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ERIC is now available on two systems ERIC--U.S. Dept. of Education and ERIC on EbscoHost (scroll down after clicking).
Listed below are resources that might help you research topics that will be covered in your class this semester. If you have questions, be sure and ask a reference librarian for assistance.

See The Art Teacher's Desktop Reference (Ref. N 353.P25 1994)
Learning to Teach Art and Design in the Secondary School (N 363.L36 2000)
Secondary Art Education: An Anthology of Issues (N 353.S436 1990)

Why Teach Art?

See the brochure entitled, Why Art Education (N 350.N23)
Why Art Cannot Be Taught (N 346.A1E44 2001)

History of Art Education

See the following items:

A History of Art Education by Efland, (N 105.E35 1990)
Revisioning Secondary Art Education by Henry, (N 350.H458 1984)
"One View of Our History," by Lanier in The World of Art Education (N 85.L359 1991)
"A Brief Chronology of Art Education in the United States," in Emphasis Art (N 350.W26 1993)
Excellence II by Ralph Smith (N 363.S65 1995)

In Reference, try the International Encyclopedia of Education (Ref. LB 15.I569), under the heading, Art Education programs.

On ERIC, try the following headings:
Art education and educational history

Curriculum Design

On ERIC, try the following subject headings:

Art education and lesson plans and secondary education
art education and units of study
art education and course objectives

Check the teacher's manuals with the textbooks located in Curriculum Materials (Second floor, rm. #221, N 363 section).

Check the Online Catalog using the following subject heading:
Art instruction--study and teaching (secondary)

For quick references for supplemental materials, try the following reference books:

The Art Pack (Ref. N 8510.F7 1992)
A Biographical Dictionary of Artists  (Ref. N 40.B53 1995)
The Dictionary of Art (Ref. N 31.D5 1996)
A Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques  (Ref. N 33.M36 1981)

Other helpful resources include the following:

Criticism (N 7476.C76 1990) has sample units.
Exemplary Art Education Curricula: A Guide to Guides (N 85.N374 1994)
Middle School Art:  Issues of Curriculum and Instruction (N 362.M533 1996)
Thinking in Art (85.D67 1994)

Getty Education
National Art Education Association

Lesson Plans
ArtsEdge:  Teaching Materials
Incredible Art Department

Budget Concerns

On ERIC, try the following subject headings:
Art education and (financial needs or financial problems or program budgeting or program costs or educational finance)


In ERIC, try the following subject headings:
Art education or art activities and (educational assessment or measurement techniques or self evaluation (individuals), or student evaluation or academic achievement or grading or peer evaluation or portfolios (background materials) or evaluation methods).

See also the following books:

Aesthetics N353.L25 1992 (chapter #5)
Designing Assessment in Art (N 85.A630 1994)
Understanding Art Testing (N 340.C5 1987)


Discipline-Based Art Education:  A Curriculum Sampler (N 108.D57 1993)
On ERIC, search it as a subject heading.

Getty Education   (

National Art Education Association

"Where have We been and Where are We Going?" by James Clarke in The Land, The People, the Ecology of Art Education (N 81.N277 1992)

It may be searched on both the Online Catalog (a/national art education association) and on ERIC.

See their web site National Art Education Association (


In Reference, see Health Hazards Manual for Artists (Ref. RC 963.6.A78M324 1994)

In ERIC, try the following headings:
(art activities or art materials or art education or art production) and (poisons or hazardous material or safety)


In Reference, see Requirements for Certification (Ready Ref. LB 1771.W6) and Manual on Certification (Ref. LB 1771.N37 1991).
Standards for Art Teacher Preparation (N 88.3.S73 1999)

In ERIC, try the following headings:
(art teachers or art education) and teacher certification

Current Trends

In Reference, see Encyclopedia of Educational Research (Ref. LB 15.E48).

Other resources include the followisng: Creating a Visual Arts Research Agenda Toward the 21st Century (N 108.C74 1993), Trends in Art Education (N 85.T74 1995), Excellence II, or Real-World Readings in Art Education (N 353.R43 2000) might be helpful.

Browse some of the Art Education journals on second floor such as Art Education  (Per. N 81.A86), Arts and Activities (Per. L11 J88),  Arts Education Policy Review ( Per. NK1160 D4), School Arts (Per. NC 610.S3), and Studies in Art Education (Per. N 81.S84).

On Internet, try Getty Education  (

Resume and Job Interviewing

Try Finding a Job in Elementary and Secondary Art Education (LB 1775.F49 1985).

In Reference, try Resumes for Education Careers (Ready Ref. HF 5383.R436 1999) or The Job Search Handbook for Educators (Ref. LB 1780.A85 1992).

Internet Resources

Besides the web sites listed throughout the handout, there are also museums, organizations, and journals on the World Wide Web. Try the following NSU Libraries tutorials for help on effectively searching the Web for reliable information:

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