Drama Research for Theatre Majors

For general information about the library, see the hours and maps available. All materials in the library are organized using the Library of Congress Classification System. The Physical Overview of the Library provides background information on the library's materials and services. The library's other tutorials are available to reinforce and expand upon resources discussed in class.  Most drama materials are located in the PN 1600-3307 sections of the library. Check the NSU subject Page on Theatre for Internet sources.

How do I find definitions of terms?

Coming to Terms with Acting:  An Instructive Glossary Ref. PN 2061.M67
The Language of Theatre
Ref. PN 2035.H297

How do I find overviews to theatre?

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama Ref. PN 1625.M3
Oxford Companion to the Theatre Ref. PN 2035.O9

biographical sources
Biography and Genealogy Master Index
International Diretory of Theatre 2--Playwrights Ref. PN 2035.I49

American Theatre  (Available in paper at PN2000 .A52 Current issue on first floor.)
Theatre Journal  (Available in paper at PN3171 .E38, second floor)
TDR  (Available on second floor PN1601 .D7, back isssues only)
Other full text drama journals. To research topics in journals use the following databases:

Academic Search Premier
AH Search
Humanities Full Text
MLA Bibliography

Literature of the Theatre: 

How do I locate plays, monologues, etc.?

The library purchases acting editions of plays from Dramatists and French.  Do an author or title search on the play using  the Library Catalog.  To get a partial list of acting editions of plays, go to the Advanced Keyword search on the Library Catalog.  Enter dramatists as a keyword and as a publisher.  Do the same for French. Try the Native American Women Playwrights Archive.

For monologues, do a subject search on monologues using the Library Catalog.  To find plays in anthologies, use the Play Index (Ref. PN 2000.P53).  This index has a separate listing of plays by author, title, subject, and cast analysis.  Use the Library Catalog to find vidoes or DVDs of performances. The library has several BBC productions of Shakepearean plays. Tony Awards is a good site for finding award winning plays.  Samuel French, Inc. and Dramatist Play Service are useful for ordering acting editions of plays.

How do I locate materials on acting, directing?

Use the Library Catalog to search by subject under Acting, Method Acting, Theatre-- Production and direction.

Audio visuals
Advanced Vocal Workout for the Actor with Susan Leigh AV PN 4197.A38 1990
Cold Readings Made Easy
AV PN 2061.C59 1991
Combat for the Stage AV PN PN 2071.F5 C65 2002
The Method AV PN 2062.M48 1995
Uta Hagen's Acting Class AV PN 2075.U83 2002
Drama:  Producing a Play AV PN 3171.D73 1996
Voice Workout with Susan Leigh
AV PN 4197.V65 1988
Improv Encyclopedia

How do I locate reviews and criticisms on plays?

Do a search on   The Humanities Full Text   M.L.A. Bibliography, MagillOnLiterature Plus

Drama Criticism (Ref. PN 1721.C65)
Dramatic Criticism Index (Ref. PN 1861.B8)
European Drama Criticism (Ref. PN 1721.P2 1977)
Guide to American Drama Explication (Ref. PS 332.O84 1995)

There are separate explicators for such authors as William Shakespeare (Ref. PR 2894.C53 1993), and Tennessee Williams (Ref. PS 3545.I5365G85 1991).

Drama Criticism on the Eserver

How do I locate materials on theatre history?

Using the Library Catalog, do a subject search on Theater--History
The History of North American Theater Ref. PN 2219.5.L66
Didaskalia:  Ancient Theater Today
Theatre History on the Web
Lortel Archives (off-broadway database)
Internet Broadway Database

How do I locate materials on children's theater, puppetry or playwriting?

Using the Library Catalog, do a subject search on Children's theater.
Oklahoma Children's Theatre

For puppetry, search the Library Catalog using the subject heading puppets or puppet plays.
Puppetry Home Page
Using the Library Catalog, do a subject search on Playwriting.
Playwriting Seminars

How do I locate materials on costumes?

Using the Library Catalog, do a subject search on costume.
The GT section of the reference collection has numerous books on the history of costumes from various time periods.
Cornell Costume and Textile Collection
The Costume Page
The Costume Site
The Costumer's Manifesto
Costume:  An illustrated Survey from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century Ref. GT 513.L5 1968
20th Century Jewelry Ref. NK 7310.P38 2002

How do I locate materials on design?

Using the Library Catalog, do a subject search on Theaters--stage setting and scenery.
Set design from SUNY
Entertainment Design Magazine
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Library of Congress American Memory
Dictionary of the Decorative Arts Ref. NK 30.F54
Encyclopedia of Interior Design Ref. NK 1165.E48
The Abrams Guide to Period Styles for Interiors Ref. NK 1860. G87 2005
The New Encyclopedia of Furniture Ref. NK 2205.A7

How do I locate materials on make-up


Using the Library Catalog, do a subject search on theatrical makeup
Ben Nye
The Makeup Gallery

How do I locate materials not available at NSU?

The ILLiad system is available for requesting books and articles not available at NSU.  Allow approximately two weeks for requests.  Print orders will be available at the Circulation Desk.

How do I Find Help for Citing Resources?

Try the KnightCite Bibliography Machine.

What are some professional associations for theatre?

Actor's Equity
Alpha Psi Omega
American Association of Community Theatre
Association for Theatre in Higher Education
Costume Society of America
Puppeteers of America
Stage Managers' Association

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