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Welcome to the John Vaughan Library! The library hours and maps are available to provide general information about the library. Materials are arranged by subject using the Library of Congress Classification System.

Below is a chart showing the kinds of materials available in the library that will be needed to complete your assignment. Use this chart with any project to help determine what resources would be useful.

General Library Information

Type of resource
Where to find 
How to use 
Why useful
Reference Desk, 
Middle of 1st floor
Just ask a question
Call ext. #3240
Provide research assistance
New York Times Index
Index AI 21.N44, 
East side of 1st floor
Provides subject access to the New York Times paper. Newspaper is on 2nd floor in the gray file cabinet, under "N."
The New York Times provides general news articles on all subjects from 1851 to the present.
Reference collection, "AE" section, 1st floor. Other encyclopedias arranged by subject. Try Britannica
Use the general alphabet or the index volume to locate a subject.
Provides an overview and starting place for topics.
Oxford English Dictionary
Reference collection, 1st floor 
Ref. PE 1625.O87 1991
Use the alphabet to locate a word.
Provides definition, history, and usage guidance.
Main collection, 3rd floor, arranged by subject.
Author, title, or subject searches using the Online Catalog
Provides in-depth information on a topic.
Periodicals, 2nd floor, arranged by subject.
Search the Academic Search Premier for fulltext articles
Provides general, current information on specific topics.
Periodicals, 2nd floor, arranged by subject.
Search many of the electronic indexes which include some fulltext sources.
Provides current information on scholarly topics.
Government Publications
All three floors
Government Periodicals
Publications prepared by federal and state agencies.
Special Collections, Delores Sumner, Librarian, ext. #3252
2nd floor, south, rm. #222 Hours M-F 8:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
All of the materials are indexes on the Online Catalog
Contains Native American and Oklahoma history materials.
Reference, 1st floor
Use the search engines
Current, full text information.


Writing Assistance Resources

Online Writing Lab, Purdue University
The Writers' Center at Colorado State University

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