Morpheus (In classical mythology, the son of Hypnos and the god of dreams)
Slavery, freedom fighters
Time, time perception
Nebuchadnezzar (King of Babylon, conqueror of Jerusalem)
Artificial Intelligence
Zion (The final gathering place of true believers)
Power of love, mind

Use Books to Locate Historical or Philosophical Topics.

Reference books in the "B" section cover philosophy, religion, and psychology. General encyclopedias are in the AE section.
Examples include the following:
    Bulfinch's Mythology Ref. BL 310.B676
    Encyclopedia Judaica Ref. DS 102.8.E496
    The Encyclopedia of Religion Ref. BL 31.E46

Use the Online Catalog to locate other books on your topic.

Where can I Locate Periodicals?

The best indexes to try include the Expanded Academic Index ASAP and OmniFile.
Journals are in electronic format through the indexes and in various formats on the second floor.

What Search Engines are Useful in Research?

Google and Northern Lights are useful ones to try. They are available on the library's search engine page. To cite Web sites in a bibliography see the MLA Web Site.

Where can I go for Assistance?

Please ask the librarians and staff On Call. They are here to help you. You may call for assistance at 444-3235.

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