Using Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (UlrichsWeb) to Find Science Fiction Publishing Opportunities Assignment (ENG 4543/5423)

This library guide will cover Ulrich's Periodicals Directory as a source that can be used to help identify science fiction publishing opportunities.

To find Ulrich's Periodicals Directory from the Library home page, click on the letter U. Or, as the below example illustrates, click on Search in more databases::

A link to Ulrich's Periodicals Directory will appear on the next screen:

After bringing up the database on screen, select Advanced Search:

On the Advanced Search screen, change the drop-down menu in one search box to Subject and click on Index to bring the Subject Index menu on screen. Next, select Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror (Literature):

Next, change the drop-down menu to Country of Publication, select the Index button, and choose United States from the list of country choices:

Next, change the drop-down menu to Status, select the Index button, and choose Active to ensure that the search results retrieve only active publishers:

Next, change the drop-down menu to Keyword and type women:

The below image illustrates the selection of Femspec as an example of our search results:

The next screen provides information about the publication, and a link to the publisher's web site that discusses submission guidelines:

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