Library Committees

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Shannon Stacy, Chair
Jackie Schumaker, Harriett Hobbs
  • Review current processes and procedures for providing care items for Library faculty and staff
  • Contact the library faculty and staff for funds to replenish the care reserves when necessary
  • Provide care items for Library faculty and staff

Development & Grant Review

Brandon Oberg, Chair
Susan Woitte
  • Review external funding requests.
  • Will determine further charge of the committee once meetings begin.

Digital Library Committee (ad hoc) (Working group of the former Digitization Committee)

Linda West, Chair
Delores Sumner, Donna Graham
  • Develop criteria and plan for digitizing appropriate pieces of the Library's collection

Disability Services Committee

Rickey Ray, Darren Tobey
  • Review current Library and NSU accessibility provisions
  • Recommend alterations and improvements to Library provisions
  • Plan training on accessible software/hardware and sensitivity to patron needs
  • Monitor effectiveness of Library accessibility programs

Disaster Planning/Emergency Recovery Committee

Brenda Bradford, Chair
Samantha Clifford, Lou Ann Rhea,
  • Review the current Library emergency, disaster, and recovery plans in light of the new University plan
  • Propose changes and recommendations to improve safety and emergency readiness in all campus libraries

Earth Day

Sandra Martin, chair
Dana Letts, Kathleen McKay, Linda West
  • Works in conjunction with Tahlequah campus wide Earth Day celebration

Entertainment Committee - JVL

Elizabeth Hamilton, Chair
Samantha Clifford, Darren Tobey, Kiley Ging, Jenifer Rogers
  • Plan celebrations
  • Provide entertainment venues

Promotion and Tenure

Linda West, Chair
Gary Cheatham, Tom Rink, Jackie Schumaker, Pamela Louderback

  • Review current policies and procedures at the university level, the regional level, and the state level
  • Propose changes and develop a plan for improvement in these policies and procedures
  • Keep the library faculty informed about important dates and information concerning promotion, tenure, and review

Public Relations Committee - JVL

Amanda Chappelle - Chair
Sarah Burkhead Whittle, Brenda Bradford, Samantha Clifford, Elizabeth Hamilton
Linda West
  • Looks for ways to market the John Vaughan Library and on occasion make recommendations for promoting all Libraries,
  • Monitors the library's physical environment and makes suggestions for improvement
  • Develops a public relations plan for JVL
  • Social, Media, Marketing, Print, Programming, and Special Activities


Gary Cheatham, chair
Linda West, Susan Woitte, Kathleen McCay, Dana Letts, Sarah Whittle
  • Create and maintain the "General Tutorials" web page .
  • Identify, create, upload and maintain online tutorials
  • Establish the parameters of the general education tutorials (length, form, appearance, etc.).
  • Identify which tutorials linked from the General Tutorials web page should be kept, revised, or discarded.

Web Committee

Linda West, Chair
Tom Rink, Gary Cheatham, Brandon Oberg, Kathleen McCay, Darren Tobey

  • Review the Library website in light of University policy changes regarding logos, colors, etc.
  • Propose changes in the Library website to simplify searches and improve functionality and appearance
  • Provide regular reports on committee findings, recommendations, and progress

All committees have the charge of providing regular reports on committee findings, recommendations, and progress to Library Leadership.

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