Library Committees

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Shannon Stacy, Chair
G. Nowell, J. Rogers.
  • Review current processes and procedures for providing care items for Library faculty and staff
  • Contact the library faculty and staff for funds to replenish the care reserves when necessary
  • Provide care items for Library faculty and staff

Development & Grant Review

S. Edscorn, Chair
P. Louderback, S. Woitte, S. Clifford, J. Schumaker.
  • Review grant proposals in relation to library's mission and goals--gatekeeping function.
  • Provide feedback to strengthen proposals' chances for success.

Digital Library Committee

B. McLain, Chair
A. Stoddard, B. Martin, G. Cheatham, J. Schumaker
  • Enable communication, planning, and support for digital collections produced in Special Collections and Archives.
  • Enable communication, planning, and support for digital collections produced by the larger university, e.g. capstone projects.
  • Provide feedback to strengthen digital collections produced in Special Collections and Archives.
  • NOT AN OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE—purely a resource for Archives and Special Collections staff.

Disability Services Committee

D. Tobey, Chari
R. Ray, T. Kharabora, S. Grimes-Troutt, H. Hobbs
  • Review current Library and NSU accessibility provisions
  • Recommend alterations and improvements to Library provisions
  • Plan training on accessible software/hardware and sensitivity to patron needs
  • Monitor effectiveness of Library accessibility programs

Disaster Planning/Emergency Recovery Committee

J. Garrett, Chair
B. Bradford, G. Nowell, D. Graham.
  • Create and update the library’s disaster preparedness plan.
  • Communicate with Campus Safety office in developing and maintaining the plan.

Earth Day

SB. Threatt, chair
P. Louderback, A. Stoddard, S. Martin, C. Cobb.
  • Plans NSU Libraries Earth Day participation and observances on all campuses.
  • Proposes ways to make NSU Libraries more environmentally-friendly.

Entertainment Committee - JVL

E. Hamilton, Chair
J. Rogers, R. Ray, T. Kharabora, S. Fair, S. Grimes-Troutt.
  • Plans and produces staff celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, pot luck, holiday observances.
  • Assists Library Administrative Office staff with other events such as welcomes, retirements, etc.

Promotion and Tenure

L. West, Chair
G. Cheatham, T. Rink, H. Hobbs.

  • Review current policies and procedures at the university level, the regional level, and the state level
  • Propose changes and develop a plan for improvement in these policies and procedures
  • Keep the library faculty informed about important dates and information concerning promotion, tenure, and review

Public Relations and Social Media

A. Chappelle - Chair
S. Clifford, B. Bradford, S. Whittle, M. Hanrahan, K. Siewert, C. Cobb.
  • Looks for ways to market the John Vaughan Library and on occasion make recommendations for promoting all Libraries,
  • Monitors the library's physical environment and makes suggestions for improvement
  • Develops a public relations plan for JVL
  • Maintains NSU Libraries' social media presence.


K. McCay, chair
K. Siewert, S. Woitte, M. Hanrahan, S. Whittle.
  • Recommends ideas for needed tutorials.
  • Provides constructive feedback on active tutorials.
  • NOT AN OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE—purely a resource for the Chair.

Web Committee

B. Oberg, Chair
T. Rink, S. Martin, S. Fair, B. Martin, D. Graham.

  • Decides what content is needed for libraries’ web pages.
  • Organizes libraries’ web pages
  • Maintains libraries’ web pages

All committees have the charge of providing regular reports on committee findings, recommendations, and progress to Library Leadership.

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