English 5033

What is research?

What is a library?

How is the NSU library organized?

Library of Congress


Browse periodicals, professional web sites. Look for suggestions of needs
for further research. Check for a Call for Papers.
In your field,  what doesn't make sense or what interests you?
Read, read, read. As you read, narrow your topic. Ways to narrow topic include geographically, by date,
by specific interest group, by issue. Do cross disciplinary studies.

Critically assessing information

1. Identify authors who are outstanding in their fields, determine
the credentials of the author. Does the author
have a degree in the field, is the author a professor?
2. Date of publication--is it recent?
3. Does the publisher have a good reputation?
Is it published by a professional association or university press?
Is the journal refereed?
4. How was the book received by the critics?
5. Completeness of the material. Does it have an index, bibliography?
6. Is the language slanted or biased?
7. Does it include well known facts or research studies?
8. Do the links work?

Approach to reference question

1. State problem clearly. Identify desired outcomes.
State level of research (speech, term paper, dissertation).
2. Identify where you have already looked. If you have found one good source on the topic, bring it.
3. Identify type of resource that could answer the question.
4. List the subject area of discipline
5. If the reference collection is small, browse in the appropriate
subject area by using the Library of Congress numbers.
6. Check standard lists or footpaths.
7. Ask for assistance.

Subject headings

Keyword vs. controlled vocabulary, boolean logic

Locating book resources

NSU Online Catalog

Locating periodical resources

Arts & Letters Indexes available at NSU.
Periodical indexes

Internet Resources

Internet Search Engines Available

Some (hopefully) reliable approaches to finding good Web sources:
The Argus Clearinghouse
The Internet Public Library
JVL NSU Subject Listing of Web Resources
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Search Engines Showdown

Assess the quality of the Web sites listed below:
Feline Reactions to Bearded Men

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