Speech 3043 Introduction to Communication Theory--Dr. Wallace

The library tutorials are available to provide reinforcement for materials covered in class.

Where are materials located in the library?

  First floor:  online catalog, indexes, Circulation, Reserve. map
  Second floor: online catalog, periodicals in call number order (subject) map
  Third floor:  books that can be checked out--arranged by subject. map
   John Vaughan Library Physical Overview

Where can I get an overview to theories?

   International Encyclopedia of Communications Ref. P 87.5.I5 1989
   Webster's New World Dictionary of Media and Communications Ref. P 87.5.W45 1990

Where can I locate information in books?

  Use the Online catalog  Try the following subject headings:
  Induction (Logic), Social interaction, Symbolic interactionism, Constructivism, Attribution (social psychology), Cognitive dissonance, Social groups, Conformity, and Persuasion (Psychology).

Where can I locate information in journals?

  The following indexes would be helpful:

EbscoHost Tutorial (helpful with the five databases listed below)

Academic Search Premier 
Communication and Mass Media Complete


Wilson Omnfile Tutorial (helpful with the database listed below)

Social Sciences Index

  Each index may use different subject headings to represent the same subject.  See the example below for the concept of group cohesion.

Social Sciences Index ERIC PsycLit
social cohesion group unity group cohesion

   To locate the journals in the library, do a title search on the Online catalog.

How would I locate resources on the Web?

   American Communication Association []
      International Communication Association
   National Communication Association []
   Speech/Theater/Dance Resources    
Further information on subject-specific resources.

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