Finding a Company's Key Competitors in Thomson One Banker

Thomson One Banker can be used to find information on a public company's key public company competitors. This guide is designed to illustrate the steps involved in finding this information. Before getting started, it is important to note that Thomson One Banker works best with Explorer.

1) Articles and Databases (NSU Libraries Web Site)

Point your browser to the Articles and Databases by Subject page, which is linked from the Library site. Next, click on the Business and Technology link:

2) Business and Technology Subject List

Under the Business and Technology subject category, click on Thomson One Banker:

3) Thomson One Banker Homepage

The Thomson One Banker landing page defaults to Microsoft Corporation:

4) Searching for Pepsico

For this example we will be searching for Pepsico Incorporated. Enter either the name of the company or ticker symbol in the search box, select the appropriate Pepsico option on the drop-down menu, and press the enter key:

5) Corporate Governance/Takeover Defense

Select Corporate Governance tab on the Pepsico landing page, followed by Takeover Defense in the drop-down menu:

6) Comparable Analysis

Select the Comparable Analysis tab:

7) Key Competitors list

The next screen displays the key public company competitors of Pepsico:

For additional help in finding information on companies and industries, please contact the Subject Librarian for Business & Technology.

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