English 1113 (Jess Moore)

How do I Locate General Information about the Library?

Check the Library's Web pages. For example, the library hours and maps are available through the Web.

How do I find Etymological Information?

Oxford English Dictionary PE 1625.O87 1991, 1st floor, Reference Collection.

How do I Locate a Subject on the Web?

Do a Google search or use one of the other Search Engines.

How do I Locate Famous Quotations?

Try reference books such as, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, Ref. PN 6081.B27 1992. The PN 6081 section in the Reference area has books on quotations.
Try also the Quotations Page (Hint:  Click on Search and select all of the databases. Search on the word stronger.)

How do I Locate Information in Newspapers?

For older topics, use the New York Times Index to look for subjects in the New York Times newspaper.
Steps to take:
1. Locate the New York Times Index on the east side of the first floor Reference Collection under the call number
    Index AI .N44.
2. Choose the appropriate year (1982) and look for the subject heading.
3. Write down the citation information (example Je 21, II, 4:2)
4. Go to the second floor, gray file cabinet, under the letter "N" for New York Times. Locate the reel with your date.
5. Use a microfilm reader/printer, ask the students for help with the machine or for change.

How do I find Latin/English Dictionaries?

A Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary can be found at Ref. PA 2365.E5W5

How do I find Information about Films and/or Directors?

Do a Google search to determine who directed Gladiator, and then look for the director in The Film Encyclopedia, Ref. PN 1993.45.K34 1998

How do I find Books by a Particular Person in the Library?

Go to the Online Catalog and do an author search on the person's last name.

How do I find Books about a Subject?

The Online Catalog can be used to located books available at NSU. To find books not available at NSU, try WorldCat. Hint:  For the "Gang of Four," try China and (gang and four). Materials not owned by NSU can be borrowed or photocopied through Interlibrary Loan. Inquire at the Reference Desk about this service.

How do I Find Literary Terms?

To see how they are used in journal articles, try either the Humanities Index or the Expanded Academic Index ASAP.

How do I Locate Grammy Award Winners?

Use the National Academy of Recording Artists' Web site. Click on Grammy Awards, Grammy Search, Genre, Rap, and go to the last page to see the first award given.

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