Comm 3733 Oral Interpretation

For general information about the library, see the hours and maps available. All materials in the library are organized using the Library of Congress Classification System. The The Physical Overview of the Library provides background information on the library's materials and services. The library's tutorials are available to reinforce and expand upon resources discussed in class.

Where can I Find Anthologies of Literature for Fiction and Prose?

In the Main collection on third floor, you can locate anthologies which are arranged in special call number sections that are outlined below:

                                    General                American            British
Poetry                       PN 6099-6110       PS 580-619       PR 1170-1227
Drama                       PN 6110.5-6120    PS 623-635       PR 1241-1273
Short Fiction              PN 6120.2
Wit, Humor, Satire     PN 6147-6222       PS 430-438        PR 931-937

Other collections that are compilations of literature include the following:
Best American Plays                                            PS 634.B4
Best American Short Stories                                PS 648.S5B446235
Best Plays (Burns Mantle Theater Yearbook)      PN 2266.A2B39
Best Short Plays                                                   PN 6111.B47

There are also anthologies of monologues which can be located by doing a subject search on the Library Catalog. The University of Washington's English Server has some fulltext literature.

How can I Locate Specific Poems, Plays, Essays, or Short Stories?

Specific poems or short stories can NOT be located through the Library Catalog, but are available by using specialized indexes. The following indexes will help you locate specific works.

Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry        Ref. PN 1022.H39
Last Lines                                                  Ref. PN 1022.K55

Play Index                                                 Ref. PN 2000.P53

Short Stories
Short Story Index                                      Ref. PN 3373.C62

Essay and General Literature Index       Index AI 3.E752

Speech Index                                            Ref. AI 3.S85

How do I Find Criticism on these Works?

<>Academic Search Premier 
The Humanities Index
Literature Resource Center
M.L.A. Bibliography

How do I Locate Children's Stories?

Children's stories are located in the Y Collection on the third floor of the library.  Stories for very young children are in the "E" section.  Fiction for older children is in the "f" section.  Collections of American literature are in the 810-820 section.  Folklore is 398. Using the library catalog, search by subject for "children's stories," "fairy tales," or "fables."
Children's Literature Web Guide has links to children's stories. Storyline has celebrities reading children's stories.

Where can I Locate Material for Nonfiction Presentations?

The following sections on third floor can be browsed for material:
                                    General               American                British
Orations                    PN 6121-6129    PS 660-668        PR 1321-1329
Essays                       PN 6141-6145    PS 680-688        PR 1361-1369
Diaries & Letters       PN 6130-6140    PS 669-678        PR 1330-1349

Representative American Speeches (PS 668.B3) on the third floor and Vital Speeches of the Day (Per. PN 6121.V5) on the second floor would be useful sources for nonfiction speeches. In Reference, try an anthology such as The World's Great Speeches  (Ref. PN 6121.W66). On the Internet, use American Rhetoric, Gifts of Speech:  Women's Speeches from Around the World, Great Speeches:  The History Place, and Speeches and Speechmakers (University of Iowa).  There are some anthologies of speeches, diaries and works of fiction available.  

Where can I Find Samples for a Dramatic Presentation?

We have many acting editions of scripts available on the third floor of the library.  Search the Library Catalog by playwright or title of the play.

Another useful way to find a play is to browse through anthologies.  Try the call numbers listed below on the third floor.
Best American Plays                                            PS 634.B4
Best Plays (Burns Mantle Theater Yearbook)      PN 2266.A2B39
Best Short Plays                                                    PN 6111.B47

There are also anthologies of monologues which can be located by doing a subject search on the Library Catalog.

Where can I Hear Samples of Oral Interpretations?

See the sample audio books located at the Reserve Desk on the first floor of the library. Use the Library Catalog to do a subject search on "audiobooks" for a list of audio book titles.

How can I Locate Materials not available at NSU?

The ILLiad system is available for requesting books and articles not available at NSU.  Allow approximately two weeks for requests.  Print orders will be available at the Circulation Desk.

How can I get Assistance Citing Resources?

Try the KnightCite Bibliography Machine.

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